HR: 6 tips on how to start strategic planning for 2021

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HR: 6 tips on how to start strategic planning for 2021

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In December, it is normal to reflect on the lessons of the year that is ending and to plan actions for the next cycle. This occurs both in personal and professional life, and all sectors must plan to do strategic planning for 2021.

It is quite common to hear about plans for the commercial sector, new businesses, development and communication. However, it is equally important that the human resources department also works on planning.

Especially in a post-pandemic year, in which the expectations and desires of the population and employees, in general, changed, thinking about an action plan will be a crucial point for success.

A strategic planning for 2021 in human resources should talk to the business objectives and, above all, be aligned with the actions of the other sectors. One HR policy well-defined aids in the performance of employees according to the company's plans.

The old duties of HR professionals, such as defining benefits, inspecting the time record, determining vacation time and recruiting new talent are no longer enough.

The sector needs to understand the needs of the company and employees to make the work environment more pleasant.

Thus, in this text you will learn:

  • What is strategic planning in human resources ?;
  • Why is it important to my company ?;
  • 6 tips on how to do strategic planning for 2021;

Come on!

What is strategic planning in human resources?

Currently, the HR sector does not only have the role of hiring good professionals and taking care of bureaucratic issues of employees, such as time and vacation control. Human resources professionals are now as strategic as any other sector.

It is very important that the areas talk to each other and create strategies that complement each other, thus optimizing each other's work.

Thus, it has become essential that HR professionals increasingly understand the importance of acquiring knowledge, always seeking to learn from innovations and updates in the sector.

It is no longer enough to think that a good salary is sufficient for an employee, companies need to understand what most satisfies professionals besides remuneration.

It is at this point that strategic human resources planning comes in, which must seek improvements, thinking about the development of employees, the company and the retaining talent.

To do a good strategic planning for 2021, the HR professional needs to have full knowledge of the company's business plan, in order to create indicators in the evaluation of the employee, from the point of view of satisfaction to performance and productivity.

This plan should enable employees to develop a feeling of belonging with the company, understanding its objectives and believing that the company has concrete plans for its growth.

After all, there is no point in having a great recruitment sector if, after being hired, the professional does not feel happy within the company.

Why is strategic planning important to my company?

When building strategic planning, the human resources team collaborates effectively with business objectives, including from a financial point of view. Since, happy and satisfied employees tend to be more productive.

In addition, there is no point in having concrete action plans to obtain new customers or sales, if the company is internally disconnected. Everyone needs to understand and believe in the company's purpose.

For example, if your company sells drugs, profit should not be the sole objective of the sectors and, consequently, of the professionals. By offering medicines to the population, the company is saving or improving the quality of life of these people.

It is this message of belonging and purpose that a strategic planning for 2021 must contain. The benefits of having an HR plan are many and range from lowering turnover until the approximation between the sectors.

6 tips on how to do strategic planning for 2021

Now that you have understood the importance of having a strategic plan for 2021, it is time to check out the main tips to start building your company’s.

1. Have a well-defined human resources policy

Before starting the plan, assess whether your company already has a well-defined human resources policy. It must contain a set of rules, procedures and ways of acting in different situations.

This document is what will determine how matters should be dealt with in the workplace, clearly defining the duties and rights of employees, without distinction. They are for everyone, from the board of directors to the interns.

It is important to take into account the CLT (Consolidation of labor laws), as UK residents law must be followed, regardless of the sector in which the company operates. In fact, this standardization of the way of acting facilitates decision making.

For example, if an employee fails to fulfill a duty, it will be easier for the leadership to understand what kind of consequences should fall on the employee, from a warning to dismissal for cause.

two. Understand the wishes of employees

Especially in a year like this, in which the priorities of human life were revised, due to the pandemic, it is essential to understand whether employees are satisfied. If not, understanding what you need better is another step in strategic planning for 2021.

They exist HR indicators that facilitate the understanding of the employees' desires and the level of satisfaction with the company. In addition, they also help with productivity analysis.

