HR decentralization: understand how it works

HR decentralization: understand how it works

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Many companies have realized that the decentralization of HR it is a fundamental process to ensure a balanced workflow for teams. This is important to alleviate the HR burden, especially in times of high demands and a lot of crisis management.

However, for this decentralization to work effectively, it is necessary to carry out the adaptation correctly, taking into account aspects such as the necessary technological tools and the skills of each professional in the sector.

So, to understand which automation processes can be adopted dynamically, and how to apply this trend in your company to create a Strategic HR, in this article you can see:

  • What is HR decentralization?
  • How is the HR decentralization process done?
  • What is the role of technology in this process?
  • What are the main benefits of this practice?

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What is HR decentralization?

There are two ways of maintaining HR management: centralized or decentralized. The decentralization of HR means adopting the decentralized management system, whose main characteristics are the automation of processes and better delegation of HR responsibilities.

In a centralized HR department, the team is responsible for carrying out all stages of a selection process, this includes planning, recruiting, hiring and adapting new employees.

In addition, it is common for this sector to also deal with responsibilities such as payment of salaries, development of internal programs for employee training, among other activities.

With the decentralization of HR, activities are more distributed in a system in which each employee supervises their own processes. That is, instead of having a human resources department with standardized procedures, decentralization brings more autonomy and agility to professionals.

In this decentralized structure, each professional on the team focuses more on administrative functions associated with personnel management, in order to support the company as a whole.

All of this contributes to the establishment of a more modern work environment, with optimized processes, which contributes to more effective results in general.

How is the HR decentralization process done?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way most companies work. The result, according to a recent survey performed in Brazil, is that the overload of professionals has never been so high. For this reason, one of the main focuses of the HR decentralization process should be to alleviate the HR burden.

To carry out this HR decentralization process, the first step is to transfer part of the functions performed by the Human Resources sector. This transfer does not mean transferring tasks to other sectors, but seeking tools to assist or even perform these tasks automatically.

Among the activities that can be decentralized are daily HR tasks, such as making the dot mirror and payroll, that can be issued in an automated way.

In addition to automating all possible tasks, other tips for decentralizing HR are:

  • Reduce service time in the execution of tasks;
  • Adopt mechanisms that avoid rework in the team;
  • Use tools for standardizing processes;
  • Retire practices that use spreadsheets, forms or forms filled in manually;
  • Decentralize decision making;
  • Adopt internal systems that also facilitate the communication and interaction of the rest of the company with HR.

There are several options that can be used to facilitate the HR decentralization process. Therefore, it is up to the professionals of the sector to identify the most sensitive points of the department, and then to propose solutions for them.

What is the role of technology in this process?

Technology is directly linked to the adoption of decentralization in the human resources sector. Because through it, companies are able to automate their processes, facilitating data processing, resource management, supervision of teams and tasks, and much more.

It is very important to look for technological solutions designed to facilitate HR tasks, from the simplest to the most complex.

There are several digital tools specialized in decentralizing HR on the market, so it is necessary to do a lot of research on each technology, and then choose the option that best suits the needs of your company.

What are the main benefits of this practice?

Although the centralized management model is the most common, the great most experts agree that the decentralized model brings more benefits, both for the sector and for the company as a whole.

In addition to the optimization of tasks and the saving of time on the part of professionals, there are other benefits experienced by the company when opting for decentralization of HR. Among these benefits, we highlight:

  • Greater control of processes and results;
  • Greater autonomy for professionals;
  • Decrease in costs with manual operations and inputs;
  • Agility in providing employee information in real time;
  • Greater control of information in feedback processes with employees;
  • Increase of productivity team's;
  • Reduction of errors in the control of data and information;
  • Reduction of operational tasks;
  • Reduction in the time of selection processes and other operations;

Every company knows the importance of HR, so it is worth mentioning that the decentralization of HR also ends up generating a greater integration of people management. The more modern and direct organizational climate facilitates internal communication, which helps to reduce turnover.

It is also important to remember that in this pandemic moment, the more automated the processes and tasks, the safer for everyone. With that, today the decentralization of HR is not only an important movement for the advancement of a company, but also a guarantee of safety for all.

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