How to position your company on social networks?

How to position your company on social networks?

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Knowing how to position your company on social networks today is no longer an option for companies that want to be well placed on the market, it is a necessity. However, it is necessary that a good job of media management is done so that the return is positive.

Currently, according to Global Digital Overview 2021 survey, more than 140 million UK citizens have accounts on social networks. In addition, the average is that each individual in the country spends more than 3 hours and 30 minutes connected on the platforms.

Although most entrepreneurs understand the importance, many do not know how to position their company on social networks and end up making mistakes that damage the brand image.

For this reason, before creating profiles for your company, it is important to pay attention to some essential steps to achieve success in networks and, consequently, in business. The strategy to enter the digital world needs to be well studied.

Anyone who thinks that social media profiles are only for big companies, micro and small entrepreneurs can and should take advantage of this technology.

Social networks, in addition to strengthening the brand, can also mean extra income. Check out more details in this article from our blog.

However, before you start, how about learning a little more about how to position your company on social networks?

In this article, you will learn more about:

  • What are social networks ?;
  • What is the importance of using them for the success of my company ?;
  • What should I know before creating my brand profiles ?;
  • 5 tips on how to position your company on social networks;
  • Do I need to have a professional specialized in social media ?;
  • What is the main mistake of companies on social networks ?;

So, come on!

What are social networks?

Before we start talking about how to position your company on social networks, it is important to understand what social networks are. These are structures in which people can connect, to interact and share common interests.

Social networks may or may not be online. However, the term became popular to refer to internet sites or applications. On these platforms, the public and companies can communicate and share content.

Nowadays, the most used social media are Instagram, Tik Tok (the latest web), Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The older ones still remember the famous Orkut and ICQ and the wave of Snapchat filters.

It is clear then that social networks are important links of relationship between brands and consumers, whether they are young or older. Currently, the internet makes no distinction as to who has access to it and it is necessary to be aware of it.

What is the importance of social networks in the company's success?

The rise of internet social networks, a movement that began in the 1990s, transformed the relationship not only between ordinary individuals, but also between consumers and brands.

With these platforms, companies now have a direct communication channel with the client.

In this way, the famous advertising, which previously depended on the relationship with another means of communication, such as newspapers and television channels, can also be done by the brand in their profiles.

On top of all this, the investment required to run social media campaigns is infinitely lower than advertising on television.

In the same way, consumers who made complaints via SAC (customer service system) or inspection bodies, use the networks to expose their dissatisfactions. Thus, an isolated case can become a real image crisis.

Therefore, it is important to have a good presence on the network, creating a partnership relationship with the public, whether they are current or potential customers. Social networks are also a means of attracting investors to your brand.

In Brazil, where more than half of the population has a profile on these platforms, the entrepreneur who does not know how to position his company on social networks is losing money. Whether selling less products than the competition or not valuing your brand.

What should I know before creating my brand profiles?

You may have heard that before hiring a professional for a particular vacancy, the human resources team usually looks at the candidate's social media profiles. The objective is to verify if the values ​​are compatible with the company's.

The same situation is occurring with consumers before they buy the product. More than the benefit of the item itself, customers observe the brand positioning in relation to issues that are on the agenda in society, including from a political point of view.

Presently, the preservation of the environment, the fight against racism and against prejudice with the LGBTQIA + public are the topics that are most under discussion in Brazil.

Therefore, every organization that is on social media needs to be concerned with how to position your company on social media on these and other issues.

Social networks are the extension of company values and the channels on which these messages will be passed on to the external audience. So, it is important to keep in mind that it is not only a showcase of products, but also the essence of the brand.

It is also Image that brands go through their networks that many talents choose in which companies they would like to build a career. A company well regarded in the chains tend to retain the best professionals.

5 tips on how to position your company on social networks

We selected below 5 tips for you to know exactly how to position your company on social networks in an assertive way.

1. Know your audience

Before setting out to create profiles on the available platforms, the entrepreneur must analyze the profile of his audience in order to determine how to position his company on social networks.

For example, the younger audience is mostly on Instagram and Tik Tok, a video game brand will make a mistake if they focus their energies on Facebook.

