How to organize tasks: 7 steps to improve your productivity

How to organize tasks: 7 steps to improve your productivity

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What every company seeks daily in its routine is productivity. Only it is impossible to be productive if there is no planning and organization. So knowing how to organize tasks It's a great differential to control and optimize the daily processes and routines.

With each passing day, new strategies are created so that employees have a high degree of performance. After all, the more productive the company is, the greater the results.

One daily task organizer how a productivity checklist can contribute in countless ways to this. Among them, in the definition of clear objectives, visualization of what has already been done and performance review.

Want to know the impacts and still know how to organize tasks so efficient with a productivity checklist? Learn right now in our article!

How to organize tasks and be productive

The checklist is one of the simplest ways to organize tasks. It is a simple and basic tool for those looking for more effective control over their routines. Whether through a digital or paper list, the main objective is for the person to visualize what needs to be done.

Regardless of the type, whether on paper or digital, knowing how to organize tasks in your daily routine can be crucial to the results. But what is the step by step to create a perfect task organizer?

Below we have separated some tips on how to organize tasks for you!

1. Plan your day

Writing down everything you need to do throughout the day is critical and should be the first step in organizing tasks so that nothing is overlooked.

With this brief daily planning, it is possible to define strategies for the tasks you have listed and, mainly, define the delivery times for each one.

2. Set deadlines for tasks

Getting organized to do one thing at a time is an important step in how to organize daily tasks efficiently. Determine delivery dates for each job. Put them in order and set priorities.

Your checklist should serve as a compass to guide you through the task and not as an accumulator of unfinished topics.

If your checklist is full of incomplete tasks and you have been jumping from task to task due to their complexity, you are doing it wrong. As we said earlier, “do one thing at a time” and not “all at the same time”.

5. Provide for rest periods with your checklist

Maintaining a high level of concentration for a period of time and short intervals is completely linked to high productivity. Therefore, the main point of organizing tasks is also to include rest periods throughout the day.

When you are working for many hours on the same task it is common to experience a drop in performance, so it is important to predict this “breath” between tasks.

6. Measure meetings and check email

A checklist not only allows you to organize your daily tasks, but also serves as an agenda to guide your day. So, don't forget to measure the time available for meetings, checking emails and even lunch times.

7. Automate your task management

With the dominance of the digital age in the market, an electronic checklist can expand the possibilities of how to organize tasks. Through it it is possible to place more extensive observations, alerts of task delivery, attach documents and etc.

So everything can be commanded and organized in one place, with easier and faster access from wherever you are. And there are countless online task managers who can contribute to this process.

From a simple virtual calendar (Google Calendar), a task organizer (Evernote) to platforms that include the team in general (

Benefits of task management

Adopt a productivity checklist in your day-to-day task management can offer numerous advantages to make your work more effective.

Discover the main benefits of knowing how to organize daily tasks:

Create a sense of urgency

With an often dizzying routine, being able to compile everything that needs to be done is not an easy task. So learn how to organize tasks becomes a very important skill.

Through a productivity checklist, for example, it is possible to not only visualize all the tasks, but also to define the sense of urgency of each one.

There is a saying that says: “When everything is urgent, in fact, nothing is”. Despite being common in companies, the reality that “Everything needs to be delivered for yesterday”, it is necessary to create a priority level and an order on what needs to be delivered first.

O check list it gives this support so that the professional is more productive and can visualize their tasks, without skipping steps and without despair. After all, for everything to be resolved with quality, it is necessary to do one thing at a time.

Free your memory from tasks

Not writing down what needs to be done and relying on memory itself is a big mistake. Every day new demands arise and if you don't know how to organize tasksyou will undoubtedly lose control over them.

But as a productivity checklist can help? It contributes to the organization of ideas, optimization of time and, thus, it can free your memory of having to stay at all times keeping what needs to be done or not.

By making a list all the tasks will be duly noted, reducing the concern with the steps to follow. Consequently, a path opens up for you to be more creative and productive.

Make it easier to see what has already been done

There is nothing better than completing a previously planned task well. See your effort and dedication and being able to put it as completed has a psychological benefit in the professional routine, creating motivation and engagement.

And when you know how to organize tasks you can view what has already been done. And not only that, you can get that feeling of relief and satisfaction when you mark a task complete.

It may seem simple, but a lot of research and theories show the importance of completing a task for relieve tensions, an effect that is explained as the Zeigarnik Effect.

It is based on studies by psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik who proved that it is only when a task is completed that the tension really disappears.

Allow a reassessment of tasks

Reassessing tasks is important. When we use a organizer of daily tasks it is possible to revise nthe notes the what has been done and what has not yet been done to be resumed the next day.

Better yet, you can go over each task performed and make a brief assessment of how everything was done and whether your performance was satisfactory.

Ask yourself questions: What could I have been better at? How was my productivity? What can I change tomorrow?

Through these notes in your check list, however basic they may be, it is possible to make performance adjustments and changes in the execution of tasks.

Learn how to organize tasks and be more productive!

Make a task management can offer greater control over routines and enhance daily performance. Learn how to organize tasks whether on paper or in electronic media is a simple challenge, but one that requires commitment and dedication.

In a market that works practically in real time with the execution of tasks and requests for demands at all times, organization is a priority. And undoubtedly having all the tasks to be done in sight can facilitate the execution.

That's because when you don't have something organized, as in a checklist, the tendency is to forget what needs to be done in the face of daily challenges. Thus, things end up becoming a snowball, where everything is a priority and you can't do anything.

One task organizer it may be the guide you need. Just take a few minutes of the day to organize what needs to be done during the working hours. After all, those who organize themselves are more likely to give results than those who try to do everything at the same time.

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