How to get the PIS number for a new employee?

How to get the PIS number for a new employee?

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The PIS number is the identification of the worker for Social Security and the Ministry of Labor and Employment. It is used for the individual identification of the worker when paying FGTS and EHIC and sending monthly obligations, such as SEFIP and CAGED, and annual obligations, such as RAIS.

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THE PIS registration is mandatory, but because it is not a number used on a daily basis, such as RG or CPF, many do not know how to take out PIS / PASEP. Therefore, this process must be done by the employer himself, when the employee is hired in his first job.

However, PIS and PASEP are not the same, while one is linked to a private sector worker (PIS), the other is linked to the public service (PASEP), but we will talk about this later.

Today there are four ways – segmented into three alternatives – to carry out the PIS registration: through the internet, directly in contact with a branch of Caixa Econômica Federal bank or through batch registration.

It turns out that there is a lot behind the bureaucracy about how to get the PIS number. This is because many people still have doubts about its importance and what it is for the employee – questions that will be clarified throughout this article.

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What is the PIS number?

PIS is the abbreviation for the Social Integration Program. It is a tax contribution made by companies and is intended exclusively for professionals in the private sector.

He is one is one social benefit granted to workers enrolled in the Federal Government program. This program was created in the 70s with the objective of generating more integration of the employee with the development of the company.

As we talked about earlier, the PIS number registration is the responsibility of the contracting company and is generated in the first job, through the NIS Registration Document (DCN).

The PIS corresponds to the 13th salary of the worker. That is, it is equivalent to the payment of a minimum wage and follows an annual calendar established by CODEFAT (Deliberative Council of the Workers' Support Fund).

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What is the importance and what is the PIS for?

THE importance of PIS is directly associated with the financing of a series of benefits and rights of professionals, such as:

For employees of a private sector business, PIS acts both as a means of identifying professionals individually and as a password for that person to have access to funds under the responsibility of Caixa Econômica Federal. Cases of unemployment insurance and FGTS, for example.

It is also worth noting that the employer must be aware if the employee has – or not – a PIS number.

What difference between PIS and PASEP

Both PIS and PASEP are two social contribution programs, but with different goals.

THE PIS it is a social contribution that companies are required by law to make to their employees. It is aimed at private sector workers with a formal contract registration.

THE PASEP is the acronym for Civil Servant Heritage Training Program, is a benefit aimed only at public servants, having the same objectives as PIS.

The PASEP is the same number as the NIS and the registration is done with the signature of the work card, as well as in the NIS. If the worker, who has always worked in the private sector, is approved in some competition, there is no need to change or correct the documentation, since the registration is the same.

But how to take out PIS for the first time for a new employee at your company? Well, we’ve detailed everything below.

How to get the PIS number for a new employee?

As highlighted at the beginning of the article, many professionals at the beginning of their careers do not know, for sure, how to take out the PIS for a new employee. And, below, we highlight the main ways for you to know how to register PIS, step by step:

Through Social Connectivity, with ICP Digital Certificate

It is possible to make PIS enrollment of an employee through the website Social Connectivity of Caixa Econômica Federal.

If your company is part of the Presumed Profit or Real Profit tax regimes, to access Social Connectivity you must have the ICP-Brasil standard digital certificate.

The Certificate is issued by any certifying authority accredited by the National Institute of Information Technology.

If your company does not yet have the Certificate, see on here how to get it.

When accessing this website, with the digital certificate plugged into your computer, a window will automatically open for you to select the Digital Certificate of the company where the employee will be registered.

Inside the site, the process is very simple: just select the NIS Registration option and then click on Include Natural Person, so that you can add employees, one by one, to the system.

You will also need to fill in the worker's personal data, such as:

  • CPF;
  • RG;
  • Parent's name;
  • Work Card Data.

see the Box manual if you want to familiarize yourself with the system before you start.

Through Social Connectivity as an external user

Companies opting for the “Simples Nacional” tax regime are not required to have the ICP Digital Certificate. To use Caixa's Social Connectivity portal, they need to request an External User authorization.

To be an External User it is necessary to fill in the form FICUS / E – External User Registration Form. The form must be taken to a Caixa Econômica Federal branch to be filed.

You must also submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the identity and CPF of the user who will access the system through the company;
  • A power of attorney copy, when the registration is done by a proxy;
  • Documents relating to the constitution of the company and the legal representative.

