How to settle the MEI in 6 steps

How to settle the MEI in 6 steps

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If you have a small business, to formalize yourself in the market, the owner must become an Individual Microentrepreneur – MEI. In this article, you will understand what it is and how to regularize the MEI.

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But before making your formalization, it is necessary to take into account that to open your MEI, your enterprise cannot exceed an annual turnover of £ 81,000. In addition, the activity code, also called CNAE, you need to qualify as MEI.

If this limit is exceeded, the professional cannot be benefited as an MEI, but will have to open another type of company, such as a Limited Company (LTDA).

The entire registration to become an individual microentrepreneur can be done online. Thus, you will need to have access to the internet and your documents during registration.

Want to know how to regularize the MEI? So, continue reading this post.

How to register and become a MEI?

In fact, as already mentioned above, formalization takes place online through the Entrepreneur Portal website.

However, it is necessary to know that there are some responsibilities to be fulfilled, such as the payment of a monthly fee which we will explain later.

So, after entering the homepage of the site, just click on the option “Formalize”. At that moment, a redirection will be made so that the registration begins to be carried out.

How to regularize the MEI: step by step

  1. On your device's screen, a space will appear to enter your CPF;
  2. After entering the CPF numbers, you will be asked for a password. However, if you do not have any registration on government websites, this is the time to do it;
  3. With the completion of your registration, it is necessary to authorize that the data can be accessed;
  4. On this new screen, fill in the requested field with the digits that make up your voter registration;
  5. Soon after, you will be required to fill out a form with some personal data;
  6. At the end, with everything registered and filled out, you will receive a code on your cell phone that you must fill in the appropriate field. Okay, now you are an MEI and will have your certificate issued.

So that you do not lose your password, leave it saved in a safe place. Remember not to share with third parties, as it is personal and non-transferable.

How to stay regularized as MEI

In order to keep your enterprise running smoothly before the Federal Revenue of Brazil, the MEI will need to have all debts paid off.

Only then will it have its CNPJ up to date and can issue your invoices quietly.

When you decide to formalize to open a venture, it is necessary to make a very affordable payment, which will be made on a monthly basis.

This payment is called a collection document from Simples Nacional or DAS – MEI.

The amount may change slightly depending on your area of ​​expertise.

In 2021, the values ​​were as follows:

Within this amount, a value will be charged to the EHIC. That way, when the MEI keeps its DAS up to date, it will be able to enjoy the benefits that the social security provides.

In cases where the monthly payment is not made, your CNPJ will be canceled due to lack of maintenance.

In this case, for the entrepreneur to be able to settle his debts, he will have to know how to regularize himself as an MEI.

Registration regularization as MEI

  • Access the entrepreneur portal, a system created by the federal government;
  • Fill in your details;
  • Search the field to request your debts;
  • The installments will be sent to your account on a monthly basis;
  • Make the payment of each installment;
  • Settle your debt with the IRS.

Even with the debt paid off, to have a CNPJ again it will be necessary to do the entire process of how to regularize the MEI. However, if the debt is not paid, you will not be able to regularize the CNPJ on your behalf.

Want tips on how to manage your business after it is regularized? So, take a look at this SEBRAE video:

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What are the benefits of being a MEI?

In addition to having a CNPJ and being able to open a bank account as a Legal Entity, giving more credibility to your business, there are even more good things to become a MEI.

The advantages of formalizing yourself as an Individual Microentrepreneur are numerous.

Benefits of an MEI

  • Reduction in the payment of taxes;
  • With the CNPJ, the business will be well regarded in the banks;
  • More chances of getting a low interest loan;
  • Possibility to issue invoices

Other benefits of having your CNPJ up to date is having the EHIC. For, in addition to retirement, this body may grant more advantages.

Upon regularization, you will be able to enjoy these EHIC benefits

  • Retirement, as it contributes with payments to the EHIC;
  • For women, the right to receive maternity wages;
  • Sickness allowance in cases where the microentrepreneur is not qualified to work, due to some unforeseen event such as an accident or illness;
  • Pay a pension to someone who depended on you if, due to a fatality, the MEI dies;
  • Helping monthly the relatives of the microentrepreneur, if the microentrepreneur comes to be arrested for any reason.

Now that you are formalized and know how to regularize the MEI, invest a small percentage of your profit to gain access to all these benefits and continue with your active CNPJ.

Well, if these tips were useful, leave your comment below. If the article has answered all your questions, share it so that others can access it.

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