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“The visibility within a company is played on something other than the simple fact of being in the small papers of the boss, announces immediately Thierry Nicloux, of the firm Muse Coaching. You need to be useful to the company that employs you, not to its current manager. We understand why the strategy of the upstart can only last a time.

“The business world is a theater where, if you want to play the leading roles, you have to show yourself in front of the camera, even if it means overdoing it a bit.”

Play together to make the company win

For Nathalie Camus, of the NC Coaching firm, “standing out in business does not mean standing out but helping them achieve their goals. “If they want to win, the players of a sports team must play together and pass each other in not hesitating to make their teammates shine, who will return the favor in due course. A metaphor that pleases Thierry Nicloux. For him, everyone must find their place and render disinterested services, it is give-and-take that contributes to the good harmony of the company. It is, for example, not forbidden to give a few tips and contacts to sales associates without expecting anything in return, or to give some of your time if you can give it to a colleague who is late in a mission that we entrusted him with … “So, your work colleagues become ambassadors of your work who can relay to superiors how helpful you are and do a good job ”, underlines Benjamin Fabre, author of How to become a perfect bean in the office.

Assertiveness, a good everyday attitude

“A sociable employee is an employee who stands out in a good way and who adopts the right attitude to progress within the company,” said Nathalie Camus. “Everyone does with their own character, but it is important, if you have the ambition to rise professionally, to work on internal networking, she continues. You have to know how to reach out to others, take advantage of moments such as lunch or the coffee break to discuss differently, keep informed of company news and opportunities that may arise … “What Thierry Nicloux calls” a proactive and positive communication. Making yourself visible in a company is simply being physically present, showing your colleagues and supervisors that you are someone you can count on. ”
Benjamin Fabre goes even further. “Letting people know is inseparable from knowing how. In other words : it is imperative that you excel in advertising your work and that plays out in attitude at least as much as in results. »How to proceed concretely? By giving yourself the image of a visually active element, answers Benjamin Fabre. “A visible person in a company is a desirable person and therefore monopolized by his work: who does not sit all day long at his desk, who favors cross-functional projects, who shows that he is busy and therefore rare and precious … The world of the company is a theater where, if you want to play the leading roles, you have to show yourself in front of the camera, even if it means overdoing it a bit. ”

Long-term work

Is the annual appraisal interview (EAE) the best time to get noticed by your hierarchy? Not only according to Thierry Nicloux. “This meeting is supposed to validate the work of a year. You don't have to wait to be in front of your boss to talk to each other. It's like at university: you won't wait for the thesis defense to discuss the good and bad points with your supervisor. “The EAE is all the same, according to Nathalie Camus,” a good way for the most timid to express their ambitions, rather than in public within the framework of an open space “. In other words, those who find it difficult to be visible on a daily basis can still take advantage of this face-to-face meeting to prove, with supporting figures, that they are important for the company and that they deserve to be. considered at their fair value.

3 phrases that burn you in business

  • “These good results? We owe them to me.” Thierry Nicloux is categorical: “it is preferable to assume the errors rather than the victories, which we will endorse collectively. “
  • “I've done my share of the job, now get on with it.” To stand out, “do not hesitate to be a little zealous, even if it means not always counting your working hours”, indicates Nathalie Camus. A strategy that can pay off in showing your superiors how much you are professionally involved.
  • “I am only passing through here.” Nothing is worse than to pass for an upstart obsessed with his career, believes Nathalie Camus. “Playing fair is one thing, but as long as you are in a business, you have to play for it hard and without calculating. “


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