Within 5 working days, Caixa authorizes and releases the registration of the company's NIS / PIS via Social Connectivity.

Remembering that NIS and PIS are two names given to the same number! The company will have a password to access the portal and will register the employee in the same way as we have detailed in the previous item.

Batch Registration

Through Social Connectivity, it is also possible to request the Batch registration. When there is more than one employee to be registered, this is the most practical and quick option.

To do this, you have to generate a file in the standard layout of the Box, following the instructions in this document.

With the file generated, it must be sent by Social Connectivity. The box provides this manual for sending the file. Shipping is easy:

  • Access the portal and click on PO Box;
  • Click New message;
  • Click Select the service;
  • If the company has an ICP standard Digital Certificate, the option Sending NIS registration file will appear automatically.

In case the employer has a digital certificate for Individuals, through Social Connectivity itself, a new grant must be given so that the option Sending NIS registration is available to him.

Directly at a Caixa branch

This option is for Individual employers similar to the company exempt from registration with the CNPJ and who use CEI to make FGTS and EHIC payments.

In this case, it is necessary to fill in the form DCN – NIS Registration Document. After filling out this form, just go to a branch of Caixa Econômica Federal, taking the DCN and proof of enrollment in CEI.

When removing the service password, explain that you want to register the PIS of your employee and you will be taken to the section that performs this operation.

If you need more specific information or would like to clarify any doubts about how to register NIS / PIS, you can contact Caixa support at the following numbers:

  • For the São Paulo region (capital): 3004-1104;
  • In other locations: 0800 726 0104.

The important thing is to never fail to register the PIS number of the employee. It is his right and the employer's obligation!

In addition to PIS, when an employee is hired by a company, it is necessary that he / she deliver specific documents and information.

Check here a step by step to gather all the necessary documentation and make the admission of the employee without errors!

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How can the employee check his PIS?

Now that we've seen the importance of how to get the PIS number for a new employee, how about we go deeper into the topic?

After all, it is important that everyone in your company's Personnel Department also know how to guide a professional or former employee to check your PIS number, in the face of possible needs.

In order to make this step of the job even easier – and also to make the online search of those who have lost or do not know their PIS number more agile – below we will highlight the most practical alternatives to find it.

Citizen Card

THE Citizen Card it is issued by Caixa Econômica Federal and any professional who already has a PIS number must have it.

For those who know – or have – the card, the PIS number can be found on the front, along with the user's name and other identification data.

Who does not have the card yet, just ask by phone 0800-726-0207. Or, if you prefer, go to any Caixa Econômica Federal branch.

Work Permit

THE PIS number must also be highlighted in the Work Permit – in recent and old models:

  • First page of the Work Card, in the newer models;
  • In the last pages, in General Notes, in the previous models.

If you do not have the PIS number in the work card in none of the items mentioned above by hand, there are other ways.

CNIS Research

The online consultation can be done on the website of the National Registry of Social Information (CNIS). For that, access the organ's website, click in Citizen and then:

  1. Click Registration – located at the top of the screen;
  2. Click the Affiliate option, fill in the requested data (the name of the member, his date of birth and the CPF number – in addition to typing the characters that appear on the screen);
  3. Click Continue.

On the next screen you will know the PIS number.

Over the phone

The option is also quite simple. Just have some personal information on hand to obtain it. For that, call the Social Security call center (by phone number 135) and request the menu option 5.

Someone will update your registered information and then transmit the PIS number.

Alternatively, you can contact, free of charge, the customer service Caixa Econômica Federal at 0800 726 0207.

Official documents of the collaborator

Finally, there are several professional documents that contain the PIS number, such as:

What is PIS mirror?

THE PIS mirror, also known as a statement, is a document that contains information related to the registration, such as: PIS number, name of the worker, date and time when the benefit was withdrawn, quota balance, type (salary bonus or income) and the amount benefit.

In addition, it will also be available to PIS situation, which can be:

  • paid: when the citizen has already received the benefit;
  • payable: when he has not yet received it.

It is also possible to consult the place where the PIS was received: lottery shops, CEF agencies, among others. Since there are several institutions that make the payment.

Have the PIS mirror it is important because it allows a better financial organization for the worker. He is able to stay informed about the values, dates and any existing remaining values. It is a form of monitoring the benefit.

Did you see how easy it is to take the PIS number for a new employee and also guide them in the face of a need?



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