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To learn about the industry's classic trends and expressions, we've put together a compilation of the main technical terms of HR. A useful overview for industry veterans as well as those just starting out on a company's human resource development work.

The HR sector advances at an impressive speed and, as a result, new terms are highlighted in the HR glossary. Those who are distracted may have the impression that they are listening to another language.

This is not entirely a lie. After all, many of the HR technical terms make an interesting combination of London, acronyms and English words.

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Main technical terms of HR

Below, our complete HR glossary ranges from A to Z. Get ready to master all the definitions of HR technical terms most important in the area. Check out!

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#1. 5S

This technical HR term is based on five Japanese words:

  • seiri;
  • seiton;
  • sixo;
  • seiketsu;
  • shitsuke.

In order, are the five “sense” that the company must develop to achieve better performance. translating into sense of use, organization, cleanliness, health and self-discipline.

#two. 5W2H

Here, the acronym borrows a series of terms in english:

  • What?
  • Who?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • Onde?
  • How?
  • How much?

Respectively, in London, these technical terms of HR translate into:

  • Which?
  • Who?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • At where?
  • Like?
  • How much?

The term is used to follow a series of parameters — the questions — to assess the possibility of investing or planning something.


#3. absenteeism

This is one of the classic HR technical terms and refers to the absences and absences of employees during work hours.

#4. ASAP

Acronym for the English term as soon as possible, which means “ASAP”. Typically, it is a human resources vocabulary used to create a sense of urgency in the collaborators.

#5. Self-evaluation

Another classic among terms used in human resources. It means that the professionals themselves carry out their assessments.

#6. 90 degree rating

Another of the HR technical terms related to a management practice used to assess the performance of employees in a hierarchical manner, from the manager to the subordinate, only.

#7. 180 degree rating

Evaluation in which the subordinate does not evaluate, but is also evaluated by others involved, such as clients and co-workers.

#8 360 degree evaluation

Here, everyone participates in the assessment — whoever is assessed has a chance to assess as well.


#9. B2B or BTB

One of the technical HR terms borrowed from marketing. is the acronym for Business to Business, which denotes commercial action between companies. In other words: when the customer is not the final consumer.

#10. B2C or BTC

Acronym for Business to Consumer, which highlights the commercial action of a company that acts directly for the final consumer.

#11. B2E

Acronym for Business to Employee, a marketing medium focused internally, on promoting employee engagement.

#12. Benchmarking

One of the terms used in human resources widely used when talking about the internal evaluation of processes, and also from the competition, in order to improve its own means, products and workflow.

#13. BI

Many technical HR terms come from other areas like this one that abbreviates the concept of Business Intelligence, an area focused on data compilation and analysis to streamline and qualify decision making.

#14. Brainstorming

Meeting whose main objective is to promotion of ideas — a “brainstorm”, in literal translation, for one of the most popular HR technical terms.

#15. break even point

is the point of production or sale a company achieves to then make its business profitable.

#16. Burnout

Advanced stress, configuring the professional's physical and mental exhaustion. This is one of the HR technical terms that is on the rise because of the growing discussion about mental health at work.


#17. C2C

Or Customer to Customer, which is the sale made by a customer to another customer.

#18. CEO

One of the HR technical terms most used in the corporate environment, which highlights the Chief Executive Officer, the CEO of a company — the highest position in the organizational hierarchy.

#19. organizational climate

These are the values ​​and attitudes expected of an employee within the organization.

#20. coach

HR technical term for the professional who works in guiding and conducting the personal and/or professional development of its customers — who, in turn, are known as coaches.

#21. coaching

Refers to learning and development process offered by coach.

#22. Compliance

Set of measures and standards that promote the development of a business based on its own guidelines. This facilitates the diagnosis of eventual deviations or nonconformities.

#23. Organizational culture

These are the institutional pillars followed by the company, which are applied in its routine.


#24. Downsizing

Reduction of hierarchical levels within the company in order to absorb steps and thus facilitate decision-making.

#25. Dumping

HR technical term for the unfair practice of companies that market their solutions at prices far below those practiced in the market with the sole purpose of eliminating competition.


#26. e-commerce


#27. e-learning

Distance learning modality through the internet and other electronic means.

#28. empowerment

Refers to delegation of autonomy and authority employees to make decisions and assume more responsibility.

#29. endomarketing

Internal marketing aimed at raising awareness and motivating employees.

#30. E-procurement

Automation of business processes, whether buying or selling.

#31. E-recruitment

How to use the online tools for the recruitment and selection of professionals. One of the terms used in human resources with the arrival of technological solutions in the sector.

#32. ERP

Software that integrates the company's sectors.


#33. Feedback

Other of the technical terms of HR widely used to refer to the process of evaluation of an employee's performance, either in a certain period or as a result of a specific activity.


#34. Headcount

And the number of professionals in a team or company.

#35. Headhunter

Professional whose main function is to identify talents from the corporate world, uniting them with contracting companies.

#36. HR Business Partner

It's the self-employed HR professional that provides services for a company – usually, the headhunter has this function too.


#37. Intrapreneur

Internal Entrepreneurs. Professionals who work in business coordination as if it were an independent company.


#38. KPI

Acronym for Key Performance Indicators, used to measure the performance level of something, in accordance with the company's objectives.


#39. Mentoring

And the mentoring a person — usually veteran or with more skills and abilities — accompanying a novice professional.


#40. Networking

Increase your relationship network to obtain new partnerships and commercial opportunities, in addition to promoting your name in the market.


#41. Onboarding

It is the job of guiding and training newly hired employees, so that they quickly assimilate the company's culture and structure.

#42. Outsourcing

Obtaining human resources in a way external.


#43. PDCA

Acronym for English terms:

  • Plan: planning;
  • Of: run:
  • Check: check;
  • Act: Act.

It is a method that focuses on process improvement.

#44. Performance Management

It refers to the elaboration and maintenance of a performance appraisal and feedback system of a company.


#45. stock options

Modality offered for the employee to acquire company shares — commonly, at a price below the market price.


#46. turnover

Another of the classic HR technical terms is characterized in the rate of admissions and dismissals in a given period.


#47. Workaholic

Professional who has the addiction to working too hard.

So, what did you think of the HR technical terms explored in this article? Click here and download the glossary with all terms right now! Also, let us know if you missed any words, so we can continue to expand the human resources vocabulary!

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