How to use marketing tactics for the HR sector?

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How to use marketing tactics for the HR sector?

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For a long time, companies believed that the formula for success was to make areas work individually. However, little by little this scenario has changed and we are beginning to see an integration in the marketing tactics for HR.

The current administrations believe that this union generates the smooth running of business.

Within this movement of areas working together, human resources marketing emerges. Basically, the two teams think together to develop HR marketing tactics.

However, what is the purpose of marketing tactics for HR?

The human resources area is responsible, as the name says, for the management of a company's employees. The objective is to enhance human capital, through the management of internal processes.

For this, HR needs to be aware of the policies and purposes of the business and apply them in practice to the rights and duties of workers.

To better understand HR functions, read this article about the importance of the sector for companies.

Marketing seeks to generate value for the brand, service or product of a business. The objective is, through this appreciation, to win customers and, after that, make them become loyal consumers.

That said, marketing teams create strategies with different uses according to the need at the moment: attracting or retaining customers, for example.

How important is the union of MKT with HR?

The union of these two areas was due to a similar need in the HR sector. Companies need to attract candidates who have the profile and share the company's goals.

Having employees with the same purposes and identifying this right during the selection process saves not only the HR team's time, but also money.

Therefore, using marketing tactics for HR has become a differential for many companies. These strategies allow only the company's target audience to be attracted to job openings and turnover.

Consequently, the company that uses HR marketing tactics consolidates itself in the market as a good place to work.

We already understand the company's goals when using HR marketing tactics integrating the two sectors. However, what are these strategies and how to use them?

We have listed below the five main tactics of HR marketing and how to put them into practice in your company:

  • Use of qualified leads;
  • Lead nutrition;
  • Creation of brand persona, tone and voice of the brand;
  • Align HR strategy with business objective;
  • Develop efficient internal communication.

Let's go into the details of each of these HR marketing tactics.

1 – Use of qualified leads

Leads, in the language of marketing, are the potential customers of your brand, that is, who would acquire your product or service. Taking this comparison to HR, in this case, it would be the professionals interested in working in your company.

For this reason, it is important that you create a job advertisement that reaches exactly the employee profile that the sector wants. Therefore, before disclosing the available post, it is necessary to create the qualified lead.

The strategy is to define what is sought for the vacancy, choose the essential metrics for the appropriate profile and know the candidate's journey, that is, how he behaves in the search for a new job.

2 – Lead nutrition

Often, the HR team will find a good professional for a punctual service, but I would like to hire you in the future. So it is not enough to just find a suitable candidate and then lose sight of new opportunities.

Lead nurturing in HR marketing tactics has just that goal.

Keep the candidate interested in the company and be part of the staff. Basically, the strategy must find ways to continue impacting it with company content.

3 – Creation of brand persona, tone and voice of the brand

One of the tactics of HR marketing is to build a brand persona for the company. When communicating, mainly in writing, people seek an identification with whom they are relating.

Companies are attentive to this need of the public and, therefore, seek to create a brand persona and use a tone of voice belonging to the brand. Speaking specifically about HR marketing, the action allows candidates to get to know the company and identify themselves with its profile and purpose.

Through this connection between brand and candidate, it is possible that selection processes be more assertive, saving time for the employer and the professional concerned.

4 – Align HR strategy with business objective

As we said, the areas of a company working distant from each other end up not having positive results for the business. So it is with human resources, who must align their performance with the other objectives of the company, including financial.

In this way, HR marketing tactics must also include building strategies for the sector based on the other goals, so that the management of human resources is done efficiently.

For this, it is not necessary that a person specialized in marketing be part of the HR team, but that this strategic look is present in the routine of the area.

5 – Develop an efficient internal communication

Just as consumers are responsible for word-of-mouth advertising for businesses, employees can also build a company's reputation. Therefore, the internal marketing it must be part of the strategic plans of the human resources sector.

Internal marketing actions aim to keep employees engaged in their demands and goals and, more than that, satisfied and happy to be part of that organization. It is through them that it is possible to identify what needs to be done to rescue the pride of belonging of the employees. And, from there, decrease turnover and attract talent.

All of these HR marketing tactics reinforce the importance of being aware of these market needs and exercising them in your company. Did you like the subject? read on here an article on what endomarketing is and how internal communication contributes to the motivation of employees.



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