How to make payroll uncomplicated using GP technology

How to make payroll uncomplicated using GP technology

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Who works in Personal department (DP) with People Management (GP) knows that the monthly control of the payroll is one of the management operations that most demands attention and care.

Any technical slip or operational failure can lead to legal complications of a labor and tax nature. Not to mention the inevitability of rework and the resulting professional frustration.

Precisely considering the importance and the technical requirements necessary to present a quality result, the technology already offers solutions that can revolutionize its execution and optimize the DP's work.

To help you make your business payroll uncomplicated, let's explore the following topics:

  • what is payroll;
  • how traditional payroll management is done;
  • how to make the payroll uncomplicated;
  • measures that simplify the sheet and optimize the DP routine.

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Keep following this post to learn how to make payroll uncomplicated. We will unravel, with all the details, the main measures and technologies that can help your company. Good reading!

What is payroll?

In a nutshell, payroll is a formal document, made monthly by the DP area, which informs all the data of the labor relationship between an employee and a company.

Information such as employee name, job title, salary (gross and net), discounts, vacation, terminations, absences, delays, leave, overtime, forms of payment, discount of charges and taxes, awards, among others, must be determined in this document.

In other words, taxable and non-taxable amounts that affect the labor relationship are articulated on the payroll.

With operational function, accounting and fiscal, it aims to provide data that avoid cash flow and legal problems. Precisely for this reason, it is essential that your company performs a good management. Later on we will explain how to simplify the payroll.

Not only for ensuring a rigorous financial control and to extend secure information to the other integrated sectors, but also because the payroll is an instrument that proves mandatory labor operations, protecting the company against malicious processes and actions.

It is important to note that both the preparation of the formal document and the delivery of the payment receipt to the worker are mandatory by law for any and all organizations, regardless of size (micro, small, medium or large) and segment.

How is traditional payroll management done?

The rules that stipulate the rights and duties of the relationship between employee and employer are determined by labor legislation, especially the Collective Labor Convention (CLT) and the Collective Labor Convention (CCT). Payroll would be no different.

All information that must be presented in the document is dictated by such conventions.

To ensure that this data set is approached in a cohesive manner, its elaboration must follow some basic steps. Check out the following 5 fundamentals:

  1. Determine the employee's job class, always following the collective conventions and the CBO (UK residents Occupation Code);
  2. Check the time sheet data based on the employee's workday, which corresponds to the calculation of overtime, additional hours (night, dangerous and unhealthy), paid weekly rest, delays, absences, among others;
  3. Assigning money on productivity (such as commissions, bonuses, awards, etc.);
  4. Carry out the discounts related to the benefits offered (such as meal and / or food vouchers, transportation vouchers, health plan, dental plan, and so on.
  5. Check the taxes levied on the payroll and deliver the ancillary obligations.

Traditionally, all these steps are performed manually by DP professionals, who end up being obliged to calculate and verify data to present an appropriate result and save this set in some storage mechanism, which can be accessed when necessary.

Payroll management is usually carried out at the beginning of the month. As it is a process that requires a lot of time, requires extensive technical knowledge and constant updating on tax and labor legislation, it is essential that these professionals have this availability and are highly qualified to do so.

How to make the payroll uncomplicated?

As we have seen, the traditional process of preparing such a document can be very tiring and the risk of operational failures is significant. After all, we are human! So, how to make the payroll uncomplicated?

Simple, adopting technology. There are several tools that can optimize the operation of the main stages of the elaboration process and simplify the payroll!

One of the most functional and intelligent solutions employed by the Personnel and Human Resources (HR) Department is the management software. The best options on the market offer sheet management as a differential benefit.

Thus, in addition to making it easier and faster to access diverse information and automating operational processes, it is still a way to preserve data security through backup and integrate other fundamental areas of the business (such as accounting, financial, administrative, etc.) .

In other words, the technology allows manual errors to be eliminated, labor and tax information to be protected from loss, fraud or malicious action, and the same database to be shared by the interrelated areas.

Constant systemic updates still allow this operational flow to always remain in line with the most used technologies on the market.

In addition, one of the most interesting aspects that modern technologies have to offer is the unlimited storage capacity in the a cloud (Cloud), operational flexibility (remote work) and autonomy. The use of these resources is a way of promoting safer and more strategic actions.

In other words, by letting the software take over the repetitive activities, the entire generation and preservation process is done automatically and the employee can dedicate himself to other actions that bring more interesting strategic value to the organization.

What are the measures to simplify the sheet and optimize the DP routine?

Finally, having understood what the document is and aroused interest in simplifying the payroll, we will now explore some measures that can simplify this operation and optimize the DP routine.

Definition of positions and salaries

The first measure that we will explore in this post to simplify the payroll and optimize the DP routine is the definition of positions and salaries.

This decision is important not only to establish the remuneration of the employee, considering the reality of the market, and the equalization of wages between employees with the same position and function, but also for the workers themselves to understand how the organizational structure of business.

In addition, filling in the data on the sheet gains agility and organization.

Standardization of salary accounts

Another exceptional measure to simplify the payroll and improve the operational flow of the Personnel Department is the standardization of the accounts in which the salaries will be deposited. The DP should, as a precaution, request that all employees specifically open salary accounts.

In addition to improving the control of receipts for employees, it is still a way for the company to ensure that the amount deposited (salary and benefits style=”font-weight: 400;”>) is not intended to cover any bank debts, such as overdraft used by the employee.

This is because if this is the case, the employer must pay it again in proportion to the debt that was hijacked from the account. That is, this determination is paramount for security reasons.

Control of admissions and dismissals

To make the payroll uncomplicated, it is also important to control all admissions and dismissals of the company.

This measure seems obvious, but, amazingly, there are companies that continue to pay benefits to employees who have already been terminated due to lack of organization. Therefore, every tip is valuable to preserve the company's capital and operational quality!

In addition, another consequence of this lack of control is the delay in maturities. For example, if the DP “forgets” to add a new employee to the payroll, the receipt of his salary will be neglected, generating frustration, dissatisfaction and even negative impressions of the company.

Therefore, maintaining control over talent inflows and outflows is essential to simplify the process.

Calculation of hours worked

An important measure is also to calculate the hours worked by each employee. Here, the use of technological tools is even more advantageous, isn't it?

In addition to ensuring that account errors will not be made when paying extra (night and / or overtime), it is still a way of ensuring the organization's image and being fair to its workforce.

The same logic applies to discounts. Having a strict control of the hours worked, it is possible to calculate delays, absences, unexcused absences, and so on. The more detailed the document, the more security the DP will have for decision making.

Creation of a payslip delivery routine

Finally, the last step to simplify the payroll and optimize the DP routine that we will cover in this post is the creation of a payslip delivery routine.

This measure is important because the paychecks present in the pay stub are documents that present an exact reference of the amounts and remunerations paid to the employee in a certain period (either monthly or in proportion to the time worked).

It is essential to create the habit of delivering them, defining dates for the payment as well as for the receipt of receipts.

In addition to strengthening the relationship of trust with the workforce, it is a way to enhance the management of the company's resources.

Therefore, we can conclude that the payroll is an instrument that allows managers to monitor all the data relevant to the remuneration of employees, in detail, and to analyze their work behavior throughout the month.

Interesting insights can emerge to improve the management of people and strengthen your satisfaction and commitment to the business.

The need to structure targeted management to comply with the various labor obligations, and try to prevent legal liabilities, financial losses and damage to the organizational image from occurring, still reinforce the maxim that employing technology as an ally to simplify the payroll is the smartest solution.

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