How to hire a temporary employee: 5 tips to do it right

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How to hire a temporary employee: 5 tips to do it right

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End of year parties, high season of commerce and hiring on holidays. Most companies face this scenario throughout the year and the temporary contract is one of the alternatives for those who need to meet the high demand for work in the period. But how to hire a temporary employee? What are the rules?

the UK is among the countries that most bet on the type of temporary hiring. A survey by the UK residents Association of Temporary Work (Asserttem) and Caixa Econômica Federal shows a growth in this type of vacancy.

Between September and December, according to the survey, more than 434.4 thousand temporary vacancies in the sectors of commerce, industry and services.

These numbers are mainly influenced by the high demand for sales in periods such as Children's Day, Christmas and New Year. This requires companies to hire temporary employees.

In comparison with the year 2017, there was a growth of 10% in the total number of vacancies created. However, hiring on vacation, on a temporary basis, needs to be done according to the requirements of the law, especially after the changes with the labor reform.

In this article we have prepared some tips on how to hire a temporary employee so your personal department does not make a mistake when it comes to hiring.

Temporary hiring under labor law

Temporary hiring can be carried out in only two cases, as mentioned in article 2 of Law No. 13429 of 03/31/2017.

Hiring a temporary employee is only possible when there is a replacement of an employee hired on vacation or leave. Or even for a complementary demand, whether for predictable or unpredictable factors.

Art. 2 Temporary work is that provided by an individual hired by a temporary work company that places it at the disposal of a service borrowing company, to meet the need for temporary replacement of permanent staff or the complementary demand for services.

It is important to note that the company cannot carry out a temporary contract directly with the employee. It is necessary to have a specific registration at the Ministry of Labor (MTE) and fill out an application requesting temporary hiring.

The request can be accepted or not by the MTE. Therefore, it is always necessary to have a service provider in the process.

Another important point is that the reason for hiring must be stated in the contract. It is also strictly forbidden for the company to transfer the employee to any other function than that described in the contract.

Contract term and rights

The maximum term for which a company can hire a temporary employee is 180 days with the possibility of an extension of another 90 days. That is, if the company proves the maintenance of the same conditions at the time the contract was made.

In addition, if this vacation contracting deadline is not met, it is recognized that there is an employment relationship between the parties. It can generate numerous procedural and fine problems for the contractor, in case the agreement is not fulfilled.

The temporary worker even has all the rights of an employee who works under another contracting regime. He is entitled to overtime, nightly premium, 13th proportional salary, proportional vacation and so on.

Main areas that employ temporary workers

Due to the high demand in certain periods, the sectors that employed the most between September and November 2018 for temporary vacancies were:

  • Industry: 65% of vacancies;
  • services: 20% of vacancies;
  • Business: 15% of vacancies.

Hiring a temporary employee, in the case of these segments, usually comes as a relief to meet any excess work that may appear.

Data by sector

The clothing sector, according to data from the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), is the one that most employs temporary employees. There are more than 47.9 thousand total vacancies.

Right behind are hypermarkets and supermarkets with the generation of more than 11 thousand temporary vacancies. The segment of household articles and personal use ranks third in the list with more than 8 thousand vacancies.

Check out the first five sectors when it comes to the generation of temporary jobs.

  • Clothing: 47.9 thousand vacancies;
  • Hypermarkets and supermarkets: 11,500 openings;
  • Household and personal items: 8,8 thousand vacancies;
  • Appliances and furniture: 3 thousand vacancies;
  • Bookstores, pharmacies, communication, perfumeries and IT: 1,400 vacancies.

The admission salary, according to CNC, is in the range of R $ 1,230. São Paulo is the state with the highest number of vacancies, according to ASSERTTEM (UK residents Association of Temporary Work), with 67.27% of the total.

How to hire a temporary employee: 5 tips

To hire a temporary employee it is important to pay attention to some details so as not to make mistakes. We have prepared some tips to help you in this process. Check out!

#1. Set company priorities

Nobody knows more about your company's needs than you do and that is an essential factor in hiring a temporary employee.

What does your company need for the moment? A young profile that needs training? Or a more experienced professional who can take over the job more quickly due to the large volume?

Getting the professional profile for the job right, based on your needs, is the big difference of companies that hire right and those that hire wrong.

#two. Be assertive in building the vacancy

The announcement of the vacancy and the screening of the resumes in the recruitment and selection process are two steps that must not be missing in a process to hire a temporary employee.

Describing your vacancy correctly and in the right medium can avoid mistakes throughout the selection process.

Describe in the vacancy what you are looking for: they are necessary skills for the function or objectives of the company.

In addition, it is clear to describe details such as salary, working hours, benefits and so on. Reviewing profiles of professionals who have worked with you is also an option.

Choose the advertising space that is most appropriate and feasible for your company. Social networks, for example, such as LinkedIn and Facebook give the possibility of ads free of charge.

Specialized websites, on the other hand, are also a good option for attracting candidates with more specific skills to what you are looking for.

# 3. Open the process in advance

Competition for hiring on vacation is not only on the part of workers looking for an opportunity, but also for a large number of companies. All wanting in some way to find a talent that is free in the market.

The competition is great, so the sooner you start your planning and hiring process, the greater the chances of finding the ideal profile for the vacancy. In addition, you will have more time to train the professional and adapt it to your company's routine.

# 4. Make hiring a unique experience

Make your vacation hiring period a unique experience for your new hires. The worst thing a company can do when hiring a temporary employee is to treat that professional as disposable.

That's because next year, without a doubt, you will need to make new temporary hires and may need your services again and without a doubt he will refuse.

Offer some type of exclusive benefit such as weekly salary or daily payment.

The idea is to build an environment that creates a good experience so that this professional is the spokesperson for your brand and wants to come back to work with you more often.

# 5. Organize a bank of resumes

Every year many companies invest in hiring temporary employees and one way to facilitate this work is to build a talent bank, with the CVs of the participants.

This bank can facilitate your search and selection process in the future. If an employee was not selected at that time, it does not mean that he will not be suitable for your company in the near future.

In fact, it is important to measure the performance of all temporary employees, so that they will be part of your radar in future effective hires.

Always leave the company's doors open, so that it is well spoken in the market and attracts the greatest talents.

Increase in temporary hiring in the UK

Temporary hiring is a reality in the UK. The country increases the number of temporary employees year by year and knowing the law is essential for all the rights of these professionals to be fulfilled.

In addition, competing in the market with so many companies that are in the dispute for hiring is not an easy task and requires organization and planning of the companies.

Temporary hiring can also be the support that your company needs in order not to have a drop in income or productivity.

This extra manpower, even if it is temporary, can keep the work going while keeping the teams' performance high.

Do you want to know more about hiring temporary employees? Leave a comment in our post and we will help you to understand more about this subject.


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