How to Motivate a Sales Team: 5 Strategies to Make Them Sell More

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How to Motivate a Sales Team: 5 Strategies to Make Them Sell More

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It is every manager's dream to have a 100% motivated sales team 100% of the time. But how to achieve this? Like motivate a sales team for expand your results constantly?

Unfortunately, this dream is not a reality in practice, which is why most sales managers seek other management models and ways of how to motivate a team.

The reality is that the vast majority of teams work unmotivated (it's not your fault!) and it's hard to build high-performance sales teams if you don't. motivation.

However, there is good news!

Here it is: there are countless ways to increase productivity – since organization at work until customer portfolio management – and the motivation for the sales team, and I will tell you what they are.

Before getting into the main methods of how to motivate a sales team, we would like to warn you: the only thing worse than not having a strategy for motivate your sellers it's having a repetitive and boring strategy.

Always remember: a fun incentive isn't fun for long if it never changes. So mix it all up!

And never forget that HR must be on top of everything that's going on in your team, after all, they can help further improve performance, including through regular performance reviews.

With that in mind, let's see which sales force motivation strategies are more effective and easy to implement for your sales team.

How to motivate a sales team

1. Reward behaviors and not results

Give employees praise and rewards not only for the amount of deals they close, but also for following up with the leads, organization and good work.

This will give your team a clear path to success and give everyone a chance to be rewarded.

2. Celebrate success, but really celebrate

Don't wait to hit the targets to show the appreciation from your team.

On the contrary, celebrate small victories it can boost sales motivation and productivity during times of crisis and keep employees engaged in their day-to-day tasks.

So make sure you pay attention to details and value them!

3. Feedbacks are required!

Will have feedback culture on your team (and also the company as a whole) helps team members know they are appreciated and have somewhere to look for guidance and support.

In this topic, the main tip on how to motivate a sales team is: don't wait until the end of the year, when evaluating goals and objectives, to let team members know what you think about them and their attitudes. Much to ask if they are enjoying their management and what can be improved.

Do this everyday!

be open to give and receive feedbacks, they are the key to constant improvement and consistent results.

Read more at: What is 360 degree evaluation? Learn how to use this tool in your company

4. Set clear and objective goals

Being lost can be stressful. Is very!

To keep your salespeople from not knowing why they need to do this or that, set clear goals that are challenging and, most importantly, achievable.

This makes your sales team performance evaluation!

This will help your team to know the reasons they are working and what success means (both personal and professional).

But calm down, you need to remember all the goals and objectives established in the meetings. To refresh the mind and also to align again, understanding if it still makes sense!

5. Gamification is not just a fad

THE gamification, using game mechanics to work, is great way on how to motivate a sales team.

Gamification systems help you:

  • organize competitions;
  • provide context for feedback;
  • to celebrate success.

These tools allow you to control your team's activities without being feel micromanaged.

In addition, by adding scoring game mechanics, badges and leaderboards, you allow employees to actively participate in the monitoring your own performance, and have control over the own productivity in sales.

A sales team achieves goals because they want to!

Finally, a motivated sales team achieves goals not because you established them, but because want.

There is a personal gain from long hours, repetitive tasks, endless follow-ups and the struggle to close deals.

Want an example?

In 1983, Steve Jobs was trying to convince John Sculley to leave a successful career at PepsiCo to become the new Apple CEO.

Jobs would have asked: “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugar water or do you want a chance to change the world?”

In making his speech, Jobs leveraged a powerful psychological force: the deep human desire to do meaningful work.

That's it.

The result of motivation: When a goal is achieved, there is a sense of accomplishment which, in itself, is a good motivator.

To Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do, because they want to do it too.”

When learning how to motivate a sales team, try to awaken this in your employees!

In short, give your sales team:

  • Better visibility of goals and objectives;
  • More interaction with your management;
  • Incentives and Opportunities.

You'll be surprised how this will transform your team's productivity indicators and motivate them to bring results.

Looking for even more ways to increase sales productivity? Read our text: 10 Reasons to Hire CRM Software and Sell More!

*This article was written by the Clientar CRM team, a complete and intuitive platform to manage your team's sales. Want to read more about sales? Discover our blog!

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