How to hire a freelance service provider and why is this a good choice?

How to hire a freelance service provider and why is this a good choice?

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A series of changes, from the labor reform, makes companies rethink everything they knew about how to hire an autonomous service provider.

After all, even though it is a global trend, the hiring model goes through some rules and requirements foreseen in the labor laws. And any misalignment can cause serious penalties for the organization.

If you haven’t heard of Gig economy, you may not have evaluated the versatility in learn how to hire an autonomous service provider for your company.

All because this type of professional has everything to make your company:

With the digital transformation, even, it became easier manage mobile teams, which contributed to the popularization of this contracting model.

If you have any questions on the subject or want to complement everything you already know about hiring an autonomous service provider, follow us throughout this reading!

Below, we'll show you what the most recent changes in labor legislation impacted the subject, and highlight a step by step for you to definitely understand how to hire a service provider!

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Why hire an autonomous service provider?

For companies, knowing how to hire an autonomous service provider is important in the current economy, because it has everything to do with the current market moment.

Do you know why? First, this hiring strategy often yield less costs for the organization – something fundamental to improve profitability and yet, ensure efficiency and productivity for your teams.

The self-employed professional, in turn, also acquires:

  • autonomy;
  • flexibility;
  • economic independence.

After all, he will not have exclusivity in the contract with the company, allowing him to invest his knowledge and responsibilities with other ventures as well.

Let's see, on both sides, how can this relationship be beneficial?

Reduction in charges

When hiring an independent service provider, the cost with this professional is lower, as we said.

Even more, when we compare with all the costs associated with and linked to the Consolidations of Labor Laws (CLT).

For example: when finalizing the employment contract, the company does not have to bear the costs of dismissing an employee such as taxes and damages common to the termination process of a fixed professional.

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Of course, there are taxes to keep an eye on. THE EHIC, for example, the ISS (Tax on Services) and also the employer's EHIC, whose rate is 20% if your business is not covered by Simples Nacional.

You can see, then, how much startups have to benefit from this practice, since it may be possible to count on specialized skills without major initial investments.

An issue that can serve both sides – since the professional, in turn, will also have a lower amount retained for the tax return, afterwards.

However, the new laws that are being considered for the Labor reform has shown that the market can change in other ways, yet.

It is worth checking out our specially prepared article on the subject!

Flexibility for specific activities

Let's say your company is going to perform a special project, in view of a specific objective, but with a defined term.

So, instead of hire entire teams for that or a company that offers this service, you can do the same, knowing how to hire a service provider.

In this way, you have advantages such as:

  • it does not burden its internal team with activities that have little to do with its responsibilities;
  • goes to the market in search of specialized labor;
  • bear only the expenses of that.

Improved workflow

Do you know the company's work process? This science can translate into a significant cost reduction if, by learning how to hire an autonomous service provider based on your needs, it is possible to request services on time.

And then, the company becomes flexible, dynamic and combined among the responsibilities of its internal team added to the sporadic activities of self-employed professionals.

This is also true for emergency demands. One way to invest the proper amount, only, for solve a situation that needs more professionals, but without increasing your fixed team.

Therefore, outsourced employees are fundamental to the development of a company, but in a sustainable, planned and with less risk.

How to hire an autonomous service provider?

Let's see, now, the step by step with everything you need to know to hire a service provider for your demands?

1. Identify your company's needs

Start by assessing which sectors and areas can be complemented by freelance professionals.

With this, its specialists can keep an eye on HR trends, even through the elaboration of a specific talent bank for this, focusing on specific demands whenever necessary.

So the mapping adds valuable time so that hiring takes place quickly and with total assertiveness.

2. Evaluate the references of professionals

Ask for directions and perform specific tests during the selection process. Create a good relationship with these self-employed employees.

When learning how to hire a service provider, your company will identify the better behavioral profiles for each situation.

This avoids risks such as the delay in combined deliveries or the lack of alignment of the profile with the company's DNA, in addition to providing more precision in the quality of the service provided.

3. Understand the prices charged in the market

If, on the one hand, the cost reduction in the company is valuable for the company, good practices must be followed.

There is no point in offering services at low costs: in general, this amazes good professionals and can damage your company's reputation.

As a result, few specialists will respond to your ads, which can greatly interfere with the quality of the services you want.

Remember to ally, therefore, the question between the quality of the service and the prices charged.

Good tip for that: request quotes for professionals. Thus, it is possible to establish an attractive average, which obtains a high rate of return in the face of the need to hire a service provider.

4. Attention to contract consolidation

As we have pointed out, some fundamental points must be observed when hiring an autonomous service provider.

And that includes alignment with labor laws in addition to all information regarding the job in question.

An example of this is to have a specific contract that states:

  • the type of work that will be developed;
  • the combined deadline for the start and end of activities;
  • the value aligned to the service;
  • possible fines applicable to both parties;
  • forecast of tax collection (as previously mentioned).

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It is important to note that, when understanding how to hire an autonomous service provider, you are facing a path that branches into different bureaucratic paths.

After all, there are a number of ways to approach, interact and tell with that flexibility of hiring for your company.

Do you want to see it? In this article, we have put together 6 models of hiring employees! Thus, you will understand how each of them can be more relevant to your goals and needs – even learning the specifics of hiring for each one of them. Good reading!

Where to start?

Now that you understand how to hire a service provider, you may be interested in looking for solutions that can make your daily life more productive in relation to your employees and management.

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