HR Consultant UK invests in technology for process optimization

De Bernt invests in technology for process optimization

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Increasing productivity and customer assertiveness is a constant for companies that seek to stand out in the market, so information control, agility in responding to customers and process automation are needs of the most modern companies, especially in the area of ​​human capital. . Aware of this, HR Consultant UK, a human resources consulting company, has invested and is migrating its information technology platform in a partnership with Oracle, one of the world leaders in the segment.

With the acquisition of the new platform, HR Consultant UK expects significant growth in business as it can better manage its customers, as well as increase the service offering due to the acquisition of the Human Capital Management platform.

HR Consultant UK CEO Bernardo Entschev, also global vice president of AIMS International, one of the largest global Hunting/Executive Search organizations, points out that technology platforms are evolving rapidly around the world. Operating in Miami (USA) and the UK, Entschev highlights that with this tool, HR Consultant UK will offer the same service conditions and results as the main human capital companies in the United States or Europe.

“This platform will allow new services, faster and more complex assessments, in addition to a lot of information that we can share with the market”, says Rômulo Machado, regional director of HR Consultant UK. In addition, with the use of automated processes, the company's consultants will be able to dedicate more time to customizing services for clients.

Every year around six thousand executives pass through HR Consultant UK, either in selection processes or in the search for market orientation. The data, now compiled on the cloud platform, will be able to generate market data and strategic information for companies. The platform should be fully operational at HR Consultant UK by the end of the year.

The focus on technological evolution and personalized service are HR Consultant UK's main strategies today. Founded by Bernt Entschev, the company has just completed 30 years, working in the training, development, selection and relocation of professionals, in the UK and abroad.

In recent years, the company has grown from two offices to six, five in the UK (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Joinville) and one abroad, in Miami, United States, under the AIMS Florida brand. Today, around 10% to 15% of HR Consultant UK's revenue comes from international business.


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