How to improve the dialogue between employees and bosses in the company?

How to improve the dialogue between employees and bosses in the company?

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Establish a new communicative pattern, in the company, helps to minimize problems in the transmission and reception of messages. So learning how to improve dialogue between employees and boss it is decisive for individual and collective growth. Among the most efficient actions, we highlight:

  • focus on standardizing communication channels;
  • make periodic evaluations;
  • create a safe environment for the opinions of others;
  • avoid excessive formalities;
  • establish a friendly and trusting relationship in the team.

Do you want to know, in detail, about each of these actions? Continue reading =)

O communication noise, on a superficial analysis, it seems like an easy problem to solve. Only, when there is no diagnosis of the situation, it is very difficult to understand how to improve the dialogue between employees and bosses in the company.

As a direct consequence of this, the income of all employees is impaired due to rework. If an employee understands “b”, he will never perform the “a” that was asked.

So knowing how to improve the dialogue between employees and bosses it is an activity that goes through, first, the complete analysis of the whole company communication. And, throughout this post, we will teach you the main steps to get around the problem and add more value to the structure of your business.

The importance of internal communication

Its management is responsible for aligning the company's organizational culture with the profile of its employees. However, many times this continuous procedure is left out.

Thus, communications are lost along the way, expectations are no longer met and dissatisfaction, demotivation and lack of engagement accumulate in the routine.

And we don't need to highlight the heavy consequences of that, do we? Because the well-being and motivation of employees are entirely associated with a effective, objective and transparent communication.

This alone would help to understand the value of internal communication for any company. Because standardization in this model facilitates the transmission and reception of messages. O communication noise is eliminated and the task flows smoothly in the corporate day-to-day.

The benefits of continually qualifying internal communication

Companies that flow your communication process without noise or obstacles have a number of competitive advantages over the competition.

And, so that you are motivated to also discover how to improve the dialogue between employees and bosses in your company, we list the main ones below. Take a look:

  • the selection and recruitment process is improved. HR understands the needs and objectives better, in order to fill each position, and those interested understand the demand in advance;
  • productivity is higher, qualified by the wealth of information presented for the simplest communications, notices and requests;
  • motivation is also guaranteed, given that employees will know exactly what is expected of them;
  • as a whole, the work environment is strengthened. There is no gossip in the corporate environment, enmities are reduced and the focus is on doing a good job;
  • the development of employees is also enhanced, since management and their subordinates will learn together, based on objective and unimpeded communication;
  • more internal talents are retained, increasing the level of excellence in the company;
  • new talents are attracted, too, based on your organization's positive reputation;
  • objectives are easily aligned, valuing everyone's productive time.

Can you see, now, how communication is a valuable asset for the growth of the company?

The value of dialogue between employees and bosses

Once we understand the importance of having a standard in business communication and the benefits of investing in that work, the time has come to evaluate the best ways on how to improve the dialogue between employees and boss.

This is because the obstacles in the relationship also interfere in the quality of the message sentthe – and, also, in the way it is received.

For that, we highlight some of the most productive measures, in this sense, for you who are looking for resolutions on how to improve the dialogue between employees and bosses in your company!

Focus on standardizing communication channels

A good way to learn how to improve the dialogue between employees and bosses is through the identification of best communication channels to approximate the relationship.

Below, some means that tend to be efficient and can be better associated with the characteristics of each team, such as:

Options that, here and there, fit better according to your goals and expectations. Therefore, it is advisable to have some options at your disposal!

Make periodic evaluations

Fundamental for employees to understand where – and how – they can improve, and what management expects from them, evaluation increases quality of life at work.

Not surprisingly, the process helps in the construction and maintenance of an environment with a high quality of life, focused on the individual and collective development of employees.

For management, this translates into more commitment and continuous improvement for results. For employees, it is the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Create a safe environment for others' opinions

In addition to the assessment mentioned above, management must be available to listen as well. This creates more confidence for employees to express themselves, express opinions and vent, if necessary.

With that, leaders can expose their perspectives, but also consider the opinion of employees. Something that values ​​them and helps aggregate positive engagement among all.

Avoid excessive formalities

Formalities hamper processes. If you want to know how the dialogue between employees and bosses, start there.

Especially, when we see that many actions focused on quality of life bring relations closer, make the environment lighter and more informal and seek to improve collective well-being.

If employees are uncomfortable with static standards, a good solution is to make this more flexible, getting closer and closer to each of them.

Establish a friendly and trusting relationship in the team

Here’s a good reason to remove the rigid structures: by creating informal integration events, like a happy hour, you adds more confidence and empathy within the team.

It is good to have a minimum separation, but a good dialogue flows when employees trust leaders more. It is a measure in which everyone wins, and has already been applied by grand brands in the market to thebetray new talents, motivate and generate more engagement.

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