How to present an HR report in an impactful way?

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How to present an HR report in an impactful way?

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Knowing how to present an HR report adds much more value to the department, since it arouses – and retains – the interest of its interlocutors. With this, your HR has more autonomy to propose, discuss and lead positive changes in the company. For this, it is important to:

  • have a clear objective;
  • organize the information in front of you;
  • diversify the elements;
  • attention to colors;
  • practice speech;
  • prepare for questions;
  • gain reliability in the transmitted data.

Within corporate communication, the entire body speaks: our posture, gestures, the tone of conversations and, of course, the way in which we write emails, communications and reports.

When you have mastery of one or more media, you get more people's attention. Their arguments have the power to convince and, consequently, allow a closer approximation with the objectives proposed for their department.

That’s why, if your experts still don’t know how to submit an HR report in an impactful way, this post has everything to change the game for the benefit of your area. Check out!

How important is a well done report?

Reporting, regardless of their goals, are excellent information tools for any company. Through them, the most varied sectors are quickly aware of what other areas are facing, what were the results obtained and what are their projections.

Thus, it is easy to integrate the areas of the company, so that each one understands their share of responsibility for the sustainable growth of the company. Only, historically, these documents inspire more yawns than insights for those who attend these meetings.

And do you know why? Precisely because it is a communication tool, your message must be clear, objective and captivate the interlocutors – as it happens in a good conversation. It turns out that the reports were based on rigid elements and wrapped in little explanatory numbers.

The result of this is clear: imagine, for example, someone explaining to you, in a language you don't know, the main strategies for the HR sector motivate your employees. The subject matters, and the tips can be fundamental, but without access to this communication channel, you will not “to enter” in the idea that the person in front of you tries to convey.

Let's see then, how to submit an HR report impacting from its benefits?

What are the benefits of learning how to submit a relevant HR report?

As it is a practical, objective and interesting condensation, the HR report it will show other people everything that your team has endeavored to aim for, execute and plan, but in a short period of time. And here's the trump card: talk a lot in a short time.

When your employees manage the techniques for composing a fundamental and relevant report, the message is captured quickly, the possibilities of inspiring the interlocutors are greater and, as a consequence, your sector acquires more autonomy and decision-making power.

How to create efficient reports?

Based on what we saw above, how about understanding, in practice, how to present an HR report that is memorable and arouses (and maintains) the attention and understanding of your interlocutors?

Have a clarified goal

Do you want to say something? So, know what the message is before you start the report. Otherwise, it is difficult to find the tone, the approach and the information that will be compiled in the report – ingredients, therefore, that make it difficult to “hook” in the interests of people.

Then compose a plan. Structure the information, know the conclusion of the report and outline a logical and linear path to reach, from A to Z, the objective of that document and the data that will generate the commotion in your target audience (by the way, a tip : adjust the tone of voice to the profile of those who will read / listen to presentation report).

Organize the information in front of you

Meet with your team – or ask the person responsible for the report to do the same – and “assemble” the report structurally. Learn what are the triggers that will lead the report from the introduction to the problem and then to the development that will culminate in the conclusion.

This broad perspective is essential to understand how to submit an HR report, as it will “educate” its professionals to understand each moment of that presentation and, thus, use verbal and body language to assist in their conduct.

Diversify the elements

Knowing how to present an impactful HR report also means using the best elements at your disposal to convey a message. Therefore, do not limit yourself to the exclusively textual use of data. Choose, in turn, to use:

  • tables;
  • images;
  • graphics;
  • illustrations;
  • videos;
  • animations.

Everything, of course, within the profile of the interlocutors and the need to use these elements to generate more clarity, interest and objectivity.

Attention to colors

Institutional documents must follow a clear pattern of colors. After all, it must refer to that company, in particular, and every care to reinforce this helps to generate familiarization and identification with its content.

Also, avoid the use of colors that help to quickly dissipate people's concentration, such as strong colors that make your eyes look away in less time.

Practice the speech

Exercise, practice and test the possibilities. Don't go to a meeting without having your speech prepared and the information organized at the tip of your tongue.

With this, the possibility of making a more interesting report is greater, since you will know what to say, how to say and where to say – as we have already pointed out the importance of this – naturally. And this is quite an asset to capture and retain people's attention.

Prepare for questions

It is also worth mentioning that it is important to open the channel to the other side of the conversation. In other words: ask those present for some kind of questioning to resolve doubts or to highlight points that, eventually, were not clear to one or more people.

This is where the power to exercise all information mentally and to know what it means comes in. Thus, all kinds of questions are quickly answered. And it shows how much your team is an authority on that issue, and it has all the arguments to refute objections, fears and doubts.

Gain reliability in transmitted data

Now, moving on to the practical and technical side of learning how to present an HR report, how about relying on technology for this?

Through management software that allows the monitoring of metrics relevant to your objectives, much of the reporting can be done in a automated. In other words: data are collected and emitted in a fluid and easy to understand manner.

As a result, its employees “only” have the job of planning the content, telling a story of impact and facilitating the absorption of information from their interlocutors. Of course, it is a challenging job, but the technical part has been delegated to your software.

This allows more time to organize ideas, have insights and dedicate oneself entirely to the strategic part of how to submit an HR report. Are you going to say that it no longer helps to compose a truly rich and relevant material?

But, to finish the question on how to present an impactful HR report, there are many other elements to qualify your team before, during and after the preparation of this material, did you know?

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