How to organize a happy hour at the company: all the steps

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O happy hour is an English term whose literal translation means “happy hour”. And its concept is linked to the meaning of the term, as it provides a moment of relaxation among people. In a company, this can be quite a differential for bringing employees together, integrating them and improving the organizational climate on a daily basis. But you how to organize a happy hour at the company?

O happy hour has been used by many companies (of all niches and sizes) to socialize and bring employees together, acting as an excellent motivation and engagement tool.

After all, it's a light and relaxed way to bring teams together and have a more positive interaction with employees.

It turns out that not every company understands the happy hour value in the company or does not have an efficient organization of this type of event.

And to make your planning easier, we thought about this post! Keep reading and learn how to organize a happy hour in the company capable of uniting all employees!

What is corporate happy hour?

The corporate happy hour is a socialization event — in general, with drinks and snacks — that many UK citizens crave after work to add more lightness and fun to their routines.

The name itself, translated from English, already refers to a good moment: “happy hour”. But, recently, large companies understood that it is possible to bring this type of event to their corridors.

And this is not a passing trend: happy hour is already inserted in the organizational culture of many reputable companies, like:

  • 99;
  • Fifth floor;
  • Webmotors;
  • iFood;
  • Diageo;
  • Heineken.

This has contributed to bringing employees together, but also to generate a moment of relaxation — essential after a stressful day, for example.

Organizing a happy hour at the company is a simple and fun way to ease everyday pressures and reward your professionals for it.

Why promote a happy hour in the company?

Above, we've already highlighted some of the reasons that should inspire your HR department to organize a happy hour at the company, but we can expand on that.

See some more reasons to invest in corporate happy hour:

  • it can be a way to integrate sectors and also the leadership, who have little dialogue, but have a great participation in the work flow;
  • can act as a communication tool to “break the ice”;
  • it can serve as a motivational tool to unite people, enhance their human resources and have a powerful means of engaging them in the company's goals.

It is also worth noting that the informal event does not prevent work matters from being dealt with. It is a valuable opportunity, therefore, to generate eventual insights for the organization. After all, even in moments of leisure, good ideas focused on the corporate environment can arise.

How to organize a happy hour at the company?


O happy hour Corporate does not have to be a one-time event, nor does it have to be a weekly event for the company. It is important to feel how employees are looking forward to this type of activity and what the level of engagement is before putting it definitely on the organization's calendar.

In addition, the variety of happy hours that can be implemented requires continuous planning by your HR sector, as each one of them will require a good deal of contacts and care to make it an unforgettable event.

Below, you can follow our tips on how to organize a happy hour at the company — inside or outside — at the company!

1. Choose the location

The first step in organizing a happy hour at the company is to know if the happy hour will it be inside or outside the company? Start by answering that question and it will open all the doors you need until your realization.

In bars, happy hour requires less attention from HR. Just find a suitable place and maybe close corporate packages for everyone to have fun.

The happy hour at the company, in turn, demands more time and planning to decide on food and drinks, the eventual theme and even the appropriate time so that everyone can “attend” to the event after work.

2. Involve employees

To organize a happy hour at the company, first, think about the profile of your employees: do they prefer an internal or external activity? Bar or club? Drinks or non-alcoholic drinks?

To be more assertive in your choices, involve them and do a survey. Their participation is essential to ensure a corporate happy hour in which everyone has fun and is just the way they like it.

4. Also value the company's culture

It is also important to remember the organizational culture when organizing a happy hour at the company. And that shouldn't even be such a challenge, considering you can have a culture very well inserted and its collaborators broadly identify with it.

Still, promote an event that has to do with your brand identity. After all, the corporate happy hour will reflect the company's positioning and must be aligned with its characteristics.

5. Establish some rules

Although it has fun as a structural pillar, a happy hour corporate it is not a lawless land. Therefore, condition employees to follow some basic rules of good conduct.

For example: embarrassment, fights and inconvenient attitudes must remain outside the event. Thus, the fun is collective and not just a few people.

6. Go beyond the traditional beer

How about a raffle, a scavenger hunt or even a meeting outside the company that is not focused on alcoholic beverages (or that are not the aggregating element)?

Good examples of this can be done throughout the year. Want to see it?

Take advantage of sporting events of all kinds such as football, volleyball, athletics, etc. to organize a happy hour at the company. These are opportunities to create a unique event for your company to strengthen the bond with employees and generate unique moments.

It is also worth noting that the activities that go beyond music and food and drinks they can be used as a kind of training for professionals.

The competitions, for example, can be designed in a way that help a team to be more integrated and unified.

Or, create an activity that involves different sectors for its realization (such as the famous exhaust rooms). Fun and learning can—and should—go hand in hand, after all.

Where to start organizing a happy hour?

Did you see how all the fun of organizing a happy hour in the company can come loaded with advantages for the growth of the business and, especially, the enhancement of your human resources?

So, gather our tips and start implementing the corporate happy hour so that the event can be installed in your daily life in no time!

Organize events with HR software

To more easily organize a happy hour at the company and set up events that the team will like to attend, it is important to create a way to collect these opinions.

To streamline this process, HR management software can help implement quick surveys and pass-throughs to staff about scheduled corporate happy hours.

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