How to have repartee in a job interview?

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Table of Contents

1 Learn what repartee is

“More and more, recruiters seek to test the emotional intelligence of candidates”, recognizes Olivier Bettach, author of the guide This is what I should have said!. In practice, this can result in an incongruous or personal question. For this expert in charisma, the candidate will then think that the recruiter wants to measure his repartee. “It's true, but we still have to agree on its definition. Recruiters, often tired of hearing candidates recite a smooth and prepared speech, just want to test their ability to not waste their money in an awkward position.. In this case, it is not so much the answer that counts but how to formulate it, in what tone and above all with what naturalness. “

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2 Understand how your brain generates this repartee

If nothing prevents – if we can – to answer something brilliant, this consultant especially invites the interested parties to speak without being afraid. “But for that, the candidate must above all understand how the repartee is formulated by the brain. The distribution depends on the speed of connection between the synapses that we have at the end of our neurons. However, as soon as we feel fear or anxiety, these anxieties trigger cortisol which arises at the end of our synaptic receptors and slows down our delay. response and its quality. To be convinced of this, it suffices to think of the poise that one can show in a (slight) state of intoxication or, in a healthier way, in his dreams. Or to remember all of them those brilliant responses that often crop up an hour after the interview when the pressure has dropped. “It's proof that everything is already in his head, often. You just have to find the key to be able to access it. “

3 Prepare with role plays

The first key to repartee is to accept what is said by the other », Agrees Gilles Laborde. The president of the Théâtre à la carte company, which has been offering business interventions for 25 years, is reassuring. ” Everything related to public speaking can be learned, including in a fairly fun way. »Often called upon to help managers speak with authority, this company offers exercises that are useful in all circumstances. ” In fact, it is above all necessary to manage to welcome an emotion or a confusing remark for example. He cites an effective staging to achieve this to test with a coach or friends. “We call it the director's game. One of the participants imagines that he is presenting a film at the Cannes Film Festival and the other participants ask him increasingly intrusive and unsettling questions. The object of the game is to answer everyone by starting with “Yes, but …”. It's a way of getting used to hearing and accepting what is said, while knowing how to argue behind it. “

4 Dare to get started!

Isabelle Marcé confirms that it is enough to get started. Former director of human resources at Octo Technology, she tested Olivier Bettach's method with her employees, but also for herself. “I remember very simple exercises where the group formed a circle. One of the participants took turns coming forward and saying the first word that came to mind. She draws a lesson from this experience: you just have to trust each other and think that something not ridiculous always ends up coming out! But above all, the less stressed you are, the more you can shine in the exercise. “I have seen really spectacular results among the most introverted profiles,” observes this former HRD. We discover in some an assertiveness and sometimes humor that we did not suspect. “

5 And have repartee … with your body

Finally, we should not forget that repartee is not just a matter of words. “The posture is all the more important when we know that more than 80% of the speech does not pass through the non-verbal, recalls Gilles Laborde. It is often enough to film yourself to understand what is wrong with your gestures or her gaze.. But Olivier Bettach also reminds us that stress management will also be very effective. “It will sometimes suffice a few breathing exercises to be more serene,” explains the specialist. It's the best way to let go, to dare to express yourself and at the same time to be aligned with what you say. ” Because in the end, repartee is also a matter of naturalness …

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