HR Consultancy with a personal IT Academy

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IT Academy

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The rapid development of technology is a well-known phenomenon. Where thirty years ago we considered ourselves lucky if we had our own computer, we can no longer live without it. In fact, in addition to a laptop or a desktop computer, we all also have a smartphone in our pocket! Today's customer is quite spoiled technically and expects companies to respond quickly to new requirements.

But certain social developments also require technical solutions. In recent years, for example, there has been a shift in healthcare, with an increasing focus on living at home for as long as possible. Those who used to think about old age saw themselves wearing out in a nursing home almost the last few days.

But the ideal image of that time is the horror image of today. People no longer live towards the peace of old age, but rather want to stay active for as long as possible. It is also much more attractive from an economic point of view to provide care on location, so the nurse will from now on become a district nurse and even offer remote assistance.

However, these developments are putting pressure on the software supplier. A desktop program is no longer sufficient, technical solutions are now used “on the road” and must therefore be available anytime and anywhere.

HR Consultancy and the IT Academy

As a manager, how do you deal with a rapidly changing question? A developer who has developed a desktop application does not immediately know the ins and outs of web development. A company can only adapt quickly if it can train its employees quickly, while the market is changing rapidly and expects a flexible attitude from the company. To achieve this flexibility, one opts for HR Consultancy, a concept in which learning continues after an employee has graduated and takes place throughout his or her entire career.

There is one for continuous learning IT Academy required. This is an environment (often online) in which courses are made available on various ICT related topics, such as: HTML5, Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft. When a company experiences that there is a shortage of knowledge in a certain area, employees choose to follow such a course independently.

IT Academy of classroom learning

Letting your employees follow a course is nothing new, of course. However, an IT Academy has the advantage that the employee does not have to follow classroom training. You can participate in the course whenever and wherever it is desirable. This way it can easily be scheduled between work and there is no travel time.

Another difference with classroom learning is that a teacher does not have to be hired for every lesson. The courses in an ICT Academy only need to be created once, after which they are made available to any interested user. This ensures that costs are significantly reduced, so that the price that the company pays for the learning environment also goes down.

IT Academy or self-study

“Google it.” Nowadays, when we want to learn something new, this is often the advice we get. Almost everything can be found on the internet. What is the point of further training if everyone can learn all kinds of skills through self-study?

People sometimes forget how much time it takes to search for reliable information. And the information that can be found there is often spread over different sources. In the environment of an IT Academy, however, the information is sorted in a well-organized manner. Every course is complete and reliable. This saves the company time, but also improves the quality of the products.

In addition, an employee receives a certificate when a course has been successfully completed, something that is missing when the knowledge has been acquired through self-study.

HR Consultant

An IT Academy offers much more than just a predetermined course. An example of this is HR Consultant, the great thing about this learning environment is the extra help they offer. For example, if someone has questions, it can help enormously to spar with a support department, so you can be sure that the knowledge is received completely and correctly.

But HR Consultant also offers a solution for questions about the use of the knowledge platform in the form of their so-called customer success team. This team is an integral part of the company to implement Continuous Learning as optimally as possible. It is also useful that the HR Consultant environment can be accessed from any device and any desired place in the world. The academy adapts itself to the company, as it were, making the implementation of continuous learning a natural process.

Ultimately, the goal is to make continuous learning truly successful for IT professionals.


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