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We know that the Human Resources area has been constantly challenged to keep up with the changes and evolutions that happen in the business scenario; having a quick and coherent response with the company's strategies is essential for the alignment of HR with the business, however, it is not enough to make it the protagonist.

With the increasingly demanding level of organizations and the need for faster changes, it is necessary to understand that the search for more optimized processes, leaner structures and more qualified professionals are already part of our daily lives. day, and wrestling with it daily, is finished and must be taken as fact.

Leaving behind the scenes and becoming a protagonist requires HR to play a strategic and totally innovative role in organizations, perceiving and designing scenarios, analyzing and projecting trends and, above all, engaging employees with the company's goals and vision makes the department a unique and differentiated in the organization.

The HR Manager has to assume the true role of an agent of change within the company, with a strategic and innovative vision, anticipating and creating differentiated solutions to promote and raise the level of knowledge of employees and integrate teams with each other, enhancing thus the results obtained.

This perception ahead of the obvious and different from everyday life allows for a more effective contribution of human resources in the human development process and consequently in generating the result expected by the organization.

Putting this into practice, we can say that structured projects and programs with medium duration, and a good follow-up, have become a strong tool for HR managers to achieve this protagonism, but not only that, still raising the level of development of teams and company managers.

An example of this is the project “Academia de Líderes” developed at the company Proadec Brasil, which aims not only to develop new skills, but also to exercise those that already exist.

The Project started in 2015 and was one of the “protagonists” in placing the company at a higher level in terms of management, being highly productive and beneficial for the organization.

Starting from basic training such as Labor Management, everyday situations such as Communication, feedback, conflict management and even a higher direction such as leadership coaching principles, were some of the topics covered during the program.

There is no magic formula, we need to innovate, we need to reinvent ourselves all the time, and understand that building a scenario according to the company's vision and objectives even before the organization itself feels this need, is undoubtedly a differentiating factor. and successful within an organized structure.

Luis Carlos Kramar is Human Resources Manager at Proadec Brasil, ranked as one of the 150 best companies to work for in 2016.


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