HR Expert

An HR expert advises human resources managers on all matters requiring in-depth knowledge of the regulations and management procedures relating to his area of ​​expertise.

What is an HR expert?

The HR expert is responsible for all or part of human resources development and administrative management (function, site, establishment, region, etc.).

The General Activities of an HR expert.

  1. Advice and expertise to human resources managers to enable them to process a file within the required deadlines.
  2. Participation in the constitution and updating of a documentary base (possibly consultable from the “agent” and “manager” portals of the human resources information system)
  3. Provision of expertise to legal writers for the development of human resources management texts
  4. Watch in his field of activity.

The main activities of an HR expert are.

The HR expert is most often assisted by an HRD (HR Department) who can combine HR functions on a population and specialist missions in one or other of the HR areas.


  1. General statutes and special statutes of the public service
  1. Environment and evolution of human resources in the public service and management
  2. Regulations, techniques, and methods specific to the field of intervention
  3. Policies, measures, and arrangements specific to the area of ​​intervention
  1. Relay of the HR strategy: Understand and decline the company's HR strategy according to the managed population.
  2. Determine the flagship projects based on this strategy and the expectations of operational staff. Advisory and offers an HR support role for operational staff: Respond to requests from operational staff in all areas of HR (labour law, training, recruitment, career management, remuneration, etc.)
  3. Call on in-depth expertise, if necessary (internally or externally)
  4. Psychologically and technically support operational staff in their HR decisions (recruitment, dismissal, assessment interview, promotion, conflict …).
  5. Implementation of HR projects:

What An HR expert will know.

  1. Develop a diagnosis.
  2. Perform documentary and regulatory research.
  3. Perform legal analysis.
  4. Build up a documentary base.
  5. Sense of confidentiality
  6. Rigour
  7. Reactivity

The Expert In Human Resources

This professional figure intervenes in the various processes related to the management of Human Resources Services, within a well-defined company reference framework and established objectives.

  1. The Human Resource Management Expert carries out the following tasks.
  2. Contributes to planning the personnel needs that the organization needs.
  3. Considering the foreseeable flows of incoming personnel, internal mobility, and outgoing personnel. 
  4. Collaborates in defining the quantity and quality of human resources to be acquired.

Developing the profiles of the personnel to be hired and specifying the requirements to be sought. It also deals with the research and selection of personnel.

Furthermore, it supports them during interviews with technical specialists, the managers of the organizational units, and new hires. 

It deals with trade union problems, negotiating and reaching agreements with workers' representatives and therefore contributes to the elaboration and development of plans for the insertion and reception of personnel. And still collaborates with:

  1. Develop and implement potential assessment interventions, which may concern both incoming staff and staff already employed.
  2. Designing systems for assessing the performance of people already employed.
  3. Identify the current and future training and training needs of the resources acquired and those already employed and plan and develop the related interventions.
  4. Define remuneration policies.
  5. Define and develop initiatives related to health and safety issues.

In medium-sized companies, he is an Assistant to the Personnel Director who can carry out the tasks described in whole or in part.

In large companies, it carries out, more frequently, tasks such as, for example, the selection of personnel to be hired or deals with trade union relations, participating in the development of other objectives, with the assistance of company experts and/or external HR Consultancy Service.

An HR Experts Skills Include

The Expert must have a good general knowledge of the functioning of company organizations, as well as of the purposes of a modern conceived personnel management and of the problems of the company in which he operates such as:

Strategic orientations, structure, processes, continuous improvement methodologies.

Specific knowledge and technical-professional skills include theories, methods, techniques, and tools for the operational management of processes that affect personnel selection, training, development, trade union relations, and adhering to the latest HR and standards

It is also necessary to know how to elaborate intervention programs such as the definition of resources, times and management costs, verification of trends and deviations, and any corrective actions. 

The skills in effective communication are important, such as active listening, empathy, the ability to negotiate and work in a team, the ability to pose and solve problems (problem-setting and solving). 

Knowledge and ability to use the information and telematic technologies and an adequate command of a foreign language are also required.


To adequately carry out all the activities indicated, a university level of education in socio-psychological subjects is required, possibly accompanied by a post-graduate specialization course. 

To practice the profession at the prefigured level, both experience and learning “on the job” (in the workplace) significantly impact.


In medium-sized companies, horizontal mobility consists of enriching one's own area of ​​professional intervention and, vertically, it ends with the transition to Personnel Manager.

In large companies, horizontal mobility allows the transition to more specialized positions. In contrast, vertical mobility can include the transition to positions of greater responsibility, for example, from Expert to Head of plant/local unit personnel up to Personnel Manager of several units local and wider geographical areas.

Working Situation

The Expert is a permanent employee who can be hired with a training and work contract or as a consultant at the beginning of his career. 

He occupies the manager position, even if the classification and treatment depend on the type of contract applied to the employment relationship. 

He uses personal computers, word processing programs, databases, electronic sheets, faxes, e-mails, and the Internet in carrying out his duties. In some cases, specific information systems can be used for the management and development of HR Solutions.

Employment Trends       

This figure has medium-high prospects of professional insertion in an extremely competitive environment due to the considerable strategy of the position occupied.

Next Professional Figures

Professional figures like the Human Resources Management Expert are the Assistant to the Personnel Manager and the Personnel Technician.

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