How to make a commercial proposal: 7 steps towards the sale!

How to make a commercial proposal: 7 steps towards the sale!

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The walkthrough of how to make a business proposal can be summarized in seven steps:

  1. business domain, its target audience and objectives;
  2. knowledge about the customer being prospected;
  3. purpose of the proposal;
  4. presentation format and language;
  5. content planning;
  6. setting up the presentation;
  7. follow up.

Anyone who works with sales, directly or indirectly, knows that the trajectory for win a new customer it's not easy. For this reason, employing strategic management tools that optimize this loyalty is very important.

A tactic that stands out for its ability to aggregate value effectively to the product or service is the commercial proposal.

What is a business proposal?

Commercial proposal is a document that gathers all the information about a product or service so that the consumer can know and be even more interested in what is being offered.

Created in a persuasive and strategic way, the document can enhance the value offer contained in the offer, adding value and importance to your business.

For a good result of the commercial proposal, it is essential to motivate the sales team and ensure that it is aligned with the organizational purposes.

Now to help you on how to make a foolproof business proposal, we have prepared this post with a step by step. Follow and learn how value your business in the market.

Commercial proposal is a document that presents an offer, generally, of a product or service.

This material is created in a personalized way for each client and requires:

  • validation signature;
  • description of what will be accomplished;
  • schedule of activities;
  • materials to be provided;
  • which professionals will be involved;
  • expected results;
  • values ​​and deadlines, among other diverse peculiarities that define the work.

When putting into practice how to make a business proposal remember that it it's not a company presentation, but an express communication of a project of interest to the client, which brings significant benefits to the client.

It is through the captivation of this attention that the sale can consolidate and the relationship with the customer can be strengthened.

To develop a document with this quality it is interesting that you create a script. Yet, never recycle a commercial proposal from another customer.

Each case is different, and the feeling of exclusivity is a decisive factor in making the sale effective.

Next we will present a step by step how to make a perfect and decisive commercial proposal.

How to make an effective business proposal?

Check below a step by step on how to prepare a commercial proposal that adds value to your business.

1) Know your company

The first step is to get to know the profile of your business and to identify whether it is worthwhile or not to invest efforts, investment and time in the elaboration of a commercial proposal for a specific client.

Prospecting is an activity that requires care, so it is important to be able to identify customers who have the greatest potential for return. And in this way, develop a proposal with criteria and foundation.

2) Customer knowledge

The next step is to get to know your customer in depth. Make productive briefing meetings and have detailed differential features that can help you make a unique business proposal.

As much as the products or services offered are standardized, customer problems are not. For this reason, solutions need to be considered individually.

Here, an analysis of what the competition offers is also important to gain business advantage.

3) Definition of the objective

The third step is define the purpose of the commercial proposal to build a custom solution to your customer's demands and needs.

Take time to study the briefing and reflect on your possibilities of action.

Define the objective in a clear sentence, and structure the tactical part in a strategic and creative way.

If you have questions about how to set goals for your company and projects, get to know the SMART methodology shown in the video below.


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4) Definition of format and language

Now it's time to define the presentation format for your business proposal.

Considering the customer's profile, it is easier to choose which model can attract your attention and interest. Among the main options on how to make a business proposal are:

  • printed proposal;
  • digital;
  • a combination of both.

Regardless of the model, the format should encourage the closing of the sale.

In addition, it is essential to consider the language used in the material. Once again, reading the customer's profile can be the main indicator.

5) Content planning

The fifth step on how to make a business proposal is to structure the content.

Consider presenting key information such as:

  • what the customer has to gain from the purchase;
  • what only your company offers;
  • why your company is the most interesting choice;
  • exactly what your company is offering;
  • simulation of different situations, one ideal (for you) and the other more economical;
  • detailed values;
  • company history;
  • schedule of activities;
  • date of creation of the proposal and validity.

6) Presentation

It is common for potential customers to receive proposals and, in the rush of everyday life, fail to give them due attention. As a result, your company loses the sale and the mental, physical and financial investment dedicated to this work.

So, choose to personal presentations it is fundamental. If the client does not have time to receive it, it is already possible to identify the interest and value that he gives to the project.

7) Organization of the follow-up

Finally, organize the follow-up.

To facilitate this step of following the submitted proposal, a strategy is to set dates for responses.

If the customer does not close immediately after presenting his commercial proposal, set a period for him to think about it. Thus, the resumption of contact is already expected.

Another strategy for follow-up is to reflect a sense of urgency, so that the client will be provoked to correct their business deficiencies as soon as possible. And in this case, your solution is the most affordable.

An interesting practice is to work with a policy of benefits for negotiation. For example, offering discounts for closing within 7 days, giving specific training courses, among others.

The process of making a sale is quite complex and requires a lot of commitment from the salespeople to be successfully completed.

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Are you curious? Watch the video below and talk to one of our experts.


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Did you like it? Tell us here in the comments! We will be very happy and know your opinion.

And after the commercial proposal is approved?

With the project in hand and the proposal approved it is time for your company to organize to deliver everything you promised!

For that, some techniques of project management, team management and finance should be prioritized. We also give you a helping hand in this next step. Access our free EBOOK with everything about “Task and project management“.

If you liked the tips and want to continue learning even more, just follow the pages of HR Consultant UK on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)!



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