How to improve employee productivity: 9 tips to apply in your company

How to improve employee productivity: 9 tips to apply in your company

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Learn how to improve employee productivity it is a continuous process, since a series of factors interfere, directly and indirectly, in the solutions discovered from time to time. When it adapts to changes, the company keeps the rates always high and developing, extracting the best from its employees.

We know that in the corporate day-to-day, the number of hours worked corresponds to the employee efficiency. Just to use an example: the more people work, the more stressed, tired and unmotivated they stay. Especially, if they do not receive awards for this correctly.

Hence, the importance of learning how to improve team productivity and, thus, comply with working hours, engage teams and increase the level of satisfaction of employees in general.

Of course, that statement is the easiest part of the job. This is because the work of continuously engaging employees is incessant. Therefore, HR and managers should meet to discuss the best alternatives on how to improve employee productivity.

And we have a good selection of tips where you can start! Next, we bring together nine main actions you can take to improve employee productivity in the office. Check out!

How to improve employee productivity in your company

1. Learn to delegate

It is a tip to improve employee productivity somewhat obvious, but many managers forget to put it into practice on a daily basis, you know?

This is because many assume their positions as a true mission and they forget to entrust some tasks to their team, centralizing power and autonomy your industry.

But with that, you may be undermining the development of many different talents and perspectives, capable of improving processes and giving more space for leaders to take on more strategic positions.

Encourage leaders to assign new – and more – responsibilities to qualified employees, and make them understand that they can trust the level of excellence in their work.

HR hired them for a good reason, so it's important to give them a chance to prove it was the right decision.

To better understand how to do this, we recommend that you also read the article: Does giving employees freedom bring losses or improvements in performance?

2. Evaluate the tasks for each characteristic of the employee

In addition to the previous tip for improving employee productivity, it is important to know, in advance, the skills and talents of each employee, so that each delegated task is as assertive as possible with the profile of the selected professionals.

For example: dedicate a creative task to those who are more contemplative and / or respond better to this type of activity, and not to those who prefer to strictly comply with the manuals when carrying out a task.

3. Communicate effectively

Communication is the key to opening many doors anywhere, inside and outside the company. But, look at this: it is also essential to improve employee productivity.

A simple example: managers who do not communicate the importance of a task, its complexity, do not expose the objectives and the desired results can expect what from their professionals?

Not to mention meetings that are too long and too frequent, emails that are long and constant – and all of them without the slightest need. It is important to understand that noise in communication is as toxic as the lack of information.

That is why, value communication power and encourage you in every position in your organization!

Check out the article How to improve internal communication in the company and discover 6 efficient secrets!

4. Set clear goals

You cannot expect to improve employee productivity without a specific goal set. The less goals your company has, the less productive your employees will be.

So, tinker with this equation by assuring everyone that you know the direction the company is going to take and the means to achieve the goals. With that, everyone can engage more efficiently.


5. Encourage employees

Bonuses, gamification, constructive feedbacks, rewards, efforts to improve interpersonal relationships … There are plenty of alternatives to approach employees and encourage them continuously.

After all, one of the best ways to generate employee incentives is, in fact, give them a reason for that. Acknowledge a job well done, for example, appreciate it and encourage it to get better and better.

When deciding how to reward teams, it is possible to understand how to improve team productivity. And the rewards don't always have to be material. Clearances, praise and the focus on people's quality of life are functional elements that can only add to individual and collective efficiency. Other tips for this are:

  • paid time off;
  • take them to lunch, drink or dine out;
  • send notes, congratulating the efforts and / or achievements;
  • create fun coupons for products or services and even a day off.

There are no limits, therefore, to approach your team and ensure more engagement on their part.

6. Train and develop employees

There is no more fruitful investment to improve employee productivity. The planned trainings are responses to management and HR analyzes.

Consequently, the training topics are focused on the development of capacities, skills and competences that need specific adjustments. And, there, the results are perceived in the exponential increase of the monitored indices.

Not to mention, of course, the direct consequences for its professionals: more engagement, gratitude and motivation to grow in the company and aim for new positions internally.

7. Invest in flexibility in your work routine

A trend already consolidated in the market, the flexible routine – such as home office or professionals working at a distance – can be a functional way to improve employee productivity.

Try to listen to them, understand what they think of the idea and make smaller tests, initially, increasing them as the monitored results can be evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively.

8. Value the culture of feedback

Performance evaluations are not instruments that justify any dismissals. Essentially, they are valuable tools for improving employee productivity.

Through them, people understand what their strengths and improvements are, constantly looking for alternatives to improve their skills and, thus, increase their effectiveness.

It is worth mentioning, however, that this action must be planned according to the best communication practices. Criticism must be constructive, not intimidating.

Just as the compliments must be accompanied by suggestions for improvements. After all, everything is subject to development.

9. Invest in new technologies

Finally, an elementary tip for improving employee productivity: investing in technologies that improve the productive environment.

Management software, for example, automates tasks and generates more free time for employees to invest in activities that demand more of their analytical and strategic skills. I.e: more productivity, without moving a finger.

Also improve the productivity of HR employees!

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Now that you know our tips on how to improve employee productivity, share with us in the comments field what challenges you face in your company to get more from your employees! So, we can constantly expand this discussion!




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