How to stimulate the feeling of belonging in the team?

How to stimulate the feeling of belonging in the team?

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We know that a company's greatest asset is its people. It is up to them whether a business succeeds or fails in the market. However, when we talk about people, we are not only talking about customers, but also employees. They are key to success and, therefore, it is essential to develop the feeling of belonging between them.

Just thinking about it, we prepared this content with several tips so that you can implement measures that encourage the feeling of belonging in your employees, even in difficult times like the current one. For this, we will address the following points:

  • conducting internal research;
  • optimization of internal communication;
  • definition of purposes;
  • celebration of employee achievements;
  • attention to the personal care of the team;
  • demonstration of confidence.

If you want to go deeper into this topic and understand the concept and benefits of a sense of belonging, we also recommend reading this other article here.

Now, in today's article, we will understand in practice how to develop actions that encourage employees to really “wear the shirt” of their business. Come on?

What is a feeling of belonging?

Feeling of belonging it is the continuous result of the appreciation that the company has for its collaborator and vice versa. It encompasses the feeling of feeling useful, valued and accepted in the workplace.

The human being, in all areas of his life, has the need to feel that he belongs to his community. This is a basic issue, as is quenching hunger and thirst. Therefore, when this does not happen, the person tends to withdraw and feel discouraged in relation to his environment.

In the professional cycle, this feeling is only developed when the organizational culture is structured to recognize the achievements of its employees. Therefore, you need to include values, habits and beliefs that your team is a fundamental part of business success.

When this does not happen, the lack of a sense of belonging can have major negative consequences, both for the employee himself and for the company. The person can become unproductive, in addition to affecting his mental and physical health.

Therefore, the people management The organization needs to be constantly developing actions to reinforce the sense of engagement and belonging of the entire team.

What is the importance of developing the feeling of belonging?

No person will endeavor to “wear the company's shirt” if they do not feel part of it. He will probably accept new opportunities at first that seem to value his skills more.

Therefore, the negative consequences for the company can be great. A feeling of devaluation can prowl employees and affect the entire team. This can lead to organizational disconnection and generate:

  • absenteeism;
  • lack of initiative and creativity;
  • high staff turnover;
  • high rates of dissatisfaction.

Therefore, a true sense of belonging is necessary to maintain well-being and to create solid and successful teams.

When strengthening relationships between team, leadership and company, it is natural that the employee feels increasingly encouraged to achieve his goals and to improve his knowledge and skills.

In addition, belonging generates a feeling of professional satisfaction, which makes employees develop more constructive and happy work.

The feeling of belonging and the coronavirus

In addition to the points discussed above, the feeling of belonging becomes more crucial than ever for business success. The pandemic of new coronavirus it implied a series of changes in the work routine in the companies.

Several employees were forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease and to carry out their tasks by home office. In view of this new reality, some critical points need to be considered, such as: the levels of stress, anxiety and depression of employees.

Remote work tends to increase people's sense of isolation, as there is no longer that daily contact with other team members. Coffee breaks, brainstorm, personal conversations and even the famous happy hour after hours stop happening.

All this affects the team's performance and reflects the feeling of belonging. Therefore, companies need to be concerned with keeping the team constantly integrated and engaged.

It is necessary to reinforce the organizational culture and readjust the actions to stimulate the team's satisfaction. At this point, it will be essential that some points are put into practice so that everyone feels they are an important part of the corporation and the work teams.

How to stimulate the feeling of belonging?

Now that you have understood the importance of the feeling of belonging in your company, the time has come to understand how to introduce it into the reality of your business. Below is a list of the main actions to encourage your team:

Conduct internal searches

It seems obvious, but conducting periodic internal research is a crucial starting point for a well-defined strategy. After all, who better to know what measures engage the team than the employees themselves?

Therefore, conduct an employee engagement survey regularly to understand whether they feel connected to the company and what steps they think are important to take.

The initiative to listen to them is very important for the feeling of belonging. This demonstrates how the company is concerned with considering the group's needs.

Optimize internal communication

Good communication is key to improving the results of a company as a whole. The feeling of belonging is no different, it eliminates noise and increases everyone's interaction.

Therefore, to optimize internal communication, your company must create official communication channels on the main activities of the business. In moments of home office, like the current one, communication becomes even more relevant, along with the sense of belonging.

Attention must be redoubled and employees must realize that, even at a distance, their functions and commitments remain the same.

Have well-established purposes

Another fundamental point for the feeling of belonging is that employees know exactly why they are doing their job. To work with satisfaction and dedication, it is necessary that they know what they can achieve with their results.

The purposes, therefore, must be well established, as well as the return they will have. In addition to benefits the organization must offer other forms of return.

Having a purpose aimed at improving society or the environment, for example, are great allies. Most people are encouraged to develop tasks that are transformative to their communities. They feel part of a greater good.

Ensure transparency in all actions

On a crisis scenario economic as we live, it is normal for people to feel insecure at work. Fear of losing your job can increase the team's stress and distrust.

Therefore, passing on all relevant information to employees and making all decision making clear are extremely necessary steps. This even involves clearly announcing the current business situation and whether there is a possibility of layoffs.

Celebrate employee achievements

Especially in times of great uncertainty, companies tend to leave important points of day-to-day life aside, such as celebrating employee achievements.

However, this is important for everyone to feel valued. To this end, the company must establish objectives and deadlines to be achieved and, thus, value the goals achieved.

In addition to offering bonuses and developing a commission plan, the company needs to give visibility to these achievements in front of the other team members. The employee must realize that his good work is being recognized by everyone.

Pay attention to the personal care of employees

More than recognizing the professional performance of the team, the company must show that it is concerned with the well-being and mental health of all.

At the present time, she still needs to recognize that social isolation and the consequences of coronavirus in people's lives also affect the professional environment.

A survey of YoungMinds Institute, for example, showed that the impact of covid-19 has been great, especially in the lives of young people with pre-existing health problems. Due to this, increased anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks are visible in this period.

All of this needs to be considered, as it can have direct impacts on the employees' income. Therefore, the organization needs to stimulate and even provide some services focused on mental health, such as psychological care.

Show confidence

Especially in the home office, employees may have the feeling that their work is not seen and thus become discouraged. To avoid this problem and increase the feeling of belonging, leaders need to show confidence to their subordinates.

The company must align with its leaders the definition of clear expectations for employees and create a schedule of feedbacks. Thus, it will be possible to demonstrate to the team that each action taken is done and that it will be analyzed at the end of each evaluation.

As you can see, there are countless ways to inspire employees' sense of belonging. In order for all these measures to be put into practice, the company must, first, structure your organizational culture so that it becomes intrinsic to your business. Thus, the concern with maintaining team satisfaction and integration will be constant.

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