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We once started as a special learning environment for IT, with the aim of making continuous learning truly successful for IT professionals. But the world is not standing still and certainly not we. Because if our platform is successful for IT professionals, why not for other professionals?

To answer this question, we looked at what we are good at and where our platform is distinctive. What problems can we solve in the field of organization-wide knowledge development?

The challenges of HR employees

Today's HR and L&D professionals face quite a number of challenges. One of these is the development of your staff and thus the development of a good learning culture.

That in itself brings some frustration. To begin with, training administration simply takes a huge amount of time. You have to look for good classroom training. Those training courses must be assessed, booked and paid for. These are almost always training courses that are followed by different trainers. That does not make administration any easier.

Thanks to our training intermediary function, we take away a large part of this frustration for you.

Data, data, data

HR Consultant UK Pricing 2Who follows which training with which trainer? What is the state of affairs? Has the training already been completed and with what result? How was the training experienced? How do I manage all those different suppliers? All data that you have to keep track of.

You can get headaches from less.

In some cases there is already an LMS system in an organization, but it is not used or used too little. And you don't just switch just like that.

HR Consultant UK provides insight into all these important data via the learning platform.

Competitive Advantage

Often there is a training budget available, but it is not used up. Which undermines continuous learning again, even though that is so incredibly important to remain relevant as a company.

According to Peter Senge, American knowledge management scientist and director of the Center for Organizational Learning, your organization's ability to learn faster than the competition is ultimately your only sustainable source of competitive advantage.

HR Consultant UK guides organizations in this. How do you get the most out of your employees' training budget?

With our platform we help HR and L&D professionals. Not only when it comes to the development of IT colleagues, but for all colleagues within your organization. By using our platform, we make the life of HR employees a lot easier.

By saving time and money by simplifying the training administration, but also by using the training budget effectively and efficiently and piggybacking on the discount agreements we have with all kinds of training partners.

Let's zoom in on the three ways our platform helps you.

Tooling and content

First, there is the HR Consultant UK learning platform. And that is not just any learning platform. Often a learning platform – or an LMS – is an empty shell; it is a platform that is not yet filled with content.

The HR Consultant UK learning platform offers not only the tooling – think of setting up learning paths, knowledge sessions, reports and progress information – but also the possibility to immediately book training courses in any desired form of learning: from digital to classroom, from in-house sessions to e-books and from microlearning to audiobook.

You can also add your own company-specific content and learning materials.

Training intermediary

Because we are also training intermediaries, each employee can book training courses via their own environment with one of the more than 120 classroom training partners that we have connected to the platform. Think of organizations such as Global Knowledge, NCOI and Schouten and Nelissen, but also other classroom trainers who are affiliated with EDU-DEX, the standard in the training market.

E-learning market place

In addition, our platform contains a Learning Market Place where users can find numerous digital training courses, virtual labs, mock exams, micro learnings, audiobooks and boot camps on countless topics.

Cuffs and bind

By stimulating continuous learning within your company, your performance will improve, you can respond flexibly to changes around you and keep up with those developments more easily. In this way you not only work on your human capital, you also fascinate and bind them.

Continuous knowledge development means 12,580 Pounds less costs per year due to staff turnover. And to come back to Senge's statement: that way you stay ahead of your competition.

Knowing more?

Do you want to know more about our platform? Do you need help to put continuous learning on the agenda and to ensure that knowledge development takes on a more strategic role? We help out like you!



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