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Human Resources Consulting Services – The management of a company gives rise to a good number of legal and contractual obligations relating to financial, material, and human resources and the management of these latter involves in addition to relational notions with which it is necessary to deal

Our human resources advisers are trained to combine management and communication.

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Organizations are dependent on their human resources to ensure their success. In a highly competitive environment, where the search for new talent has acquired a global dimension, organizations of all sizes need to rely on Human Resources (HR) policies and programs to attract, develop and retain employees.


The labour market, like the legislation on employment, is undergoing major changes. The only way to mobilize a dedicated and productive workforce and ensure workplace compliance with the law is to take advantage of all aspects of the change.


At HR Consultants, our human resources consulting team understands that one approach is not always right for everyone when hiring and managing employees. We work with private and public sector organizations to determine their human resource and workplace needs based on their unique challenges and opportunities. 


HR Consultants provide advice and ongoing HR Support to businesses to have all the means to succeed. To do this, we ensure that the business strategy, organizational structure, corporate culture, and employees are fully aligned.


Our human resources advisors have gained hands-on industry experience and have extensive knowledge of best practices in Human Resources Services. We help our clients achieve their strategic goals and improve their bottom line by leveraging an organization's most important asset: its people.

An HR consultancy service covers the following aspects:

  1. Human resources assessment and analysis
  2. Development of employee guides and policies
  3. Compliance with health and safety standards
  4. Organizational planning
  5. Total compensation
  6. Compliance and employment legislation
  7. Recruitment and integration
  8. Employee training
  9. Employee performance management
  10. Employment equity
  11. Workplace Harassment Investigation 
  12. Staff relations
  13. Support for dismissal
  14. Return to work program.
  15. “Coaching”
  16. Succession planning
  17. Consulting and coaching role
  18. Organizational development
  19. HR management programs and tools
  20. Continuous improvement, optimization of work processes and restructuring
  21. Change management.
  22. Performance management

Whether you need advice, more support, training, or coaching, we can support you by focusing on best practices in HR consultancy service.

HR consultancy services must be both strategic and allow efficient day-to-day management. The changing context in which the CPEs / BCs find themselves brings many challenges and forces them to adjust to meet the needs of children and the community adequately. Indeed, the destabilizing financial context can affect the development of your teams, which can have repercussions on toddlers and their families.

Therefore, we offer you a personalized HR consultancy service, which takes your reality into account. Whether you choose remote support or rather in-person services, an HR Consultant supports you in all aspects of human resources management. Respectful of your environment, our approach aims to support you in your management challenges.

HR Consultancy Service: human capital at the service of your business project

In search of growth drivers, companies experience situations of permanent transformation: digitization of activities, mergers, innovation, internationalization, etc.

In these phases of change, the ability of departments to translate their strategic vision into a high-performance HR organization is undoubtedly one of the conditions for their success.

While the questioning of traditional management models is accompanied by a growing disengagement of UK and US employees, their ability to create employee support around a meaningful project will prove to be an axis of differentiation and attractiveness. 

On the strength of these convictions, our team of human resources consultants and HR Experts support managers and HRDs in designing their HR strategy and the structuring and developing of their skills.

Your challenges

  1. Design an HR strategy serving your business plan.
  2. Organize your skills.
  3. Develop your skills.
  4. Engage your employees.

HR consultancy service strategy

Why does my business exist? What are my goals at 3 or 5 years? What is my action plan? At HR Consultant, our HR consultancy service is systematically based on an in-depth study of your business plan. It is only after having identified your strategic vision that we will be able to see its operational variation.


An HR Consultant envisions this phase of strategic reflection in a spirit of co-construction, by setting managers in motion. It results in the animation of tailor-made work sessions, using agile and creative methods: creativity sessions, collaborative workshops, co-development workshops, etc.


It is embodied by the formulation of a shared vision, broken down into an operational action plan.

Human resources structuring

What skills do I need to achieve my goals? At what place? How can my managers apply my vision?


To answer these questions, we precisely define the roles, missions, and responsibilities specific to your organization. A good HR Consultancy Service implements your HR policy quickly by building a managerial framework and shared HR processes.


Finally, they develop the HR Solutions essential for the proper functioning of your organization daily.

Different deliverables:

  1. Organizational chart
  2. Skills mapping
  3. Development of business benchmarks
  4. Definition of managerial frameworks, commitment charters
  5. Drafting of HR processes: recruitment, integration, career management, evaluation, training, departure …
  6. Drafting of job descriptions and evaluation grids (recruitment, internal mobility)


Your skills are now clearly structured, each of your employees knows their place and role in the organization. 


You now must manage, maintain, and develop these skills over time, in line with your environment and your business strategy. Should you wish to book an HR Consultation to discuss our HR Consultancy Service get in touch.

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