HR Support

Although the work performed by HR support does not seem to be relevant, it is the opposite, and their role is essential to guarantee the effectiveness of the activities carried out in the Human Resources department (HRD). The HRD will be in charge of any HR Solutions implemented.


These professionals oversee assisting Managers and other specialists in executing several administrative tasks, such as processing the documentation pertinent to complaints, dismissals, staff absences, the performance evaluation, and their respective report. And, in addition, they keep track of the information corresponding to compensation and other benefits.


HR support also participates in the following activities: recruiting, training and development, budgeting, and budgeting.

Principal functions

Here are the most common services of an HR support company:

  1. Process the information that will serve as support for the various functions of the department:
  2. Verify and record documentation pertinent to personnel activities (recruitment, training, claims, performance evaluations).
  3. Compile, prepare and update reports and documents related to the activities of the personnel described above.
  4. Provide assistance in the recruitment process:
  5. Post job offers.
  6. Gather information from applicants.
  7. Provide assistance in the selection of candidates.
  8. Schedule job interviews and provide assistance in said process.
  9. Administer and score pre-employment evaluations.
  10. Verify the data provided by the applicant, such as academic training and references.
  11. Follow up on candidates.
  12. Provide assistance in the hiring process:
  13. Prepare the file of the new employee.
  14. Verify that the documentation required for benefits and compensation is completed.
  15. Give the necessary induction about the company to new employees.
  16. Orient new employees regarding concerns they may have.
  17. Keep track of employee and claim files:
  18. Carefully review the files to verify that the required documentation is complete.
  19. Record and file complaints, performance reviews, and disciplinary actions.
  20. Complete the paperwork corresponding to the termination of the employment relationship and provide assistance during the staff exit interviews.
  21. Provide assistance in the administration of payroll and benefits:
  22. Process payroll.
  23. Track vacations and medical breaks.
  24. Answer questions regarding payroll.
  25. Audit the payroll to recommend the pertinent corrections.
  26. Participate in the resolution of complaints or claims, reconcile balances pertinent to benefits and approve invoices for payment.
  27. Update and keep track of employee benefits, their status or position, among others.
  28. Provide assistance in the coordination of internal events, whether recreational or training.
  29. Schedule trips for company executives.

Daily tasks

  1. Provide employee service, responding to their concerns and queries.
  2. Process incoming calls and emails.
  3. Write and distribute documents.
  4. Keep the information in the database updated.
  5. Be the link between providers of employee benefits, such as insurers.
  6. Schedule appointments and meetings.
  7. Prepare reports and spreadsheets.

HR support cost

The average cost for HR support is £94,229 per year or £48 per hour. This is around 3.6 times more than the median wage in the UK. Entry-level positions start at £66,000, while most experienced workers go as high as £132,000. Find out How an HR Consultant usually calculates their rates.

What can you expect if you use an external HR support agency?

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Communicate clearly, both in writing and orally, to ensure a harmonious environment with employees and other members of the HR team and during presentations or meetings.
  3. Have a vocation for service and be able to work as a team.
  4. Organized and able to manage your time effectively:
  5. Prioritize and plan responsibilities and tasks and manage time effectively when faced with a high volume of work.
  6. Being able to work on multiple projects at the same time in a dynamic and active environment.
  7. Analytical capacity and ability to resolve conflicts:
  8. Read and interpret information effectively.
  9. Be in the ability to present numerical information skillfully.
  10. Be able to collect and analyse information.
  11. Identify and resolve conflicts efficiently and quickly.
  12. Retailer:
  13. Being able to follow up the work to guarantee its quality.
  14. Guarantee compliance with the defined parameters, carefully reviewing each document.
  15. Enter and keep the information in the database updated.
  16. Stay focused when doing repetitive tasks.
  17. Administrative capabilities:
  18. Know how to handle MS Office.
  19. Be able to validate information or investigate using the internet.
  20. Have experience in creating tables, organization charts, reports, and other documents.
  21. Have experience taking notes during meetings.

Your HR support agency must be reliable, be able to follow instructions and respond to management, in addition to being willing to improve their performance after listening to the impressions of their superior.


Similarly, they must be able to work unsupervised and are generally expected to be proactive.

Human resources management support

Does your human resources manager need support or improve their knowledge? Would you like to increase your productivity? Put the odds in your favour, considering the strengths and weaknesses of your staff and adopting a strategy that can motivate and mobilize them.

You can ask HR Consultants UK for advice on managing any type of Human Resources Services.

How HR support works?

You can meet with an HR support advisor who will help you paint a picture of your business and analyse your needs.

This analysis will allow you to determine your strengths and those to be improved on the following aspects:

  1. Performance management.
  2. Selection and recruitment of staff.
  3. The salary structure and working conditions.
  4. Diversity management.
  5. Skills development.

What services are offered?

Business diagnosis

HR support can help you diagnose your situation. This HR Consultancy Service will allow you to obtain an overview of your company's human resources and help you make informed choices, among other things, in terms of skills development.

Management support (coaching)

Coaching helps managers find new strategies in terms of human resources management through a one-off match with an experienced coach.

However, you remain the sole master on board, since the interventions of your guide are light, one-off and of short duration, and often take the form of advice.

Establishment of a consultation committee

If your business must adapt to major changes that could jeopardize jobs, it might be a good idea to have an HR consultation and set up a committee. It is made up of representatives of the employer and staff, a president who is not part of the company and an advisor from HR Experts, who acts as a resource person.

The committee analyses the difficulties proposes solutions and sees to the application of an action plan and its follow-up.

Human resources management support

Do you want support to improve your recruiting or performance appraisal practices? HR support offers you the services of a specialist to carry out various human resources management mandates (acquisition, development, and conservation of human resources).


A part-time Human Resources Manager at your disposal, within your company.

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