How to prepare for office change?

How to prepare for office change?

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There are many reasons that lead managers and the HR sector to learn how to prepare for the office move. It could be the merger of companies, for example, a simple change of address and even the need for a larger space to accommodate all employees.

As it is not an issue that is decided and implemented overnight, it is essential to know how to act in the face of this type of situation, already foreseeing a plan that makes this transition much more practical, efficient and free from risks and unforeseen events.

Do you want to know what are the best practices to understand how to prepare for office change? In this post, we will go through the following points:

  • organize the move in advance;
  • choose the new property well;
  • plan the new structure of the building well;
  • transport materials strategically;
  • elect responsible and divide tasks by teams;
  • choose the organization also when packing things.

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How to prepare for the office move?

Change may not be a simple task. Regardless of the size of the company, this type of activity cannot – and should not – be done without a minimum of planning.

Otherwise, there are several risks, such as:

  • loss and loss of miscellaneous office items;
  • losses of all kinds;
  • missed deadlines for change;
  • integration difficulties;
  • stress and irritability of those involved;
  • low productivity of the company during the period.

There are only benefits, therefore, in knowing how to prepare for the change of office. A plan that already provides for different scenarios and contexts so that decision making is assertive and agile, as well as the process of change itself.

Let's see, then, what must be done so that everyone in the company knows their respective role and for the change to occur without any (or major) unforeseen events? Just check out the topics below!

Organize the move in advance

Imagine that, during the move, only a few computers from a specific team were shipped and the entire department is already at the new address. Why did this happen?

A number of reasons can cause this, but in general it is a direct consequence of the lack of planning. Learning how to prepare for the office move should support this and other issues associated with the process.

So it’s worth considering a kind of checklist so that each step of this activity is properly worked on without the steps being overlooked or neglected. Remember to consider some of the questions below, such as:

  • the costs of moving;
  • an inventory for all the material that will be relocated to the new space and what will be sold / donated / discarded;
  • responsible for each activity in the activity;
  • timeline with dates and a step-by-step of the entire change workflow;
  • means of transport necessary to effect the move;
  • organization of all documents in the current office;
  • materials needed to pack and ship to the new address;
  • contact with all suppliers and individuals (individuals and companies) who send correspondence to the company;
  • update of address in all the company's media – and also the anticipated announcement of the change so that this is not a novelty for people, when the change occurs.

Just by looking at this list, you should have already identified a series of minor activities within each item above, right? So, planning is crucial precisely because of the accumulation of things to be done so that the change is safe and smooth.

In addition, we can talk about a subject associated with this. We have a post that explains, in detail, how the company can organize itself when the address change occurs with the employee. Take a look as soon as you finish this reading!

Choose the new property well

This topic is all about the reason for the change. Pay attention to him (or them) and look for a property that meets not only current needs, but the future as well.

For example: has the company grown and needs to accommodate more employees comfortably? So, do not limit yourself to finding a place that only meets demand in the short term, but consider a place that allows for gradual growth further ahead as well.

After all, knowing how to prepare for the office move can make the process less stressful, but it is already an activity that, the less often, the better. That's why, evaluate well all the positive and negative points of each property, so that it can become your brand’s new home for many, many years to come.

Plan the new building structure well

Visit the place several times, before the move, and consider a allocation planning that is assertive, efficient and as objective as possible.

And that basically means being more careful about everything in this new building – from the sectors that should be closest to the availability of furniture and the decoration of the company in accordance with its identity and organizational culture style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

A lot may even seem like detail, but it makes all the difference in making the change faster and with fewer obstacles along the way. Imagine, for example, that a room has fewer plugs than necessary. This involves renovations, new electrical installations and a series of other issues necessary to make the place suitable for receiving the infrastructure of that department.

And it is essential that this be carried out before the change itself, since the necessary reforms later will only hinder the daily lives of its employees.

Strategically transport materials

Start by dispatching items that are little used. Larger objects can also go ahead to start organizing the new space more easily.

Sending everything at once can cause complications when organizing, separating boxes and other items, in addition to causing a real uproar to fix everything. Your checklist should already contain, therefore, what materials should be sent, and their order as well.

Elect responsible and divide tasks by teams

Delegate tasks. This is an important part of learning how to prepare for the move. Thereby, each person will know exactly their part, in this activity, taking care that the steps are strictly fulfilled as planned.

If, on the other hand, decentralization occurs, no one will know how to proceed with the change, understand the priority and secondary tasks, nor set an effective timetable. Break the work down and let the leaders at each stage lead the process more assertively.

Choose the organization also when packing things

Calculate, in advance, the number of cardboard boxes (or other type of container, if necessary) to make a purchase, only, and with better payment terms.

Then, assemble the inventory of each sector and area so that the organization of items occurs in a more objective way, thus, the schedule is followed without major unforeseen events.

It is also worth associating degrees of priority for shipping materials. This can appear in the boxes so that the change is made gradually, leaving only the most needed items last.

Keep in mind how important this is: computers and other essential items for the progress of work, on a daily basis, are the last items to be packed and shipped. Do this, preferably, on a day when there will be no working hours – on holidays or weekends, for example – so that people do not lose productivity.

If that happens, have preventive measures to avoid an accumulation of stress in employeessubsequently, since the delays will only generate more unforeseen events as if it were a snowball going down the mountain.

What precautions to take when preparing for the office move?

Now that we have seen what are the main items on your list to learn how to prepare for office change, it is worth staying on top of some care that makes all the difference.

And, next, we will deal with the main ones. Check out:

  • confirm multiple times whether the new structure is adequate to receive the change;
  • evaluate the conditions of the new building, such as plumbing and electrical and hydraulic installations;
  • calculate the number of existing and necessary outlets for the company to operate safely;
  • count on the employees' understanding and collaboration so that the change is harmonious;
  • perform the cleaning of the place before making the change – and right after that too. It may not seem like it, but it is an activity that raises a lot of dust.

With these tips, the change seems to be less heavy and tiring work, right? Remember, then, that planning is the keyword for the success of this endeavor!

Finally, it is worth noting that although you have learned how to prepare for the change of office and how to avoid the risks and unforeseen circumstances of this journey, there is much more you can do for the development of your company. And in multiple ways!


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