HR and sustainability: learn how to strengthen this relationship in the company

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HR and sustainability: learn how to strengthen this relationship in the company

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HR and sustainability are concepts that can go hand in hand, in perfect union. For this, the most productive way to enrich this relationship is the digitization of processes, minimizing the use of papers, adding more value to the strategies developed and consequently making less impact on nature.

We can start with the obvious that is most welcome: environmental sustainability is only achieved when we all do our part. This then includes all sectors of a company – including HR!

We should only ask: how does the relationship HR and sustainability in your company? Believe me, the sector can be decisive in this environmental awareness.

Come with us, then, throughout this reading and find out how HR and environmental sustainability they can be the epicenter of a real revolution in the company. Check it out here!

Technological digitization avoids wasting paper

HR and sustainability can start with the fim of the unrestrained use of papers. Instead, investment in digital technologies allows the company to print less, waste less, and get more productivity, security and organization in your information.

In addition, the automation of processes provides more quality in relation to the responsibilities and activities of each employee. Using software, for example, the whole routine is based on the computer screen – or smartphone -, avoiding more and more the use of paper on a daily basis.

Want a good example? Imagine the economy, in the sector, without the need to print payslips and make it possible for employees to view them directly on a digital system?

Invest in reusable

Cutlery, glasses, office supplies… How much can be replaced by reusable options? The plastic cups by the mugs, for example, are fundamental for the HR and sustainability start walking side by side.

Based on this type of internal transformation, employees themselves become more aware and, consequently, take these teachings and good practices out of the company as well.

Establish some volunteer campaigns

If we emphasize the importance of applying sustainability outside the company, too, how about offering some voluntary campaigns to get closer to your employees?

Look for campaigns that may be of most interest to teams and, with that, encourage engagement so that more people sign up for these campaigns.

This is an easy and very fun way to generate new relationships, stimulate collaboration and create a new awareness in all regarding the importance of maintaining the environment.

Get creative with leftovers

Does your organization have any leftovers, at the end of the day or after an event? How about adding a new chapter to the relationship between HR and sustainability and promote creative ideas for those leftovers?

For example: after an event, encourage employees to take what's left, so that nothing is wasted. Another idea is to promote a complementary event for everyone to enjoy what was left out.

In addition environmental sustainability can be promoted using the composting technique. If you are not familiar with the topic, it is the use of organic waste taken to the garbage so that it can be used as land nutrition and, consequently, adding more to nature.

Did you see how it is possible that the HR and sustainability are complementary themes and subjects, and of high value for everyone to do their part?

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