How to record Vacations in the Employee’s Work Card?

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How to record Vacations in the Employee's Work Card?

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At Vacation always they are a moment of fun and joy. You could say that between the worker rights, This one is usually the most celebrated! For that employees can enjoy this moment, we will explain here how the company must correctly note the holidays at CTPS.

What does the CLT foresee about vacations?

CLT says that the worker is entitled to 30-day vacation after 12 months of work. They can be divided into up to two periods, as long as none of them is not less than ten consecutive days. The law also mentions that vacation breaks can be done in “exceptional cases”, which has always been the subject of much discussion.

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Step by step on how to record vacations in the Work Card

The ideal time to take notes is after the holidays are over. So, you are sure that the period will not be rescheduled – after all, it is gone and now there is no way to change it.

With the Work Card in hand, open the Vacation Notes page and write according to the available fields:

  • He took vacations related to the period of: write the Purchase Period here. You can simply write the period in years – for example, 2015/2016.
  • Then write the vacation the employee rested: From 3/22/2016 to 4/21/2016.
  • Lastly, sign and beat the stamp from the company.

Ready! Your vacation is noted correctly. If there is no more space in the vacation area to make notes, you can use the General Notes space.

If there is a vacation or collective vacation advance before the person completes 1 year of business, write the acquisition period normally even if the person has not reached the end of it. There is no problem in noting holidays without having arrived in the concessional period.

In fact, holidays are a good time to make a complete update on all the work card data. Take advantage of the fact that you are already going to pick up CTPS and note the latest salary changes, union contributions, among others.

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Workbook without space

If the wallet has no space available in the Vacation Notes or General Notes, it will be necessary to ask the employee to take a Continuation Work Card. He can schedule by phone by calling 158 or on the Ministry of Labor website at

When you receive the new wallet, make a note of the data in the new wallet as usual.

Attention! It is important that the vacation annotation is made

Failure to note the vacation in the Work Permit is not a crime but the company that fails to do so receives a serious administrative fault. Not being aware of such rules when making payments of the most diverse types can result in a series of problems and even losses for the enterprise, and the CLT holidays stand out among the benefits with great chances generate confusion within a company.

Therefore, it is important that companies pay attention and make holiday notes in the work card following all the tips that we talked about above. Thus, employees benefit from this benefit in the best possible way and the company is within the law!

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