How to pay the car’s IPVA? Ask questions about the tax!

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How to pay the car's IPVA?  Ask questions about the tax!

Table of Contents

Do you know how to pay the car's IPVA? This is a tax that every car owner knows exists, but most still have doubts when it comes time to pay off that debt.

So, to avoid problems and headaches, we will explain in this post everything you need to know to pay your IPVA without error. Check out the main questions that we will address:

  • What is IPVA?
  • How to calculate the value of the IPVA?
  • How to pay the IPVA?
  • Is it possible to split the amount?
  • What happens if I delay payment?
  • How to pay the IPVA late?
  • What are the IPVA exemption rules?
  • Do electric cars have a discount on the IPVA?
  • What are the IPVA refund rules?

To find out the answers to these questions, stay with us!

What is IPVA?

The Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA) is an annual state tax that must be paid on the ownership of cars, motorcycles, pickup trucks, trucks, buses, boats and aircraft.

It is always charged at the beginning of January of the current year, from all citizens in possession of one of these assets. However, for new vehicles, the date of the first purchase is considered.

First of all, it is important to note that of the amount collected, 20% goes to the Fund for the Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and the Valorization of Education Professionals (FUNDEB). The remainder is divided fifty-fifty, between the municipal and state government, from where the tax is collected.

How to calculate the value of the IPVA?

To pay the IPVA, it is necessary to understand how it is calculated. First of all, it is important to understand that the basis of the calculation is the venal value of the vehicle, indicated by Fipe table, made by the Institute for Economic Research Foundation.

In addition to considering the table, the amount also varies from state to state: each uses a different rate for the calculation, which varies between 2 and 4%. Therefore, consult this information in the Detran of your region to check the collection of your IPVA.

The following is an example to illustrate the calculation:

> Venal value of the vehicle: R $ 30,000
> Rate: 4%
> Calculation: R $ 30,000 x 0.04 = RS 1,200 (amount that will be charged at IPVA).

How to pay the car's IPVA?

To pay the car's IPVA, just go to an accredited bank branch and inform the RENAVAM number, which can be found on the Vehicle Licensing Registration Certificate (CRVL).

If the owner of the vehicle, or the person who will pay the IPVA, is an account holder at these institutions, it is also possible to make the payment over the internet banking or through ATMs.

Is it possible to split the amount?

One of the most important parts of how to pay the IPVA is the possibility of payment in installments.

The amount can be paid in cash, with a discount that varies according to the state. If you have the money at hand, choose this option to take advantage of it and pay off your debt more quickly and cheaply.

But if it is not possible, there is no problem. Payment can be in installments up to 3 times, with no discount option. Therefore, it is important to plan to reserve the value of the installments and not miss the maturity dates, mainly to avoid delays.

What happens if I delay payment?

Delinquent citizens are subject to collection of fine and interestas a result, they are unable to obtain vehicle licensing.

At first, the fine is split per day, with rates and rules that are different in each state. In São Paulo, for example, the fine is 0.33% per unpaid day. After that, after 60 days, the amount is fixed at 20% of the total tax amount.

In addition, running without paying the IPVA is considered very serious traffic violation, with risk of seizure of the vehicle.

>> To learn more about the risks of default, check out this other blog post:
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How to pay the IPVA of the delayed car?

If the delay is for the current year, just go to an accredited agency and make the payment normally with interest and monetary correction. However, if it is the IPVA of previous years, it will be necessary to seek your state's DMV to negotiate the debt.

What are the IPVA exemption rules?

Some vehicles, which are used for specific purposes, result in the exemption from the collection of IPVA provided by law. Among the beneficiaries are:

  • vehicles of philanthropic entities;
  • embassies;
  • School bus;
  • visually, physically, mentally disabled or autistic;
  • taxi drivers.

To check the complete list, visit the website of the DMV of your state:

Do electric cars have a discount on the IPVA?

In some states and municipalities, electric cars have a discount on the IPVA as an incentive to reduce pollutant emissions.

The Municipality of São Paulo, for example, has exempted electric vehicles from paying half the amount of the tax since 2014, failing to receive the part that would be destined to the municipality.

The most important in this attitude of some states, is the encouragement of environmental preservation.

What are the IPVA refund rules?

Few people know, but in most states the law provides for the full or partial refund of IPVA for those who had their car stolen or stolen. Furthermore, the rule is applicable to every citizen, as long as he has no debts with the government.

See on the website of Secretariat of Finance the restrictions on the refund of the IPVA paid and the restrictions on the waiver of payment.

Now that you know how to pay the car's IPVA, just use what you've learned to pay off your debt without mystery. It is important to be aware of your state's rules and take every care not to delay payment. That way, you run the car on time and without worries!

Did you like the article? Leave a comment with your questions or opinions! We are available to answer any questions you have on the topic.



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