How to prove the Employee Experience’s value to the CFO?

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How to prove the Employee Experience's value to the CFO?

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Knowing how to prove the value of the employee experience to the CFO is essential today, as it allows your company to become a reference center in the market. Internally, this generates productivity, engagement and loyalty. On the outside, a good reputation and the attraction of the best talents in the sector.

Don't misunderstand the title of the article: the CFO is not your enemy, but he needs feasible arguments to invest in new ideas for the development of his company.

And that is why we have brought, in this article, some tips for you to understand how to prove the value of the employee experience to the CFO. This way, your finance guru can be convinced that he will acquire a functional strategy to improve the results of the organization!

The primary issue is as follows: a positive employee experience is necessary to make the organization competitive and, the professionals, continuously motivated. No wonder, many companies invest in organizational or workspace restructuring, process reorganization and in programs and activities that complement these strategies.

That's because your CFO believes in investing – but, with one detail: only when it is prudent and the result is greater than the cost. They want to protect the company from unnecessary or untimely financial losses, so great ideas may seem great, but if the numbers don't hold up, the best ideas just don't go beyond paper.

For prove the value of the employee experience to the CFO, get inspired by the following steps that we separate below!

Introduce the CFO to the concept and benefits of employee experience

What can be something elementary, in your work environment, can be a unknown language for your CFO. So first check if he knows what the concept means.

Briefly explain that it is the sum of everything that an employee experiences throughout their connection with the organization. I.e: all interaction with the employee, from the first contact as a potential candidate to the last interaction after the end of the employment contract.

To improve this process and, thus, prove the value of the employee experience to the CFO, the first step is to find out what your people are currently experiencing.

Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage, describes the employee's experience as a combination of three distinct environments:

  • physicist;
  • cultural;
  • technological.

Unlike employee engagement, The Employee experience cannot be measured efficiently, but through employee engagement. For that, then, you will outline the ROI of employee engagement for your CFO.

This can be done with a spreadsheet to help you find out how much employee termination is costing the organization.

Show what challenges and obstacles need transformation

Perhaps, the turnover of employees in the company is high and the time to fill job vacancies is increasing. Or, yet, the problem is related to the low sales volume and the general degree of motivation of salespeople.

Anyway, regardless of the reason, you should know what (or what) are the obvious problems in improving results. And this is only offered through empirical evidence, not just conjectures or assumptions.

Learn how to report the impact of the problem so that you prove the value of the employee experience to the CFO. So, in numbers, he can accurately reflect and make an assertive investment decision.

Detail the costs of implementing the strategy

The cost is not just financial. In the list, we can include the loss of time and productivity when learning new technological systems or adjusting to new workspaces.

Your HR must have been very well diagnosed, therefore, everything that will pay for this change – directly and indirectly. Based on this factor, it is possible to prove the value of the employee experience to the CFO and ensure that he can see the palpable cost and measurable or unmeasured earnings.

Point the results clearly

A complement to the topic: search the market for cases that prove what you are arguing.

As it is a functional strategy, it is not difficult to identify some strategies that can be used as inspiration for you to achieve prove the value of the employee experience to the CFO.

Help inspire change

Finally, as we anticipated, the CFO is guided by numbers and results. As much as the actions of an employee experience cling to intangible benefits – such as the degree of satisfaction with the company – it is important to convince from arguments, and not from the emotional.

This can arise through the aforementioned tips. But, a good guide for you to start your endeavor is the following: ask the CFO what kind of results he would like to see. What he expects, in the short, medium and long term.

Thus, you identify the challenges and objections that he faces for this change in thinking and, thus, you can deconstruct the obstructions that prevent him from evaluating this new strategy.

In this way, it will be possible to discover how prove the value of the employee experience to the CFO and convince you that the company has a lot to gain when the investment is well directed at the company's human resources!

So, did you have any questions about this article – or do you have any experience you would like to share with us? Just leave a comment, in the field below, to expand the discussion on the subject!


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