How to make an employee registration form?

How to make an employee registration form?

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Bureaucratic, but essential, knowing how to make an employee registration form can be a differentiator for your company.

The employee registration form serves as a data organizer for the company's employees.

It is through it that the HR sector organizes important information in one place personal and professional. This form of information management has a major financial and time impact on HR teams.

At the financial sense for offering a macro view of the company's data, facilitating investments and cost cuts. Is at time saving when the company chooses to automate processes in contrast to manual processes.

With automation, bureaucracy decreases, also reducing the incidence of errors and increasing the security of data storage.

But how to make an employee registration form correctly? In this article we will help you to streamline this process to avoid future problems. Follow us!

Mandatory data on the employee registration form

There are some data that appear as mandatory in admission forms, according to article 41 of the CLT Law. They are based on the model of how to make an employee registration form.

Check some data to fill out your form correctly.

  • Employee name, affiliation, date of birth, place of birth and nationality;
  • Admission date;
  • Working hours
  • Number and series of the Work and Social Security Card – CTPS;
  • Public Service Patrimony Formation Program – PASEP or in the identification number of the register in the Social Integration Program – PIS;
  • Position and function;
  • Vacation;
  • Accidents at work and occupational diseases, if any;
  • Remuneration.
  • CPF;
  • RG;
  • Marital status;
  • Reservist certificate;
  • Voter registration;
  • Space for photography;
  • Social charges;
  • Career path.

Manual or automated process

To know how to make an employee registration form first we need to know the different ways of organizing it. Currently two models are possible and very common in the market:

  • manual process;
  • automated process.

There is no option right or wrong for the company, everything depends on its reality.

However, automation (in addition to optimizing the process) reduces the incidence of errors that arise when the process is manual and allows HR to be more dedicated to strategic issues.

Over the years, the sector has lost a bit of its bureaucratic character and has assumed this strategic character. And the automation of the processes was the one that directly impacted this possibility.

Manual process

THE manual process it is still quite common for companies when it comes to how to make an employee registration form. This is because not every company can financially invest in a good management software.

So all the data is placed in a spreadsheet, where HR needs to fill everything manually. In small companies, the time dedicated to this process is not usually high.

However, if the organization has a large number of employees, the chances of error in filling in this data increase. Making it difficult to store a large number of documents in the company, which can be lost in any unforeseen event.

Automated process

The manual process takes a long time and opens up many possibilities for errors in repetitive tasks. The automated process opens up a range of good possibilities.

If the company has not yet defined how to make an employee registration formundoubtedly, the automated process is the most recommended.

Do you want to know why? Let's talk about its main advantages over the manual process below:

1. Lower incidence of errors

Manual and mainly repetitive activities, such as filling out a spreadsheet, for example, allows a great chance of mistakes.

Overcome by tiredness or even inattention, a collaborator dedicated to manual and bureaucratic processes is more likely to make mistakes.

For this reason many companies automate your processes to decrease the incidence of errors. And making an employee registration form is part of this sector bureaucracy. She was also influenced and delivered the technology.

Currently the management software they can compress and organize all the information in one place.

And not only that, a wrong filling is often pointed out by the software itself, which requires immediate correction. Minimizing recurring errors in manual processes.

2. Increased data security

While physical registration forms are more exposed to accidents, with automation security is much greater.

This is because the documents, in addition to being able to be stored in clouds, the backups are made constantly, so that nothing is lost in some unforeseen event.

This automation security in how to make an employee registration form also allows the storage of a quantity ilimited data. Information that can be easily accessed and mapped via software or program.

Besides, automation offers quick updating of data, documents and so on. Avoiding confusion between old and new documents, which can occur in a process disorganization were manual.

3. Optimize processes

The optimization of HR processes did not come to take the job of those who work in this sector.

Quite the opposite! He came to contribute so that these professionals were more dedicated in the strategic parts of the company, especially with focus on people management.

And know how to make an employee registration form it was one of those mandatory bureaucracies. The loss of time was part of that routine. Endless manual processes that took up a lot of time in the industry.

But with automation, time has been optimized. In just a few clicks, industry professionals can access any employee data, without having to search through a mountain of papers.

Not to mention ease of sharing of these data among professionals in the sector or even with an accountant, employee, superiors, etc. Streamlining the search and integration of data between the team.

In this, HR professionals can now focus their energies on more strategic and planning issues.

4. Lower costs

Process automation also has financial impacts on the company. This is because it allows a faster process in the assembly and organization of the documents.

But what is the financial impact of this? Total! Since faster processes reduce efforts with bureaucracy and rework, in addition to saving on printing documents, storage space, etc.

Currently, with a management software HR uploads the online form and the employee accesses the document and fills in his data. It is up to the human resources professional just to check if everything was filled out correctly.

Doing a quick financial analysis, make an account of how much your HR spends on document prints and time on bureaucratic processes. If the value is high, it is good to start thinking about automating your processes to start making money.

5. Influence on people management

And the employee registration form it can also be an ally in points related to people management.

We are going to highlight a simple point, but one that is a great differentiator for companies is the celebration of birthdays. In addition, remembering the date of hiring, promotion and etc., can be some of the differentials for motivate your employees.

The employee wants to feel important to the company and certainly this type of congratulations can engage him even more with the organization.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to make an employee registration form in an automated way.

Hardly, if the process is manual, the company will be able to remember the date of the birthday boy of the month. Or even worry about that detail in the face of a routine full of tasks.

However, with a management software, in some of them, this warning may be from the program itself automatically.

Thus, it is essential to consider that any detail in the current market, even through an employee registration form, can make a difference. Especially when we talk about relationships with employees.

Choosing good management software

Now that we know all the details of how to make an employee registration form, the question remains: how to choose the best software?

Some of the important factors to consider are the efficiency, safety and speed of the processes.

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Keep your employees' data up to date

Keeping a complete and updated register and knowing how to make an employee registration form correctly, can be a great advantage in companies.

However, it is important to pay attention to issues such as the functionality of this process and its efficiency.

Be in shape manual or automated employee data must be treated as a precious asset of the company. Therefore, it is essential that there is a space that offers storage security, lower incidence of errors and management control.

Therefore, it is recommended that companies choose to HR management software. Leaving aside the manual bureaucratic process has numerous benefits and advantages, which can contribute to the company's results.

And what do you think of automating your company's bureaucratic processes? Leave a comment in our article and tell us.



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