HR Challenges: How to do more with smaller teams

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More and more companies face complex and challenging scenarios, where staff reduction is necessary. This creates many HR challenges.

Given this, how to increase the efficiency of the team with the reduction of investments? We've prepared some tips for you to overcome the challenges and do more with smaller and smaller teams. Follow up!

Set goals to overcome HR challenges

As with any project, whether personal or professional, setting goals is the first step to being able to direct the work and measure the results. And this is no different when it comes to the performance of a company's employees.

Why set goals? When employees know the objectives that must be achieved, they are able to focus attention on fulfilling activities. As a consequence, tasks are carried out quickly and efficiently as they organize work time better.

Therefore, the HR manager can encourage the creation of goals for the team and separate them by week and month. With this, if an employee does not meet the demands of the week, he will know that in the following period he will have to dedicate himself even more to fulfill the delayed work.

Remember that the goals must be clear, objective and attainable. See the examples:

  • close the employee's point by the 30th of each month and define who will be the professional who will perform this activity;
  • reduce the company's turnover by 10%;
  • hire an employee for area X until the 25th;
  • promote a follow-up meeting with the team;

In addition, a system of rewards can be adopted for professionals who achieve the best results. The important thing is that the initiative generates team engagement, without promoting competition or rivalry.

Promote training and qualifications

In order to improve the productivity of the team, it is recommended to promote training for employees, and also in cases of system changes.

If the group presents any specific difficulties or errors are observed in certain subjects, it is also advisable to invest in training. This will prevent further failures and improve the relationship between professionals.

Furthermore, it is recommended to promote motivational lectures and offer professional training courses so that employees are always motivated. Added to this, biannual meetings can be held to reinforce the organizational culture, the values ​​of the corporation and favor the integration of the team.

After all, it is important to remember that employee productivity is directly related to technical capacity and job satisfaction.

Use technology tools to streamline processes

The HR sector has complex and time-consuming tasks to perform. In addition to closing the time sheet, making dismissals and interviews, there are other bureaucratic situations to be performed.

Therefore, a strategic HR needs to use technological tools that help in carrying out the tasks. For example: instead of manually closing the point, you can use software that reconciles the information. With this, the team will have more time for other demands, such as training, recruitment and meetings.

This process automation allows you to leverage your team's creative and intellectual capital for better results.

Look for partnerships for complex situations

The team is not always prepared for all the HR challenges that arise. Or, there are many internal demands that make it difficult to develop more complex activities.

In these cases, it is often advisable to seek outside help. A consultancy can contribute in situations such as the mapping of strategic data, the analysis of human potential or the dismissal of professionals, for example.

Favor talent retention

Perhaps one of the biggest HR challenges is retaining talent. After all, professionals who are dissatisfied with the company's situation or salaries may look for other companies to work for.

Therefore, it is essential to adopt strategies to retain the best professionals in the company. In addition to ensuring the continuity of the work, this avoids the costs of new hires and the entire process of adapting the new employee.

For this, it is recommended to create initiatives that favor the permanence of the professional. See some options:

  • create training programs;
  • prepare a career plan so that the professional can grow in the company;
  • offer environments for rest and exchange of ideas;
  • explore the potential of employees.

Maintain the quality of the organizational environment

The organizational environment is a decisive factor in ensuring team productivity and engagement. Therefore, it is necessary to create a pleasant space for coexistence, encourage the exchange of ideas and allow personalization of the workplace.

Giving feedback on the professional's activity is an excellent way to provide opportunities for his/her growth and manage to maintain a stimulating environment. Allowing rest breaks or snacks in the middle of the day is also an alternative in order to show confidence in employees and improve productivity.

It is also important to conduct organizational environment assessment surveys to see what strategies work and what needs to be improved.

Evaluate team results

When creating the work goals, it is also necessary to define the performance indicators. They are excellent tools for evaluating results and recording information. In addition, they provide important feedback on the processes that work and what needs to be improved.

To do so, check the following information:

  1. write down the jobs that didn't work out;
  2. check the risks generated for the organization;
  3. review the problems that have been resolved;
  4. calculate the execution time of the activities and note the ones that took the longest;
  5. identify if there was a big difference between the planned tasks and the ones actually performed.

Once the analysis is complete, you can meet with the team to present the results and listen to everyone's feedback. Listen carefully to opinions and suggestions and write them down for later evaluation of what can be implemented in the sector.

This monitoring can generate important insights for the improvement of processes.

Therefore, it is possible to adopt simple strategies in order to increase team efficiency and reduce investments. Were our tips for overcoming HR challenges relevant? Take the opportunity to understand how to improve team results!


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