The fee of turnover it is one of the main indexes used by companies to evaluate the performance of the HR sector. The high turnover of professionals, in addition to generating costs for the company, indicates that there is something wrong with the level of satisfaction.

Therefore, before starting the strategic planning for 2021, it is important to check if the rate is above expectations and to understand the reasons that led to this scenario. One way to do this is to apply a questionnaire to employee satisfaction.

Ask if employees are satisfied and how close to the ideal work environment for them the company is. If the answers are not positive, consider improvements in 2021 planning.

3. Know the business objectives for the next year

As previously mentioned, HR strategic planning must be aligned with the business objectives. If the employee is not fully aware of what the company intends to achieve, he will certainly not act to achieve the goals.

Although the sectors are different and each employee has a role to pre-determine, when knowing what the company is looking for, the tendency is to know how to act to conquer them. Understanding the goals is the first step for an employee to do his job well.

In addition, the membership rate will increase. The employee tends to feel more valued if the company communicates with him and shows how important it is to achieve the final goals.

And, why is the human resources sector responsible for taking this message to employees? HR is the area that talks to everyone. In some way, all other sectors are interconnected by the actions predetermined by this team.

Therefore, when creating a specific campaign for the next year, understand what the business objectives are. Otherwise, the result tends to be negative and has no effect on the company and its employees.

4. Stay tuned for industry news

The HR department is no longer just responsible for hiring, retaining talent and bureaucratic matters such as a contract, career path, check Point. Now, the sector's professionals are essential pieces to reach the companies' objectives.

For this reason, the constant update on the news of the sector is another important point for the creation of the strategic planning for 2021. Currently, the HR professional needs to better understand the employee and the society around him.

The concern with the employee's quality of life is already mandatory for all human resources professionals.

Offering medical insurance is no longer enough. Flexible working hours, home office and decompression rooms are just some of what can be done. It is also known that an employee with financial problems tends to be less productive.

So, how to help you without necessarily a salary increase? How about promoting a week of financial education for the entire company. Companies still need to be aware of socio-environmental issues, which are increasingly on the agenda.

It is not just about specific actions such as the donation of basic food baskets at Christmas or toys on Children's Day, but the creation of a consistent policy.

More and more professionals are looking to work in companies that talk to their values ​​and good salaries are not enough to attract talent. In the strategic planning for 2021, consider turning the company's values ​​into concrete actions.

In this article, we recommend 10 innovative courses for professional updating in HR.

5. Adapt to the new normal depending on the pandemic

All areas were impacted by the new coronavirus pandemic in 2021 and, certainly, next year, the effects will still be felt by companies.

For this reason, HR needs to analyze these impacts and understand what will be maintained or changed in the strategic planning for 2021. Many companies have had to choose home office and some have even determined that this will be the model of work forever.

Analyze how the employees were receptive to this issue. Was it productive? It worked out? Is it worth maintaining or merging the way of acting?

In addition, people's priority has changed and many have come to value more issues that were not much discussed, such as having more time for the family. All of this will certainly impact the employees' desires.

Thus, the team responsible for strategic planning for 2021 cannot fail to study the pandemic scenario and even the experts' forecasts on the topic.

6. Make a budget for the HR sector

If before the HR area did not need a lot of financial resources to carry out the work, with the new role of this sector, the scenario is different.

To make all of the previous items come true, do a budget planning expected in 2021 and approve with the financial sector.

Provide for internal marketing actions, team training, improvements to the home office and benefits for the employee's well-being. Assess whether for the actions foreseen in the strategic planning for 2021 it will be necessary to acquire new technologies.

As the change in mindset the importance of these human resources actions can be gradual and the board is not convinced of the need.

Choose a ranking of priorities. So, if the budget is not fully approved, you will be prepared to know what activities are most urgent at this time.

Strategic planning for 2021 is even more important than previous years, when we talk about HR. This year brought a series of changes in people's behavior and this is reflected in the way in which they see the professional side.

That's why, prepare correctly for the next year, talk to employees and the leadership, understand the needs of the company and dedicate yourself to strategic planning.

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