HR database: the transition to the digital strategy model

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HR database: the transition to the digital strategy model

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Through Big Data, companies began to obtain a quality ally in planning and decision-making for the organization's growth. Thus, the HR database becomes indispensable to qualify the analytical power of the sector, exploring the most fruitful metrics for the fulfillment of objectives.

Until the arrival of Digital age, HR specialists' decision-making was fundamentally trimmed by professional instinct or based on intuitive prediction. All of this was thought of in a way in which one or more people judged the correct alternative.

With the HR database available, in turn, the facts become the great allies of the sector. Big Data enables the growing analytical demand for digital information produced in real time. As a result, its employees begin to respond, in a timely manner, to the demands that arise.

A good example of this is the composition of flexible benefit plans. Until recently, HR was, in general, very strict about what benefits to offer. But with climate surveys and assessments of employee performance, one can discover how to make the work environment more attractive and focused on the development of its human resources.

The metrics, therefore, are elementary to give a better perspective of decisions for the sector. It's the HR database it is the most effective path on this journey.

Shall we understand, then, the importance of this for your company?

Good example of the importance of the HR database

A few years ago, Xerox hired a data analysis company to qualify its selection process. Through compilation of data and a number of other techniques, the profile of the ideal employee for the organization was mapped.

The most surprising thing is that, traditionally, this profile was not considered by Xerox. With the results of this study, the organization opened the door for this type of professional and, not surprisingly, the results gradually improved.

One more discovery: the most creative personalities in the company were also those who demonstrated the most loyalty to the organization – in comparison with the profile of curious professionals.

Only based on this change of profile for the company, the turnover index has been reduced by 20%. Imagine this: the economy and the value it adds to the reality of any enterprise?

The trend points to the use of the HR database

THE R databaseH is not exclusive to Xerox. Big names in the market are also already developing work in this direction.

Google, for example, already leads the data analysis market, and makes use of this type of technology internally. An emblematic case was the massive analysis of data on the habits of its managers, resulting in the content 8 Behaviors for For Great Managers.

When applying these behaviors to the company's business model, Google itself pointed out that the quality of management increased by up to 75% over time.

One of the big names in fast food, McDonalds has also invested in HR database and, through the strategic use of Big Data, the company found that units that employed people over 60 years of age accumulated up to 20% more satisfaction from the brand's customers.

Your company can follow the same path

Big Data is already a very popular technology, but whose applications are just beginning to be explored now. So leave aside predictions and intuitions: there’s no problem even using them, but it is important to fully trust what the facts have to say, first.

The new world in which we live opened the scene in which the HR database it will generate a generation of more qualified professionals to deal with the analysis of digital information in real time.

All this to qualify the sector based on statistics, metrics and functional data for HR development – and the entire company, as a result. It is a disruptive but stimulating moment to witness and experience.

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