How to hire a headhunter: 4 steps to choosing the right professional

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Anyone who has ever needed to hire executives knows that it is not an easy task. Senior management positions demand a know how very specific, which makes these professionals extremely rare in the market. In these cases, it is necessary to know how to hire a headhunter to assist in that recruitment.

That's because traditional recruiting is usually not enough to find such specific professionals. With an extensive network of contacts, a good headhunter can be the missing piece to fill a strategic position for the company.

With that in mind, in this article we explain everything you need to know about how to hire a headhunter and be successful in your search for the ideal professional for your company. Want to know more? Check it out below!

What is a headhunter?

Headhunter is the recruitment and selection professional who works with a focus on finding talent for strategic positions in a company. The expression in English means “headhunter”, but in the HR universe it can be translated as “talent scout”.

The headhunter acts as intermediary between the professional to be hired and the job vacancy, using its network of contacts to identify the best options on the market. With his extensive experience in executive recruiting, he assesses which of the chosen candidates best meets the requirements of the job description.

Generally, this type of recruiter is triggered to find highly qualified people to leadership positions. It can also be requested in other specific situations, when there is a need to hire people who for some reason are not easily found on job portals.

Therefore, it will hardly be requested to hire a headhunter in all selection processes of the organization, since hiring at the operational level can be done smoothly by conventional methods.

When does HR need to hire a headhunter?

Know how to hire a headhunter it is knowing how to identify when your services are needed. See below the main situations in which HR should count on the support of this professional.

Hiring executives and specialists

Finding qualified professionals to take on positions of president, vice president and directors is very difficult, as they are rarely found on traditional websites. recruitment and selection. The same happens with specialists in very specific and strategic tasks for the company.

Hiring a headhunter is useful to save time and increase your chances of success. With powerful networking, he can find these people more easily.

Many of these contacts are not even looking for opportunities in the market, but may consider the challenge if the proposal is interesting.

secret searches

If the company wants to hire someone for a confidential vacancy, the headhunter has ways of looking for professionals without revealing the name of the organization.

Thanks to his network of contacts, he can search for candidates without advertising on major platforms, omitting data that might identify the company. This information is revealed only in the most advanced stages of the selection process.

Insufficient internal recruitment

Many companies are looking for homemade solutions for hiring executives and specialists, but not always the internal recruitment gives result.

When this happens, it is common to hire a headhunter to identify candidates in the market. He will know how to look in the right places and will certainly bring good options for the selection process.

Long distance hires

Hiring a headhunter is common when the company is opening branches in other cities, states or countries. In this way, the new unit starts its activities with a high-level team, running less operational risks and ensuring the quality of deliveries.

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How to hire a headhunter: 4 steps


To find out if a headhunter is the best choice to take care of your recruitment, you need to be aware of some important factors. Check out the main ones and see how to hire a headhunter properly.

1. Assess market knowledge

A good headhunter must know the characteristics of the company's area of ​​expertise. Each sector has its peculiarities, so it is essential to have experience in recruiting professionals with the desired characteristics.

It's also very important. be within the average salary of the market for position. Thus, the headhunter will be able to make interesting proposals, even for executives who are already employed.

2. Search for directions

Seeking references is essential when hiring any service, and having a headhunter is no different. Look for a professional who is recognized in the market or ask for referrals from HR colleagues and business owners.

A good strategy for hiring a headhunter is to talk to executives who have already been hired through one to understand how they work and what kind of results they have brought. Knowing the professional's trajectory, you are at ease in relation to their performance.

3. Analyze the average hiring time

O average time of hiring It is an important indicator to assess the quality of work before hiring a headhunter. In between three and six weeks of recruitment it is the ideal period for a proper hiring.

If it's too fast, the search was probably incomplete. A very slow process, on the other hand, indicates a lack of effort to solve the company's problem.

4. Observe networking

Know how to hire a headhunter it involves observing the consistency of your network of contacts. O networking it is the most important work tool for this professional. If it is not very well developed, it will not be able to meet the needs of your position.

Assess the headhunter's career span, which companies he has worked for, and his success rate in hiring. Find out who his contacts are in the area and what resources he uses to improve his results.

For example, a headhunter with a LinkedIn presence is likely to have a much broader network than a professional outside of social media. It may not seem like it, but these details make all the difference.

Now that you know how to hire a headhunter, it's time to put what you've learned into practice! Whenever you need to look for executives or fill specific vacancies, count on this professional's help. He will have the right contacts and tools to nominate the best candidates for your company!

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Did you like the post? Tell us in the comments about your experience with headhunters in your company. We are available to answer all your questions about the subject!



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