How to write a job description to attract the best talent

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How to write a job description to attract the best talent

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The market was transformed entirely with the arrival of the internet and the most recent technological adventures and the HR sector had to adapt to this new reality. To do this, learn how to write a job description allows quick identification with the profile of candidates inserted in this context.

According to the Pew Research Center, 80% of employees used online resources to find their most recent jobs. In fact, it is the most used tool for finding vacancies – referrals from friends and family are in the second position.

So the HR relationship with candidates has been modified in recent years. Not only that: by knowing how to write a job description, you generate immediate identification with the professionals, arouse their interest and differentiate yourself from other companies that have not yet paid attention to this profile transformation.

How about finding out how to write a job description to attract the best talent to fill opportunities in your company? Keep reading!

How to write an attractive job description

1. Write directly to the candidate

Customizing the message is not difficult. Just start it with a “you”. A close, warm tone and without excess of formality make up a good conversation, which tends to increase familiarity with the candidate.

Especially, in a digital context where so much is automated, candidates do not want to have the impression that they are interacting with machines, but with people.

So, understand how to write a job description already clearing the rigid and traditional concepts of interaction with candidates.

Some tips in this regard are:

  • use the exact words that candidates search for;
  • ask yourself what kind of description you would like to read;
  • show the text to colleagues who are already in the habit of searching online;
  • evaluate what the competition uses to approach and relate to candidates.

Thus, it is easier to generate a good absorption of ideas and quick identification with your brand's message and personality.

2. Explain why your company is a great place to work

Finally, to learn how to write a job description, you have to sell something: your company's idea. Its culture, differentials, attractions and the DNA of the brand printed in this description.

With this, it is possible to enchant the professional and motivate them to do their best to conquer this open position in your company.

To do so, opt for multimedia messages that help to reinforce this positive impact. So that the description doesn't get too long, how about using your social networks (like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook) to present it?

Thus, the descriptors themselves can contain links to the company's social networks and facilitate the research that candidates already do regarding the organizations they intend to send their resumes to.

Integrated, high-impact action, focusing on direct and individualized approach to candidates.

Use of cell phones in the search for job openings

Unlike some decades ago, when people used to make and receive calls, the current generation of professionals in the market navigates online, on their smartphones, to search for and engage with contractors.

Recent research even points out that 90% of respondents said that mobile devices play an important role in the search for a new job.

With that, you should consider when learning how to write a job description for this professional profile, in a structure that is easily read on the screens of the mobile and tablets. Objectivity and conciseness – and, why not, creativity – are essential, therefore.

An example of an interesting job description contains:

  • information about the company (who you are);
  • description (what you expect from the candidate);
  • requirements (what they need to have);
  • benefits (what they will gain);
  • contact details (how to apply).

Remember to have objectivity, as a survey carried out in the North American market highlights that 60% of candidates tend to abandon an application because it is too long. If this is a constant in the market, it is important to align your strategies so as not to make this mistake.

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But these tips are not the only ways to attract and retain talent in your company, you knew?

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