How to integrate new employees?

How to integrate new employees?

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If a good hiring is a big step towards achieving good results, the integration of new employees it is just as important. There is no point in the company being assertive in the selection and letting go of the employee as soon as he is inserted in the organization's day-to-day.

It is more than normal that in the first days the new professional is a little lost with the internal processes and the company culture.

Therefore, the integration of new employees becomes a factor crucial so that the employee gets adapt as soon as possible in the environment to be inserted.

The integration of new employees, however, needs to go beyond traditional actions such as training initial. Points like feedback in the first weeks of work, general presentation of the organization's culture, among other strategies, can help.

In this article we will talk about the importance of integrating new employees and mention some actions that can contribute for your company to succeed in this routine.

What is the integration of new employees

The integration of new employees is a process that brings together actions aimed at the startup of newly hired employees. Also called onboarding of employees it has as main objective to offer security and welcome to those who have just arrived.

If the first impression is what remains, it is through the integration of new employees that the company is able to facilitate engagement and retaining talent<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. This support from the organization makes the employee feel accepted and at ease in the role.

Five actions for the integration of new employees

A good program for the integration of new employees necessarily involves a humanized management<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. In that case, the company takes into account not only the professional side of the new employee, but also their fears and anxieties in relation to what is proposed.

However, preparing for the integration of new employees is full of challenges and requires much attention and prior planning. Therefore, we have separated some actions that can help you to integrate new employees in an assertive manner.

Introduce the company culture

Every new employee needs to have a “north” when being hired. He needs to know the general company culture so you know exactly what you can and cannot do and what your real responsibilities are in relation to the organization's mission, vision and values.

This can facilitate their adaptation and mainly contributes to the goals and objectives of the company to align with those of this contracted professional.

It is at this moment that the company tries to somehow highlight its strengths to instigate the employee to become engage initially.

Offer ongoing feedback

Getting started may not be easy for most workers, so in many cases they need to be closely monitored to adapt. In this way, the manager can not only contribute to the integration, but also help him to improve his work.

This follow-up, within the plan for the integration of new employees, can be done through continuous feedbacks. Whether through daily conversations to find out how the routine is for the new employee or with weekly meetings.

The important thing is do not leave the employee alone, since in this beginning of work the support of older professionals of the company is fundamental for the success of the integration.

Pre-plan your actions

The process of integrating new employees needs effective planning, which clearly determines the success of the actions.

Therefore, every onboarding needs to have a roadmap so that each step is followed correctly during the integration of new employees. Since, from the first day, the route for the new employee must already be traced by the manager.

He must know what he will do in the first days, who will you work with, what is your point of contact in case of doubts, who are the superiors and subordinates.

Encourage teamwork

O team work it is essential for anyone who wants to achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, at the time of integration of new employees contact with your future industry partners is essential for adapting.

Therefore, make it as one of the priorities of the process of integrating new employees to introduce the employee to colleagues. Since at that moment the company begins to create a bond of work and trust between the team.

So, encourage this contact between the team so that the new employee is well received by everyone and feels part of the team as soon as possible.

Conduct satisfaction surveys

No one better than the employee himself to report on his initial experience with the company. One satisfaction survey it can be a great ally for the manager to identify possible adaptation problems and work around them.

With the satisfaction survey it is also possible to assess the engagement of this new professional and measure the effectiveness of the integration of new employees in your company.

Apply a survey that questions points related to the conduct of the selection process, company structure, environment, professional goals, difficulties in performing tasks and etc.

In this way, it is easier to measure the employees' desires and objectives to align with the organization's goals and expectations in relation to the work that it has been carrying out.

Organize initial training

Common and traditional, but no less important, the training it is an essential part of integrating new employees. When a collaborator receives the proper guidance to perform his / her task, the chances of doing it correctly increase.

And not only that, the execution time is quite reduced since he will have the step by step of the work in question. For this reason, every company needs to include in the integration of new employees an initial training program in the function.

Initial training prevents the employee from getting lost in the new routine company and adapts more quickly to the organization's culture and work pace.

In this case, it is possible that this tutor is the manager or leader of the area or even an employee who has been in the job longer and has the capacity to teach.

Integration of new employees is a must

The integration of new employees is a mandatory strategy in the routine of companies. Whoever succeeds in implementing a successful program in this sense increases the chances of retaining talent and consequently decreases the turnover rate from the company.

Good onboarding makes new employees feel accepted by the company and adapt more quickly to the organization's culture.

Thus enhancing the productivity of the employee from the beginning and creating an enabling environment for him to perform his duties.

A newly hired person is usually full of doubts and fears about the “new”, and in this sense the company has a fundamental role to calm him and welcome him into his environment.

Since an employee who feels well received tends to engage more easily with the mission and objectives that are proposed by the company.

To find out what materials are essential for integration, read our article: “Integration kit for new employees: “5 tips to create yours!”.



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