HR Manager: 6 tips to keep your routine more organized

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Managing a Human Resources team is a very complicated mission, involving an enormous number of functions. If, in addition, the manager does not have a well-structured HR routine, it is very likely that he will not be able to do his job. Therefore, in this post we have separated 6 tips for you to organize your tasks and have a more productive day. Good reading!

6 tips to keep your HR routine more organized

1. Count on technology support

Technology has brought practicality to many aspects of the corporate world, and with professional organization it is no different. Today, we can count on it to act in a more strategic, efficient and productive way in our routine, using everything from Excel spreadsheets to systems, software and outsourced services.

In the aspect of the organization, for example, there are currently cloud platforms that help us to perform various tasks (such as Evernote and the Google Drive suite) and also those more focused on the HR area, such as software for employee management, electronic point, etc.

2. Define the teams that will compose your team

All activity can be defined by its nature or by its purpose. Therefore, it is essential to determine what activities are carried out by your team and who will carry out each one of them.

For example, HR can be divided into Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Financial Management, Internal Communication, etc. Thus, with the defined teams, it is determined which one will be responsible for a certain task (and within that team, which collaborator (s) will (s) perform it.

Having the tasks distributed and organized within a limited space of time, it is possible to increase the team's productivity, adding tasks of the same nature and separating others that use different resources.

3. Delegate functions

As a manager, one of your functions is to delegate functions, that is, to know how to pass activities to different people, without overloading one or leaving another with few tasks.

This is essential for your work because, if not done, you risk damaging the productivity of those who are overloaded, reducing the learning curve of those with little work and still end up taking on some tasks in the environment yourself. unorganized.

4. Organize your payroll

Needless to say, payroll is among the most important HR activities. Therefore, this process needs to be carried out in detail and carefully, including everything employees are entitled to, such as salaries, benefits and bonuses.

And it is not just about paying correctly: failure to comply with the payroll on time or correctly can have very serious legal implications for the company.

Therefore, as an HR manager, you must supervise this work so that it is carried out in the most standardized and organized way possible.

In many cases, a great alternative is outsource payroll. This ensures a much higher productivity for your team, since it leaves this function in the hands of a company specialized in the subject.

5. Standardize procedures and processes

One way to save time and carry out tasks in a more organized and productive way is to standardize them, that is, to create a series of patterns to deal with recurring activities.

This should be formalized and explained in detail (preferably in writing) so that all the people involved can carry out the activity in an aligned manner, and so that there is one used in the created pattern.

This not only helps those who are doing the task at the moment, but also those who depend on it to carry out other activities in the future.

Also for workers who will join the team in the future. In addition, it helps to maintain the level of quality, saves training time, etc.

For example: when creating reports, determine a standard that must be followed by all employees involved in producing the report.

Thus, it will be easier for those who do it, for those who will read it later to consult information and for future employees who will need to create the same type of report.

6. Use organization methodologies

You may have heard of some methodologies that help to structure workflows. Some of them are especially useful for those who need to organize better:


Kanban is one of the clearest, most efficient and simple project management tools. It allows delegating and controlling tasks, coordinating work teams, monitoring demands and setting deadlines, optimizing and personalizing HR management.

This system can be used online (it is the model used by the Trello platform), it allows feedback and data synchronization. In addition, it is a visual and intuitive system and it is possible to include notifications for the other participating members.


Scrum is a method that allows you to manage projects in an agile and effective way. The projects are divided into cycles, called sprints, which represent the time span in which the tasks will be carried out.

At each beginning of the cycle, a planning meeting is held, in which the priority activities of that sprint are defined. At the end of the sprint, another meeting is held to analyze what has been done and to plan the next cycle.

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