HR consultation

What is an HR consultation? A human resources consultant: It is the person who provides consultancy services for companies in managing the process of recruiting personnel and applying the right methods.


In addition, human resources consultants provide performance and talent management. It also takes part in organizing the necessary training for the staff in the business where it provides HR consultation services.


Human resources are an essential department for corporate businesses. Today, many companies work with HR consultancy companies for professional human resources services.


Medium-sized or small-sized enterprises can also create their corporate structures by working with experienced human resources consultants appointed by human resources companies.


Now let us briefly talk about the basic duties of the human resources consultant.

What is an HR consultation for?

Every company that wants to provide corporate service needs human resources consultants.


An HR consultation firm will give you get support with the following issues.


  1. It determines the qualifications and institutional needs of people within the institution.
  2. It conducts analysis studies for personnel needs.
  3. He arranges private meetings with the staff so that they can improve themselves.
  4. It determines the training or development activities of the staff.
  5. It ensures that all personnel working in the business develop positive loyalty.
  6. It provides the necessary support for personnel working in every position to show the highest performance.
  7. It carries out studies on the protection of the salary and personal rights of the personnel.
  8. It regulates the relations between employer and employee.
  9. It determines the best candidate for the position by meeting with the candidates who applied during the recruitment process.
  10. Manages interviews with department managers during the recruitment process.
  11. He takes part in budget preparations for the business.
  12. Follows payroll and personnel personal rights.
  13. It ensures that professional recruitment strategies are developed for your business.
  14. It provides consultancy services on human resources issues such as laws, regulations, and procedures.
  15. It prepares reports on its work and presents these reports at regular intervals.

How to Choose the Right HR Consultation Firm?

If you can choose an HR consultation company, you should try to choose the right person for your business. Before hiring a recruitment consultant, you should review their experience in your industry. Human resources consultants with previous experience in the same sector will be the right choice for your business.


Personnel who will work in human resources services must have planning and organizational skills. With talented consultants in this field, you can create the corporate structure of your business and establish a working mechanism that works flawlessly.


An HR consultation should also be result oriented. In other words, they should be able to develop constructive solutions in crises. A human resources consultant who can instantly bring the right HR solutions and has crisis management plays a key role in the functioning of the working system in your business.


If you do not have a human resources consultant within your organization, you can get HR support from companies that provide HR consultation services. Thus, you can save time and money while working with qualified personnel.

The Different Types Of HR Consultation


  1. Closing the positions that companies need,
  2. Measuring companies according to the determined competence model
  3. Those who are suitable for the competence model of the companies are commissioned.
  4. Measuring the critical positions of the manager and manager candidate within the company
  5. Preparing the career plans of the personnel within the company for the future


  1. Determining HR processes, establishing the necessary human resources structures and systems,
  2. Making job analysis and preparing job descriptions for each position,
  3. Establishing the norm staff analysis and setting up the staff systematic,
  4. Determining in-house regulations, procedures, and instructions, institutionalizing the institution with the human resources competence model,
  5. Determining the human resources targets / Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in accordance with the business processes of the company and designing the human resource’s structure according to the performance-based management model,
  6. Preparation of “HR Competency Dictionary” and “HR Work Handbook” with the human resources competence model
  7. Measuring existing and new employees with the determined competence model and preparing for the future,
  8. Establishing backup, career, and talent management system in all units of the company.
  9. Creating and editing the “Potential / Performance” diagram of the employees,
  10. Implementing employer brand strategy practices and designing and implementing employee engagement efforts,
  11. Completing the transactions and requirements required by existing laws in the dimension of Payroll and Personnel Affairs
The Different Types Of HR Consultation


  1. Clearly revealing training needs
  2. Clearly revealing training needs
  3. Determination of Training and Development steps
  4. Measurement of Trainings Received
  5. Active use of recruitment arguments
  6. Competency modelled training designs.


  1. Examining human resources and personal practices with the philosophy of “Inspect without Inspection and Fix the Process” and ensuring that the needs in these areas are met with the necessary HR consultancy service,
  2. Identifying the practices required by law in payroll and personnel processes and submitting suggestions,
    Ensuring system improvement in personnel affairs processes and human resources with newly developed recommendations that need to be implemented,


  1. Establishing the staff that will take place in the future of the company,
  2. Staff trained in line with company expectations and demands,
  3. Talented staff acquisition,
  4. Technical, professional, behavioural training,

HR consultation

Identifying the right individual for the job provides a great competitive advantage. 


It means an individual with higher performance, more satisfaction, more loyalty to the institution he/she works for, and a lower stress level.


In addition, according to the research, institutions that evaluate their employees with psychometric measurement tools during and after recruitment are institutions with higher profitability and efficiency.


An HR consultation covers all aspects of human resources management by considering the targets of the companies. 


To develop and maintain these systems established by professional human resources consultants, the necessary infrastructure works are carried out and systems are implemented.

What to expect from an HR consultation.

