How to guarantee quality of life for your employees?

How to guarantee quality of life for your employees?

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Companies that still do not bother to offer quality of life for its employees they are wasting great opportunities to develop economically and organically.

It is from this care that professionals will go to work more willingly, motivation and striving to produce more – and better – constantly.

It is a strategy that benefits everyone. And, throughout this post, we will explain how you can guarantee quality of life for your employees and get all the benefits of this practice. For this, we will deal with the subject from the following topics:

  • What does quality of life in the workplace mean ?;
  • How does the quality of life of employees impact the routine ?;
  • What actions bring quality of life to your employees ?;
    • Celebrations;
    • Actions designed for physical well-being;
    • Flexible schedules;
    • Various campaigns;
    • Focus on a balanced diet;
    • Lectures and workshops;
    • Ergonomics;
    • Organizational climate;
    • Explore financial well-being;
    • Corporate benefits;
    • Listen to your employees;
  • Is your company prepared for this?

Follow us on this reading and find out how to improve the corporate routine in a simple, practical and effective way!

What does quality of life mean in the workplace?

The idea has been discussed since the mid-1960s, starting with the development of people management, as many professionals identified that the degree of employee satisfaction was closely connected with employee satisfaction.

Nowadays, there is no lack of research that highlights how much happy employees are more productive.

But what does this mean in practice: that giving quality of life to its employees allows the company to focus on actions to improve the level of overall satisfaction. This impacts the well-being, productivity, motivation, engagement and personal and professional development of each of them.

In a simple association, just think that a safe, motivating, prosperous and collaborative corporate environment is more likely to win over its professionals than a company with a high incidence of accidents, conflicts, stress levels and labor processes.

How does the quality of life of employees impact routine?

From strategic actions that focus specifically on the reality of the company and the profile of its professionals. For example: are employees stressed by pressure for results and unattainable goals? The quality of life resides in the solution of this apparently chronic problem.

If the demotivation is evident from the lack of a clear career plan orientation in the company, why not modify this aspect and show that long-term planning is under development?

In return, the company has more professionals:

Qualities, including, that help to reduce the turnover index and add value to the company's reputation – something that undoubtedly attracts talent from the market.

What actions bring quality of life to your employees?

From small actions to more complex strategies, it is possible to gradually improve the company's organizational climate. See below what are the most popular and effective tactics for this!


Birthdays, achievement of goals, happy hours, get-togethers on holidays and also at the end of the year … Think about how the company can bring together and bring employees together.

These small events help to remember who really matters in the company, and how the concern for well-being is present in the joys common to social gatherings.

Actions designed for physical well-being

How about creating a walking group with employees – and also their relatives? Or a group for cycling and, who knows, renting a court to gather professionals who love football, volleyball or basketball?

Even an agreement with gyms is worth. The important thing here is reinforce that physical activity is essential for the body and also for the mind. And if you can bring employees even more together, the better.

Flexible hours

With the pandemic, which forced companies to adopt flexible hours and also the home office, a significant increase in adherents to these modalities.

Not by chance, this change in corporate thinking was elementary to align with the profile of the younger generations of professionals, who seek flexibility and autonomy in their routines.

And if this is something that still needs to be better discussed, in your company, take the opportunity to save the reading of another article of ours, which explores better the profile of millennials and generation Z in the workplace style=”font-weight: 400;”>!

It is worthwhile, then, to consider a flexibilization that gives its employees the opportunity to set a schedule more aligned to their lives, and not to the rigid demands of the company based on a business hours that is already outdated.

Miscellaneous campaigns

Vaccination campaigns, awareness of the dangers of smoking, important months to combat various ills – such as the Pink October, against breast cancer, or the Yellow September (in strengthening mental health) – and other issues is something that adds value the company. Not to mention, of course, that it improves the quality of life of its employees.

This generates an internal alert of appreciation for life, but also adds knowledge that your employees can take outside the company, positively impacting more people.

Focus on a balanced diet

Canteens with nutritious and healthy menus, consultations with nutritionists, availability of fruits and other healthy foods in the morning, or even sending menus that professionals can adopt for their respective homes …

Did you see how there is no shortage of alternatives to work the quality of life of your employees from something simple, but present in everyone's life?

Lectures and workshops

How about identifying the points of interest and development that can be applied in training, workshops and lectures in the company? This adds personal and professional value to employees, and generates returns on results and on the motivational aspect of employees. Everyone wins, once again.


Something elementary to reduce the number of accidents at work, leave as a result of them and also to improve the quality of life of employees in the exercise of their respective activities.

This can range from attention to body posture and the adjustment of chairs in relation to the work table to the search for certifications focused on work safety, among other strategies.

Organizational climate

Develop company leadership, set goals that can be achieved and set up a collaborative work space focused on collective development. This all reflects an organizational climate that no one will give up and, therefore, will strive to continuously perform better.

Positive organizational climates generate more motivation and engagement. High productivity is a simple consequence of people excited about what they do in the company. Make sure that everyone feels included, heard and participating in decisions and daily work, therefore.

Once again, this type of corporate stance has been a differential for attract generation Z employees and young profiles. These are issues that matter to them when choosing the companies where they want to work.

Explore financial well-being

Another point in growing planning within companies is financial well-being – actions that establish knowledge, good practices and guidelines for financial discipline.

It is well known that indebtedness and financial stress become emotional, physical and behavioral upheavals capable of interfering in the quality of the work provided.

As an auxiliary point to guarantee the quality of life of its employees, financial well-being was on the agenda and is no longer a trend, but a strategy that is here to stay.

At HR Consultants UK, we developed the HR Consultants UKy style=”font-weight: 400;”>, a modality of salary on demand capable of adding more autonomy and flexibility to employees to deal with monthly bills. But there are other ways to achieve this result, whether with lectures, consultancies and basic financial education tips.

Corporate benefits

Corporate benefits are among the most important points for professionals. However, there is no point in composing a package that does not meet or have anything in common with the profile of its employees.

It is worth considering two options: devise a flexible package for professionals to assemble something according to what they need and want; or create a fixed benefit plan, but thought in a medium way to serve everyone within the company.

Listen to your employees

It is worth reinforcing, with regard to guaranteeing the quality of life of its employees, the importance of listening to its own human capital: conduct satisfaction surveys, performance evaluations and grant (in addition to requesting) feedbacks

With this, it is easy to compose a work environment in which everyone is at ease and thirsty for knowledge and learning to generate better results continuously.

Is your company prepared for this?

Did you see how there are actions that can make all the difference to give quality of life to your employees and, thus, generate benefits for everyone?

Remember that the tips above are suggestions and that they, as well as others that were not mentioned previously, must be shaped to meet the specific needs of your professionals.

Even so, we would like to hear your opinion on ensuring quality of life for your employees: has the HR sector already used any of the tips in this post or invested in other strategies that have worked? Share your experiences with us in the comments field below!



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