How to recruit Pleo in 10 days

How to recruit Pleo in 10 days

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Post written by Alexander Kragh

Team Pleo

Staff for 10 days

It only took Pleo 10 days, from the time they created their Company DNA on Statum, until they signed with their new employee, Jonathan. We talked to Kim from Pleo about their recruitment and how they find the right employees.

I called Kim on Wednesday at Easter, to hear about him his experience with Statum and his recruitment in general. He had just hired a new employee through Statum's platform, and he had done it very quickly.

Although for many it was Easter holiday, it was in full swing at Pleo, which could be clearly heard as there was a good atmosphere in the background.

“Culture is really important to us when we hire” was one of the first things Kim said when I asked what they look for when hiring. “”We can lose a lot of time and money hiring the wrong people, so we have to make sure we hire the right ones every time.””

Kim explained that there must be a synergy in the way the candidate wants to work and the way Pleo works. Therefore, they go very in depth with the candidate in their recruitment and make, among other things, role plays between current employees and the candidate to identify whether the candidate fits into their DNA.

“I think it was exciting that we with a profile at Statum could show what it is like to work in Pleo, now that culture is so important to us,” says Kim when I ask him why he found us interesting.

Successful employment

It also went as hoped for Kim. He received an application from Jonathan a few days after Pleo's profile was created, and just 10 days after their position was posted, Kim signed a contract with Jonathan. “He was just the right candidate on many points. He was willing to learn and wanted to move quickly. As a start-up, funds may be limited. Precisely for this reason, it is also learning and development that is at the forefront with us. We are moving tremendously fast and that was exactly what Jonathan was looking for in his future career. There was therefore the right synergy, ”says Kim about her new colleague Jonathan.

At Statum, we are super happy that Jonathan and Kim found a match through us, and we look forward to following both Pleos and Jonathan's development.

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