How to post payroll? Find out here!

How to post payroll?  Find out here!

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The payroll is the document prepared monthly by the companies regarding the amount paid to the employee for the service provided.

To find out the correct way of accounting for payroll, the personal department divides it into earnings, discounts and bases.

It is necessary for this document to inform all the values ​​related to 13rd salary, notice, vacation, IRRF and EHIC.

Prepare the payroll it is an obligation of the law, foreseen in the Social Security Regulation at the article 225.

Therefore, it requires a lot of attention from the personnel department so that all calculations are done correctly and to avoid labor lawsuits.

Thus, it is essential that the company has a team that has specific knowledge of the work laws and also accounting.

Want to know the best way to account for payroll? Check out our tips below!

How important is payroll to the company

The company monthly has the responsibility to know like post payroll.

And because it is a mandatory law, this process does not only require attention, but planning so that the documents are assembled in the correct way.

And payroll matters operational, accounting and tax for companies.

It is undoubtedly one of the most important obligations of the organization when it comes to financial management. Functioning as a base document for possible labor inspections and proof of fundraising.

It is also through it that it is possible to plan expenses and be a support of financial control.

Thus, giving a macro view of the company to the professionals of the personal department so that promotions, cuts and etc. can be made.

What is the importance of the payroll for the employee

If for the company the payroll is essential in compliance with the law, for the employee it aims to be a control document over your earnings.

It serves as proof of income in real estate financing, cars and etc.

In the future, this document will be required as a form of proof for the retirement application.

Therefore, both on the company side and on the part of the employee, he needs to be recognized as a key player in several issues and must be preserved.

What are earnings, discounts and basis

The first step in understanding the best way to how to post payroll is to understand what they are:

  • Earnings;
  • Discounts;
  • Base.

Understanding each of these items is essential for the payroll to be properly divided.

So, let's talk about each of these points individually next.


You earnings are the amounts that the company pays employees monthly. That is, they represent the employee's earnings.

They are identified on the payroll by overtime, salary, additional (night, dangerous and unhealthy) and benefits, such as family allowance, for example.

Therefore, knowing these items is essential to have a reference on how to account for payroll.


As its name says, this item refers to discounts made by the company in the payments of each employee. The basis of payroll discounts refers to delays, absences, EHIC and IRRF.

And to have the result of how to post payroll it is necessary to calculate the amount of earnings minus the amount of discounts. With that, it is possible to have the final payment amount to the employee.


THE payroll basis refers to the amount at which the rates will be applied.

This becomes necessary for the calculation of the tax that will be paid. The bases for FGTS, EHIC, Employer's Social Security are some of the data present on the sheet.

It is important to note that this information does not always refer to what was accounted for, but is inserted only as a demonstration of the calculation.

The step by step of how to post payroll

For the process of how to post payroll to be organized in the right way, it is necessary to pay attention to the following information:

  • Define the category of employees;
  • Make an analysis of the hours worked;
  • Calculate charges and taxes;
  • Calculate the legal benefits.

When the personnel department plans on the basis of this step-by-step, it minimizes the chances of error in the assembly of the payroll. Understand each of the steps:

Define the category of collaborators

Determining the category of the employee, classifying their function and activity performed in the company is fundamental. This way, errors of payroll calculation.

This is because, the bases of how to account for payroll take as reference the collective agreements to calculate discounts like FGTS and EHIC, for example.

Make an analysis of the hours worked

The second step of how to post payroll without errors is measuring the worked hours of each employee.

In this case, the following are recorded for the calculation of the payroll: overtime, worked hours, paid rest and additional working hours.

In addition, of course, it is necessary to consider absences and delays in this analysis. This way, it is possible to perform the correct calculation, avoiding mistakes with unnecessary expenses or payment errors.

Calculate charges and taxes

The calculation that determines the discount of charges and taxes appears as the third step of how to post payroll. This path takes as its base the FGTS, EHIC and IRRF.

It is essential that the personnel department pay attention to this case, since the payment of these charges ensures a regular situation of the employee with the Revenue.

In addition, it allows the professional in the future to request his retirement.

In fact, this calculation serves as a reference for the income tax discount.

Calculate legal benefits

The fourth step of how to post payroll is in the calculation of legal benefits, the so-called discounts, which are based on the payment of transportation and meal vouchers, advances, health plans and also the union contribution.

Once all these legal discounts have been made, it is possible to calculate the net amount to be paid by the company to its employee.

Learn how to post payroll in practice

Based on the earnings and discounts of an imaginary professional, we organize the accounts in practice to facilitate the understanding of the subject. Check it out below:



Salary: R $ 3000.00

Overtime – R $ 300.00

Total: R $ 3300.00


Salary Advance: R $ 1200.00

EHIC: R $ 330.00

IRFF: R $ 57.45

Assistance Contribution: R $ 30.00

Total: R $ 1617.45

Net receivable in the month: R $ 3300 (Earnings) – R $ 1617.45 (Discounts) = R $ 1682.55

The Importance of How to Post Payroll

Knowing how to account for payroll is in fact one of the biggest responsibilities of the personnel department.

In addition to being essential for the financial control, payroll is mandatory by law and a collaborator's rightr.

Therefore, it requires a lot of attention and especially the preparation of the professionals responsible for organizing and planning this document.

The monitoring of all payments and discounts prevents the company from suffering from labor lawsuits.

Therefore, having guidelines on how to account for payroll, and following the step by step that we teach along the way, it is possible to plan the payroll perfectly.

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