  1. Facilitates and accelerates the functions of the Human Resources department,
  2. Increases the quality of working life,
  3. Provides standardization,
  4. Detection of Gray areas among employees and eliminates areas,
  5. Creates clear job descriptions of the employees.
  6. Creates the organizational level of the company and follows up with feedback every 6 months Provides,
  7. Determines individual / department-based training needs and budgets,
  8. Assigns mentors to departments,
  9. Determines thestaff of departments according to the current structure of the company,
  10. Measures the rate of employee change rate, – Examines andevaluates the current situation & detects improvements,
  11. Positions the human resources correctly within the organization,
  12. Performs and evaluates in-company surveys,
  13. Increases performance, – Increases corporate image and reputation,
  14. Identifies and develops employee competencies effectively.

A Typical HR Consultation Roadmap

Job Analysis and Evaluation

The purpose of the task and its place in the organizational structure, its main responsibilities, dimensions, internal and external connections, chain of relationships and the HR consultant determines the necessary knowledge and skill level to achieve an acceptable performance level of the task.
Workforce planning: - Job Analysis - Competency Performance - Current Employee Analysis.

Performance Management System In

Performance evaluations - Goal based performance management system - Competence based performance management system - 360 degree feedback system is applied.
The performance management system is set up not only to measure past performance, but also to determine the potential of the individual and to create a development plan and ensure its development.

Remuneration and Remuneration Management It

Is necessary to determine a balanced, competitive outside the company and motivating employees' wage policy. By establishing the "Remuneration System", the HR consultant ensures that both periodic and performance increases are realized with standard applications.

Selection and Placement System

Choosing the right people with the right methods and finding candidates who can make the most contribution to the organization directly affect the productivity of the employees and their commitment to the organization. A HR consultant ensures that the staff plan is drawn, the organizational structure is established, the preparation of job descriptions, the determination of the candidate research and evaluation methods to be used in the selection and placement process, and the clarification of the selection tools.

Career Management & Organizational Succession

It is associated with recruiting successful employees to the organization, ensuring the permanence of successful employees in the organization, preparing successful employees for the future of the organization, implementing manager development programs, career management, performance and training management system.

Education Management System

It is the determination of the trainings that the personnel should receive from the day they start working, the title - training association, the determination of the compulsory and elective trainings for the institution, the association of the trainings with the performance and career management systems, the establishment of all the systems needed for the determination and training of the trainers.

Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty Survey

It includes the application of the “Employee Satisfaction Survey” designed in accordance with the company and company culture, sharing it with corporate managers by making analysis and interpretations, and then designing a road map / improvement studies together with the corporate managers.


Advantages provided by research on employee satisfaction and loyalty to the organization;

  1. Determines the strength and improvement areas of the institution.
  2. Determines the motivation levels of the employees. 
  3. Measures the commitment and satisfaction levels of the employees to the institution.
  4. Ensures the determination of the needs of the employees.
  5. Contributes to the determination of the development needs of the employees.
  6. Identifies the improvement opportunities.
  7. Human resources practices measure its effectiveness.

Human Resources Management Consultancy

Manage your employees, who are your main capital, more effectively and efficiently
with our Human Resources Management Consultancy approach.

Why Is Human Resources Management Consulting Important?

  1. High motivation within the company is the key to focusing and reaching goals faster. By measuring the performance of your employees, we increase the motivation within the company with correct job descriptions and rewarding systems.
  2. We strengthen the bond between your employees and the company with the attention you show to your employees and the opportunities for self-improvement you offer, which is your main value. We ensure that you move forward with more confident steps into the future.
  3. With employee surveys prepared within the company, we measure employee satisfaction, analyse the results, and take actions according to these outputs. With the strategic plans created because of the surveys, we ensure that your employees adopt the company and the system more.

Why people turn to an HR consulting firm.'

  1. A job is coming, but it is not clear who will do it. If I do it, it is completely up to me.
  2. We are growing, and we need to establish new departments, but we do not know what to do. We do not know what kind of structuring should be made in an organizational sense, how to design process and organization.
  3. Our employee turnover is too much, and the incoming does not stop and goes. We need to figure it out.
  4. I do not know if the number of people working in different departments is enough or more.
  5. An overly critical employee of ours is considering leaving, but we cannot determine who to choose instead.

What Does a Human Resources Consultant Mean?

The Human Resources Consultant provides consultancy services to institutions. The HR experts provide services in arranging personnel recruitment processes or methods, providing performance and talent management and training planning.

What Does a Human Resources Consultant Do? What are the Duties and Responsibilities?

  1. Conducting various business analysis to determine the extent to which the qualifications of the personnel and the needs of the institution match.
  2. Conducting regular meetings with staff to identify areas for improvement.
  3. Taking part in determining the training or development activities of the personnel in the talent and career management processes.
  4. To carry out studies to increase staff loyalty.
  5. Supporting department managers in the execution of career and performance processes.
  6. Ensuring that the appropriate methods and channels are determined in the selection of candidates to be recruited.
  7. Conducting interviews with department managers during recruitment processes.
  8. To take part in the budget preparation processes,
  9. To follow payroll and personnel transactions.
  10. To support the establishment or regulation of the recruitment strategies and procedures of the institution.
  11. Providing consultancy services to the management on the relevant laws, regulations, and procedures.
  12. To prepare and present reports to department managers regularly.

How to have an HR consultation?

To be able to have an HR consultation, the consultant should be a graduate from the four-year education departments of the universities with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Economics, Labour Economics, and related departments.

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