How to meet your team’s employees

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How to meet your team's employees

Table of Contents

Knowing how to get to know the employees allows the team to generate more synergy between themselves and promote a harmonious and collaborative work environment. For management, this is also reflected in motivational issues and in continuously learning to get the best out of employees. Thus, everyone will know what the goals and challenges are in the face of any obstacle, creating a productive environment.

Many still don't know, but learning how to meet employees it is a decisive step in creating a positive work environment.

Positive, in a way that sums up an engaged, productive day-to-day life with highly motivated professionals to overcome the proposed challenges. Not to mention the ease with which management will deal with the profile of each employee, extracting the best from them continuously.

It was with this in mind that we propose the content of this article. Follow us on this reading, and find out how getting to know your team's employees can be a plus for both high productivity and talent retention!

Learning the importance of meeting employees

Successful management can be summed up, in part, by the knowledge that leaders have about their employees.

After all, we mentioned in the opening of this article that this step ensures that management has agility and assertiveness in its choices. Whether for a new project, indicate your successor or even to compose a cohesive team, which complements and works in constant collaboration.

The question is, how do you get to know your team's employees?

Well, to start with, we think it's important that your leadership knows how to identify the profiles of your employees.

The average profile of market professionals

In addition to knowing the characteristics, skills and abilities that make the difference for each position, in each department, knowing how to know employees involves identifying a medium profile.

This profile is tied to behavioral issues and that can be identified in people in general. Thus, profile evaluation facilitates the search for individuals who have everything to do with what the company is looking for.

In general, this will allow the leadership and the HR sector, before, during and after the selection process (in performance evaluations) to better understand how their employees act and react in the most diverse situations.

Below, the main profiles that make up the table:

  • the analytical professional, which is the one focused on problem solving and with great interest in the rational assessment of situations to improve the work process;
  • the controller professional, who likes the rules and guidelines, and follows them to the letter to ensure agile and efficient work;
  • the creative professional, who likes innovation, breaking routine and paradigms. But there is always a different idea ready to be discussed in a group.

Only with this you can understand, approximately, how to know the employees of your company and, consequently, identify the most appropriate profile for each position.

Just remembering that there is no “better” profile, only more suitable for different activities and projects. Can you compare them with your current team members, for example?

Qualifying the alignment of profiles in the company

Now that we've seen the most practical way to learn how to get to know your team's employees, how about composing an even more efficient mapping?

For that, see below how you can guarantee the maintenance of this alignment, giving more and more assertiveness to the recruitment and selection process of your company?

Use the desired profile for the hiring decision-making process

Are you going to hire a new professional? So, remember to combine HR and department leadership with open positions to decide, together, the ideal profile to occupy the position.

With this work, recruiters will make an efficient filtering process and, consequently, gather the curricula more in line with the expectations and requirements of the manager – who can actively participate in the next steps of the selection process.

Listen to collaborators

An interesting way to get to know the team's employees is simply to listen to them more.

After all, they who live the corporate routine, daily, also understand what is the best profile for carrying out tasks. Without their assistance, the search may go more “blindly”.

It is also worth noting that the participation of the employees themselves contributes to the engagement, motivation and sense of belonging that they will develop, having more involvement in the company's decision-making process.

And that is just the basics of a job focused on the well-being of its professionals. Do you want to know more about it? We have an article that explains, in detail, the benefits of investing in people management in your company. Have a read, after this reading 🙂

Give feedback

In addition to listening, how about talking a little more, and in a constructive way?

Performance assessments and feedbacks are fundamental to that. It's time to know how to get to know employees and make them understand a little more about themselves.

In this way, they come to understand what the company's requirements are and periodically know what must be done to be up to – and exceed – such expectations in order to ascend in their careers.

The role of HR

Did you see how difficult it is to know how to get to know your team's employees? It is worth mentioning, however, that HR has a large participation in this.

And not only in the recruitment and selection process, as we saw earlier: HR is a good starting point for mapping departments, positions and outlining an entire process for qualifying employees.

Thus, in addition to having a medium profile designed, the department can build training and career plans in line with what the employees themselves are looking for.

An effective way to ensure positive results for the company, continuously, and a great benefit of engagement, motivation and retaining talent to build their careers at the company.

And, to let you know even more the secrets and techniques on how to get to know your company's employees, help us expand this discussion. For that, leave a comment, in the field below, and comment on your experiences in the subject so that we can discuss new ideas about it!


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