How to manage employee registration data

How to manage employee registration data

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One of the main HR routines is to keep the registration data of the employee updated. When the company takes a job, there are legal issues behind it.

Keeping the employee's registration data up to date is one of those obligations. Because, thus, there is greater transparency in the employee / employer labor relationship.

In addition, this data acts as a company's accountability for various labor requirements of the Ministry of Labor.

Many companies still adopt the manual process to manage employee registration data. The point is that in addition to taking more time to organize the documents, the incidence of errors is higher in this process.

For this reason, many software currently contributes to this management. Facilitating periodic updates and enabling greater storage security.

But what are the registration data of the employee does the company need to have? And how to combine practicality and safety in the same place? Find out all about it in our article.

Most important employee registration data

The importance of the employee's registration data goes far beyond that of simply controlling the company. Periodically, the organization needs to address agencies such as the CAGED, RAIS and SEFIP.

And each of them has the responsibility to inspect the labor relationship and analyze each information passed on by the company. For this reason, it is essential that all registration data of the employee are right and properly updated.

And among the main information, which are part of the admission form, and that the company must always have on hand to avoid possible labor lawsuits are:

  • Employer's name;
  • Date of birth and affiliation;
  • Number of personal documents (CPF, RG, Electoral title, Reservist Certificate);
  • Number and series of CTPS (Work and Social Security Card);
  • PIS number;
  • Function and position;
  • Workday;
  • Remuneration value;
  • Payroll data;
  • Admission data;
  • Contract termination data;
  • Health certificates, vacation notice, occupational accidents, if any.

Each of these employee registration data, since 2014, is registered in the eSocial, information system Federal government. Through it, the company passes on information about the work and the lives of employees.

ESocial's main objective was to facilitate this data management in the relationship between the company and the government. Simplifying the centralization of employees' labor, tax and social security information.

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Most common errors in employee registration

Faced with a multitude of documents and data, attention is essential to avoid errors. And some registration data of the employee appear on the list of major causes of problems for companies if there is no update.

Collaborator's name

A surname change, due to a marriage or divorce, or a wrong letter may take away the employee's right to withdraw the FGTS or receive unemployment insurance.

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to any change in the name to carry out an update in the employee's registration data.

Date of birth

If a wrong surname or the letter of the name may prevent some employee benefits from being withdrawn, a wrong birth date has the same value. This is because if it is different from the original document it will also prevent any withdrawal.

Therefore, it is essential that the sector pay attention to this annotation and not only that, it keeps a periodic control of updating the employee's registration data to correct errors.

Home address

If the company does not maintain updated the employee's registration data that refer to the address may have lost and lost important correspondence. One of them is the FGTS balance that is sent by CAIXA.

And if the employee does not have this data, it is impossible to know if the deposits are being made correctly and even makes it impossible to see this amount, which is his right.

PIS number

A wrong digit that prevents the employee from receiving unemployment insurance or PIS allowance. Attention in relation to the employee's registration data must also be directed to the PIS number.

And in addition to bringing problems to the employee, an error like this is liable to labor lawsuits and even the payment of fines and indemnities by the employer. In a manual process, the chances of this error occurring are much greater.

Sometimes due to distraction or tiredness of the person in charge of the sector when filling in data. That is why automation in this case offers a more assertive flow, even pointing out when a digit is missing or out of place.

Admission date

Any erroneous entry in the employee's registration data in relation to the admission style=”font-weight: 400;”> may result in labor lawsuits due to severance calculations.

This is because a date other than the official one can cause the company to pay a different amount than what would be correct.

In other words, the employee's registration data in relation to the admission date must receive due attention when filling in to avoid labor lawsuits.

Contract Termination Date

In the case of termination in addition to the official leaving the employee with all legal procedures, the company must inform CAGED. This is because it is through him that the employee will have the right to apply for unemployment insurance.

technology registration data collaborator

Technology at the service of employee registration data

Repetitive tasks are the biggest cause of errors within manual processes. And this reality is no different when it comes to the management of registration data of the employee.

In this way, many companies bet on management software to streamline processes.

In addition to optimizing the time of the personnel department, the automated process reduces the incidence of errors and offers greater data security. Not to mention the easy access to data in a few clicks.

Among the main facilities that process automation can offer we can highlight the following:

Convenience in accessing information

In just a few clicks on the software, the company accesses the employee's registration data, without having to look in an infinite number of roles, which can be lost.

The sharing of information and data between the responsible sectors, accounting and HR, is also facilitated and everything can be done online and without bureaucracy.

Storage security

In addition, there is greater storage security in the cloud, where data is stored more securely. Thus, avoiding losses and accidents that can occur with physical documents.

Not to mention that backups are made constantly to reduce the chances that some important document or data will be deleted or disappear by mistake.

Lower incidence of errors

Manual control requires a lot of attention and any distraction, no matter how small, can lead to serious errors that are imperceptible to human eyes.

On a management software of documents the tool itself ends up pointing out a possible data error and requires an immediate correction.

Process optimization

For a long time, HR worked for days to update the employee's registration data or to fill in any information. However, today technological solutions allow this bureaucracy to be optimized.

Everything is simplified through the software, with specific areas to fill in the data, faster corrections and greater control of the information in one place. Thus, HR is able to dedicate itself to strategic people management issues.

Autonomy for employees

Another possibility in this management control through management software occurs in filling in data. One of the features it offers allows the employee to fill out the registration information and upload the documentation.

Thus, HR only has the job of checking them, reducing the time and efforts around this bureaucracy.

Changing the routine of registration data

Perform the control of employee registration data the right way not only increases transparency in labor relations, but decreases the chances of labor lawsuits.

Therefore, it is essential that the company has a secure space to manage this data. And that control can come through the technological solutions that the market presents.

With them, in addition to the company reducing the incidence of errors, there is a greater guarantee in the practicality of accessing information and in the security of data storage.

And how do you organize the registration data of your company's employees? Leave a comment in the post and tell us.



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