Or, one of vitamins for the elderly, investing in Tik Tok, since this audience is more focused on Facebook.

Thus, once you know your target audience, it will be easier to define which applications your brand should be in and, above all, it will make it easier to define the next step.

two. Establish the purpose of your profiles

Despite the profiles of social media being a direct channel of communication with the public, the ideal is to determine what will be the main focus of your brand’s channel.

It can replace or add to the company's SAC, be the advertising channel or even the product sales platform.

When defining this objective, it is easier to create the strategy of interaction with the public and the consumer will know exactly what they will find in their profiles. Thus, he will not expect to solve a problem through Instagram, when the ideal channel is SAC and his brand made that clear.

Another important point is to know which language to use in each social network. Certainly, an Instagram profile should have a younger language than Facebook. Even if they are from the same brand and selling the same products.

3. Pay attention to content

Nobody wants to follow a brand to come across the catalog of products or services offered by it, for that, there is the website or e-commerce

You must deliver to your follower quality content and that, in particular, adds value to what the company does. In addition to publicizing your product, tips on how to use it, bringing interviews with experts, research on your sector.

Anyway, dedicate yourself to produce content that interests your follower. This is also why it is important to remember tip 1, get to know your audience.

Many managers must have difficulty visualizing ways on how to position their company on social networks, depending on the sector in which it operates. A successful case on social networks is that of Magazine Luiza.

Initially, the persona Lu from Magalu was created, who was the brand's digital assistant.

However, with the advent of social networks, today it is already known as 3D Virtual Influencer. In August, the character arrived at TikTok and began to interact with other digital influencers.

Lu already has more than 1 million followers on the platform and produces videos from how to fold clothes, the correct way to use products like the vacuum cleaner and guess what? All of them are available to be purchased on the website or physical stores of the brand.

It is an excellent example of how to deliver content, interaction and fun to the company's target audience.

4. Know how to manage crises

Being on social media is being exposed to making mistakes that can damage the brand image. Thus, in addition to taking care to avoid controversial positions, it is necessary to know how to manage crises and correct a situation that is beyond the control of the manager.

The first important step to know is that there is no shame in apologizing for any post or fact that you have reflected negatively. It will not always be possible to undo all the damage caused, but it will certainly mitigate the impacts.

Deleting a post or comment that didn’t go down well with the brand will never be a way out for the public. Mainly, because there may be prints scattered all over the internet.

5. Monitor results

There is no point in doing a good job if you do not observe the numbers and results achieved by the management of social networks. Through the metrics, it is possible to analyze the need for a change in strategy.

If you still have doubts about how to position your company on social networks, the first actions can serve as a thermometer to evaluate what is working or not. It is worth noting which type of content generates more engagement.

Do I need to have a professional specialized in social media?

It is not mandatory to have a professional to assist, however, it is important to know that the management of social networks requires time and knowledge.

So, if you decide to take care of your profiles alone, you will certainly no longer have time for other activities.

In addition, looking for specialization courses and investing in metrics or profile management tools can cost more than hiring a professional or specialized company. Sometimes, the cheap is expensive and knowing what to do can make all the difference.

What is the main mistake of companies on social networks?

One of the main mistakes made by entrepreneurs on how to position their company on social networks is to create a series of profiles and not manage them correctly. It is not enough just to be present on the platform, it is necessary to produce content.

No follower will engage with your brand if you are impacted only once in a while by your content. The secret to success on the social network is the constancy of publications, of course, while ensuring quality.

Another mistake that we have already talked about here is being on the wrong platforms, as you will not communicate directly with those who consume your product or service. For that reason, invest time in getting to know your consumer.

Finally, another fairly common mistake is not taking a position on controversial issues for fear of losing a portion of customers. Obviously, taking a neutral stance in some cases is the safest option.

However, more and more consumers stop believing in companies that sit on the fence in certain matters. That's why, it is important that your company knows what positions it will take and when it is worthwhile to expose the opinion to the public.

As you can see, it is not easy to know the best way to position your company on social networks. However, being out of them is no longer a viable option today.

If you want to be successful in your business, you need to have a good digital presence and only traditional websites are no longer enough to attract customers. It is necessary to see social networks as allies, including, from a commercial point of view.

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