How to reduce the electricity bill: tips to help you save

How to reduce the electricity bill: tips to help you save

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How to decrease the electricity bill? This is a recurring question in a country whose majority believes that the tariff practiced is expensive or very expensive.

But the truth is that this economy depends much more on ourselves than on the electricity supplier in your region.

Small day-to-day habits contribute to unnecessary consumption and, in turn, turn into a higher value than expected in the electricity bill.

Are we going to test if this is really true? In this post, we will present the following tips to help you reduce your electricity bill:

  • Invest in renewable energy;
  • Focus on lighting and natural air inlets;
  • Attention to the use of the electric shower;
  • Replace your lamps with fluorescent or LED versions;
  • Make sure you use all the appliances in your home;
  • Be careful with the consumption of air conditioning;
  • Look for economical appliances;
  • Periodically maintain your electronic devices.

So, have you identified yourself with any of the topics that will be further explored below? So, stay with us and find out how to permanently lower your electricity bill!

Invest in renewable energy

Solar energy, which although it still has a high cost of installation and implementation in the country, is one of the great innovations designed to not only reduce the electricity bill, but to rely on more renewable – and infinite energies.

The same goes for wind energy, but this does not necessarily mean that your home should look for only those energy sources, as there are also less technological options and that guarantees great savings. Do you want to see it?

Focus on lighting and natural air intakes

With good planning, whether in the construction or renovation of your home, it is possible to privilege access to natural light and air. Skylights, windows, air intakes … this all becomes a more airy and naturally well-lit residence.

If you did not know what to do to reduce the electricity bill, this may be a good option in the medium and long term.

So, practice leaving your windows open throughout the day. If the air circulation has been well planned, you may not even need fans or air conditioning for a long time. Likewise, natural lighting allows you to only use your switches at night or in case of a good need only.

Attention to the use of the electric shower

The electricity bill came very high, but you can't tell the origin of this high consumption of electricity? Most of the time, the answer is in the hot, prolonged bath.

That's because, electric showers are one of the great villains of the electricity bill. Not for nothing in winter, consumption can be higher, because we tend to desire hot water much more easily.

It is worth keeping an eye, however, on the features of your own shower. Those who have “summer” and winter “keys can add a good solution for those who have been wondering how to reduce the electricity bill.

When positioned in “summer”, the shower can provide savings of up to 30% in electricity consumption compared to its position in the “winter” switch. It is worth keeping an eye on.

Another point that can help is: turning off the shower while bathing. It works similarly to the closed tap while brushing your teeth: when lathering your body or while waiting for hair products to act, turn off the electric shower. The savings will be little, but gradually it can translate into a good reduction in the electric bill.

See too: How to Cut Spending: 9 Tips to Eliminate Unnecessary Accounts style=”font-weight: 400;”>!

Replace your lamps with fluorescent or LED versions

It is not new today that they talk about the economy of LED lamps, but fluorescent lamps also have a good dose of reduced consumption. Even more so, when we compare both with incandescent lamps.

In general, the reduction in consumption is up to approximately 80%. Imagine how much it helps to reduce the electricity bill at the end of the month?

If you want to know a little more about the villains that lurk to feed on their electricity, take the time to read later our article that elected the six villains of your electricity bill!

Make sure you use all the appliances in your home

Take a look at the outlets in your home and analyze how many of them are in use, then check which of those outlets are actually being used or just plugged in, consuming energy.

The answer may surprise you.

For example: leaving a charger in the outlet uses energy. So, why leave the device charging all night? Make conscious use of it, and the electricity bill may be lower in the following month.

Now, don't fall into the paranoia of disconnecting everything from your residence. Turning the refrigerator off at night saves energy, it is true, but it can also spoil the food inside – especially if you do it daily. It is important to save money, but with intelligence and analytical power to understand which consumption is necessary and which is expendable.

As an exercise, start by analyzing which devices consume the most energy and find out if you have them at home, and if you use them frequently. It is a good way to know how to act when the electricity bill comes too high.

Beware of air conditioning consumption

Believe me, the UK residents understands well that air conditioning is not luxury, but almost a necessity on hot days and nights. But also remember, that your electricity bill goes up if there is no conscious use of the device.

It is worth focusing on some key points so that this ally does not become a villain, such as:

  • choose a suitable model for the useful area of ​​the environment to be air-conditioned;
  • identify brands and models of the device that are known to be sustainable and economical;
  • look for functions on the device that favor conscious use – such as automatic shutdown;
  • make a professional installation to ensure the effective use of the device without having to work twice to achieve the desired power;
  • keep the windows closed when the air conditioner is in use.

You can even replace the air conditioner for a fan. Economical and efficient, in some situations, it can refresh and guarantee a good refreshment also in the electricity bill.

Look for economical appliances

Hitchhiking in the previous topic, it is worth knowing more about the Procel seal. This is a classification granted to devices that offer greater energy savings in use.

If you already had no ideas on what to do to save energy, this simple measure can already make a good difference at the end of the month. Especially, if you were already looking for reasons to replace the old and noisy fridge.

It can be a simple and very effective way of save on a daily basis style=”font-weight: 400;”>!

Periodically maintain your electronic devices

Finally, take into consideration what we mentioned in the previous topic and take a good look at your current electronic products. Find out if they have the Procel seal and also if they are in good condition.

This is due to the fact that, out of ideal conditions, these products can consume more than they should. A simple bad contact in the wiring can change the amount of energy consumed.

Hence, the tip to look for ways to periodically maintain electronic devices.

You can even do that. Checking the refrigerator seal, checking the quality of the entire electrical installation and even checking those already mentioned appliances that consume energy even in disuse, and that no one in your home has used for a long time.

Now, how about putting it all into practice? And a good way to start this is by sharing this post on your social networks! Your relatives and friends may also need these tips in order to change their habits once and for all, and definitely learn how to reduce their electricity bills!



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