How to reduce the accident rate in the company?

How to reduce the accident rate in the company?

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To offer or not to offer a health plan? This is a recurring question within companies that increasingly seek to choose benefits capable of attracting and retain talent. However, if the so-called accident rate is high, the company may suffer losses.

The loss ratio is nothing more than the relationship between the premium, paid by companies to the agreements, and the expenses of the operators with the number of procedures performed.

The high accident rate makes the company's expenses with the increase in the values ​​of health plans increasingly higher.

One survey of the consulting firm Mercer Marsh Benefits revealed that medical insurance is already the second highest cost of companies, behind the payroll.

It is important to highlight that the health plan is not a mandatory benefit under the CLT law, but it can be a competitive advantage. One recent Catho survey revealed that O health plan is a motivational benefit at work for 74.6% of UK citizens.

In this scenario, assessing the loss ratio as a risk factor for the company's accounts is important to create actions to reduce it. Therefore, we have prepared some tips to help you in this challenge. Check out!

What is loss ratio

When an employee triggers the health insurance to schedule an appointment, schedule an exam or a procedure, an occurrence called a claim opens.

The claim can be explained as the relationship between the costs spent on this claim and the premium paid by the company, which is the revenue that plan operators receive.

If the accident rate is high, that is, if the costs exceed the revenue, the value of the plans ends up increasing and companies need to spend more to maintain them.

How to calculate the accident rate

To find out if the value of the contract with the health plan operator will suffer from readjustments, due to an increase in the accident rate, it is necessary to perform a calculation considered simple.

  • Loss ratio = Loss / premium paid

If the company wants to know the percentage, just multiply the result by 100. If the accident rate is higher from one year to the next, there will certainly be adjustments in the plans.

Thus, if the company bears all the costs of the health plans of its employees, its expenses will be higher year by year. If there is co-participation, employees will also suffer from the increase.

But how to avoid the high accident rate? Below we will talk about the subject.

Tips to decrease the accident rate

To avoid a high accident rate, companies need to develop strategies to maintain the welfare and the quality of life of employees. Thus, avoiding an excessive number of claims.

We have separated 5 tips that can reduce the accident rate. Check out!

Foster preventive measures

Many people think that they should only go to the doctor when they are very sick. However, there is no better medicine than prevention. So, one of the most recommended measures to reduce the accident rate is promote preventive measures in the company.

Be it encouraging employees to have regular exams and even accompanying those who have chronic problems such as diabetes, back pain, tendonitis and others.

Encourage healthy habits

O HR companies can also go beyond the limits of theory and go into practice, stimulating healthy habits. In this sense, it is possible to reduce accidents with internal practices.

For example, quick massage actions, workplace gymnastics, encouraging healthy eating, offering fruits and natural juices during rest periods and even plans with gyms to instigate physical exercise.

After all, employees who maintain a better quality of life tend to become less ill and consequently go to the doctor less. Thus, decreasing the accident rate.

Create awareness campaigns

Awareness campaigns can not only make employees prevent illnesses, but consciously use the health plan.

In other words, it is possible to create internal actions that have an impact on the reduction of accidents.

Like, for example, stimulating vaccination, using condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, combating smoking and stretching recommendations for each period worked.

But awareness campaigns can also be directed to the use of the health insurance.

Explaining that the indiscriminate use of the plan can be costly for the company and that it may even result in a future cut of the plan. That is, medical insurance should be used when necessary.

These actions can be via video, pamphlet, e-mail, wall newspaper and whatever else the company deems necessary to attract the attention of employees.

Develop health monitoring programs

Investing in the well-being and quality of life of employees increases their productivity by up to 86%, according to research by Sodexo.

Therefore, the company's concern regarding the health of its employees is fundamental, thus reducing the accident rate.

Through this, internal employee health monitoring programs can be beneficial.

Routine measures of pressure measurement, calculation of the body mass index, mental health programs, monitoring with a nutritionist, among other actions, can help.

Closely monitoring the employee's quality of life can prevent them from illnesses and consequently reduces the loss ratio.

Adopt co-participation

Co-participation can be a financial relief for the company, because the employee bears part of the costs of the health plan.

Adopting this model can make the employee make a more conscious use of the health insurance.

Because, you know that if you go beyond the limits of use, unnecessarily, it can result in a high accident rate, which in the future will increase the amount to be paid by the plan.

Care with claims

Health plans have become an extremely attractive benefit that companies can offer their employees.

However, a conscious investment in this area is extremely necessary, so that it does not bring financial losses to the organization. Decreasing the accident rate, therefore, can cause expenses to be unnecessarily high.

In this sense, the company has a fundamental role in stimulating the conscious use of the plan. Developing preventive actions to maintain well-being and quality of life for employees style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

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