How to save fuel: 7 tips to reduce expenses

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How to save fuel: 7 tips to reduce expenses

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Everyone knows that saving is essential for a healthy financial life. For those who travel by car, it is essential to keep an eye on ways to how to save fuel.

With gasoline and ethanol becoming more and more expensive, small changes in habits can help you get a breather at the end of the month.

With that in mind, in this post, we've gathered tips to save gas on a daily basis:

  1. Keep maintenance up to date;
  2. Avoid using the air conditioner;
  3. Search for more cost-effective service stations;
  4. Keep the speed steady;
  5. Avoid carrying a lot of weight in the car;
  6. Calibrate the tires;
  7. Drive only when necessary.

Want to learn more about these ways to save fuel? Check out the details below!

How to save fuel | GUIDE


1. Keep maintenance up to date

The #1 tip on how to save fuel is to keep your car up to date. This prevents the engine from consuming more fuel than necessary, in addition to increasing its useful life.

That is why, send your car for overhaul at least once a year or even more if you feel it is necessary.

A good repair shop will take care of the air, fuel, oil and spark plugs changes and will make all the mechanical adjustments so that your car runs as economically as possible.

An important aspect to keep an eye on is the alignment and balancing. If done correctly, it makes the tires wear less and prevents chattering.

In addition, it prevents the tire from increasing friction with the ground, preventing the car from losing performance.

2. Avoid using the air conditioner

Air conditioning is directly related to fuel consumption, as the accessory is operated by the engine. When it's on, consumption is 20% larger, especially in cars with larger displacements.

The tip on how to save fuel in this case is to use the equipment only when necessary. For example: turn on the air conditioner at speeds higher than 80 K / h.

Under these conditions, if the car has its windows open, it will burn more gasoline because of the increased effort in relation to air resistance.

3. Search for service stations with the best cost-benefit

When fueling, always consider two basic criteria: the quality and price of fuel.

Always use stations that have the seal of National Petroleum Agency (ANP), ensuring the good origin of gasoline or ethanol.

Among these stations, prefer those with the lowest fare to save fuel.

But beware: if the price is far below average, be wary. Sometimes, cheap can be expensive. Some establishments act in bad faith and sell adulterated fuel that can damage your vehicle.

4. Keep constant speed

It is possible to save fuel in about 30% only changing your way of driving.

The secret is to always keep the car's speed. constant, as far as possible, measuring the force of the foot on the accelerator and shifting gears smoothly.

Abrupt acceleration and braking put more demands on the engine and increase consumption. The heavy traffic in big cities also contributes to a higher expense, as it is common to walk and stop all the time in traffic jams.

But still you can save fuel, driving well conscious and non-aggressive.

A good tip is do not drive looking at the hood and yes to what lies ahead. By doing this, you can notice in advance that the traffic light has closed what the vehicle ahead is slowing down. This way you avoid sudden braking and drive the car with more lightness.

5. Avoid carrying too much weight in the car

The heavier the vehicle, the more it will require it to keep moving. Soon, fuel consumption will be higher.

In general, for each 50 kg extras in the car, spending increases by up to 2%. However, just 10 kg makes a big difference.

So look for carry only what is necessary and do not carry extra weights, avoiding leaving suitcases, speakers and other similar items for a long time in the vehicle.

6. Calibrate your tires

Another way to save fuel is keep the tires calibrated, always according to the pressure indicated by the car manual.

To understand how important this is, imagine the following: Have you ever tried to ride a bike with flat tires?

You can even make her walk, but it takes a lot more work to reach the desired speed, isn't it?

The same reasoning applies to the car. To run on flat tires, the engine will need a lot more fuel.

Uncalibrated tires increase consumption by 2% to 3%, which generates a huge loss in the long term. So, always be aware of this detail.

7. Drive only when necessary

In closing, the best tip to save gas is: so use your car when it is really necessary.

How many routes do we take each day where it would be possible to leave the car in the garage and walk?

That trip to the supermarket to make a small purchase, the trip to the bakery, the visit to a friend's house.

Think about all these situations and calculate the savings you will have doing all this without a car. The results are sure to be impressive.

To go to work, prefer public transport, especially if it is an easily accessible region. The amounts involved are much smaller compared to what will be spent on fuel and parking at the end of the month.

Another good option is the cars by apps, which can be economically advantageous in some situations.

In short, look for alternatives whenever you can. After all, onlyand if you don't drive, you won't consume fuel.

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Bonus: pay cash and control your gasoline expenses

now that you know how to save fuel, you can make conscientious use of your vehicle. Another way to keep expenses with this means of transport balanced is to always pay for trips to the gas station with cash.

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