How to Offer Thirteenth Advance to Employees

How to Offer Thirteenth Advance to Employees

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If you are inserted in the labor market or own a company, you certainly know about the anticipation of the thirteenth salary. However, there are many doubts about this benefit, both from the point of view of the worker and the employer.

Questions such as: “Who is entitled? How can it be accomplished? And what are the advantages? ” are common. Therefore, in this article, we will cover all the details about the benefit, who is it for and how to offer the thirteenth advance to employees.

You will know:

  • What is the thirteenth salary ?;
  • Who is entitled to the anticipation of the thirteenth? (FAQ);
  • When does the thirteenth 2021 fall? (FAQ);
  • What are the advantages of anticipating the thirteenth salary ?;
  • How to offer the anticipation of the thirteenth to employees?

So, come on!

What is the thirteenth salary?

The thirteenth salary has officially existed in Brazil for almost 60 years. It was implemented in 1962, by law Law 4,090 / 62, and has not undergone any changes so far.

Its about a benefit for every registered worker with a formal contract, under the CLT – Consolidation of UK residents Laws regime. All employees after 15 working days are already entitled to receive the bonus.

According to the law, the value of the thirteenth salary is calculated in proportion to the months worked in the year. That is, those who worked only six months will receive the equivalent of 6/12 of the total amount of remuneration.

The thirteenth can be paid in only one installment (with a deadline of November 30) or in two installments, in advance of the partial thirteenth in the previous period and the second installment in December.

There are two cases, however, in which the worker loses the right to the thirteenth salary: dismissal for cause, or in the case of 15 days or more of unexcused absences in the year.

The thirteenth salary is intended, in addition to rewarding the worker for his dedication throughout the year, to intensify the economy. Given that, many professionals end up investing part of the money in extra purchases, which they would not do with the wage normal.

Is every company obliged to anticipate the thirteenth?

The answer is no. Each company chooses the best way to pay for the thirteenth employee, as long as you follow the payment terms stipulated in the item above. Therefore, it will depend on the administrative choice of each company.

However, some studies indicate that financial problems in personal life can hinder the productivity of the employee at work. Therefore, a good part of the companies usually choose to anticipate the thirteenth.

There is no rule on the maximum amount of the advance, it is a decision of each company. However, some conventions determine 40% of the salary as the calculation average.

Who is entitled to the anticipation of the thirteenth? (FAQ)

As we said before, every worker registered in CLT, and who has worked for at least 15 days in the year, is entitled to receive the thirteenth salary and, consequently, the advance payment.

It is worth mentioning that the company cannot pay the anticipation of the thirteenth for only some sectors.

If defined by prepayment, all employees have the same right. If this does not happen, the other sectors can request the advance and must be served by the company.

What can happen is that the company sets a different date for the payment of the anticipation of the thirteenth for each area, thus avoiding that there is a problem with the cash flow.

When does the thirteenth 2021 fall? (FAQ)

The rules for paying the extra remuneration do not change. The thirteenth salary of 2021, as in all years, can be paid until November 30, in the case of a single installment.

If the company chooses to bring forward the thirteenth, the first installment can be paid at any time between February and November of the current year. The second installment must be paid by December 20, which in 2021, falls on a Monday.

What are the advantages of anticipating the thirteenth salary?

One of the main benefits of advancing the thirteenth is employee satisfaction and well-being. This is because, financial problems can have a direct impact on the performance of the worker.

THE Employee Financial Wellness Survey survey indicated that at least 35% of professionals are distracted at work due to financial problems. In addition Consumer Debt and Default Survey pointed out that 66% of UK citizens have debts.

Therefore, it is very likely that your company has some employee on the team going through financial problems, producing less and dissatisfied with their situation at work.

Although it seems that only a salary increase is the solution, advancing the thirteenth can also help to improve the level of employee satisfaction.

Another positive point is the increased talent retention, as the professional feels more valued by the company. For this reason, many employers have opted for wages on demand, which we talked about a little in this article from our blog.

How to offer the anticipation of the thirteenth?

First of all, in order to offer the thirteenth advance to employees, the company needs to understand well about the process and what calculations are needed to make the correct payment.

Therefore, it is important for the financial sector to structure itself, organize all the data for each employee, correctly record information about working hours, benefits discounted in the payroll, between others.

An information to be highlighted is that the calculation of the thirteenth salary includes all the employee's earnings as:

  • Additional for unhealthy and hazardous work;
  • Night additional;
  • Extra hour;
  • Awards;
  • Commissions.

In the last three, it is necessary to calculate the average of the amounts received in the year. As with other salaries, the extra remuneration also includes a discount on Income Tax, Social Security and alimony.

In addition, benefits such as food and meal vouchers, transportation vouchers and medical insurance cannot be discounted from the thirteenth, so it is likely that the amount of the additional salary will be greater than the amount received monthly.

Many companies do not offer an advance of 100% of the salary and, in this scenario, some banks offer the advance, however with the charging of interest rates.

Also keep an eye on the on-demand salary

In addition to the advance payment of the thirteenth in phases, as we said earlier, it is still possible to adhere to the salary on demand, which has been gaining momentum in the labor market.

This modality allows the employee to withdraw part of his salary for the month worked at any time he needs, without having to wait for the payment day to settle any debts.

The application HR Consultant UKy, in addition to the monthly remuneration, it also contains the functionality that makes the advance payment of the thirteenth salary, referring to the months already worked. The main advantage of having the solution is that it will not affect your company's payroll.

For the employee to have access to the advance, the company simply chooses the HR Consultant UKy service and, with the application login, it will be possible to withdraw the desired amount.

But, what do the employee and company gain by betting on the HR Consultant UK solution?

As we mentioned, some banks already offer the anticipation of the thirteenth salary, but with very high rates and interest rates, almost equal to loans. At HR Consultant UKy, the tariff is single and the rates are lower than the others applied by the market.

The amount is discounted only in the month in which the employee will receive the thirteenth, without impacting the monthly salary. There is no accrual of interest.

The functionality is available to every worker registered under the CLT regime. With the money in hand, it is then possible to advance the payment of bills, avoid late fees or even the need to apply for a loan.

In addition, companies gain happier and more carefree employees with personal financial health, without impacting the payroll and offering financial risks to the company.

anticipation of the thirteenth

Bet on the well-being of employees

The pushing PayActiv Impact Report (2021) pointed out that on-demand pay prevents 31% of workers from paying overdraft interest. In addition, 81% of professionals say they tend to stay in employment because of the benefit of payment on demand.

At the end, the employee's well-being must directly reflect on their productivity at work.

Having solutions like the one offered by HR Consultant UKy, in addition to facilitating the professional's life, simplifies companies' operational demand, with a direct impact on financial results.

As we can see, although many companies have doubts about how to offer the anticipation of the thirteenth to employees, there are several ways to give the benefit to the worker without harming the company's finances.

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