Human Resources Services


One of the main functions of the Human Resources Services is to provide support within the organization to its workers, collaborators, managers, directors, and even other departments.

List Of Human Resources Services

The diversity of services provided varies from one organization to another, but we can list, just to mention a few, the following:

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. Hiring
  3. Training
  4. Performance evaluations
  5. Work Climate Assessments
  6. Compensations and Benefits
  7. Organizational Communication
  8. Event organization
  9. Special Studies
  10. Attendance and Vacation Control
  11. Job Promotions
  12. Unlinking
  13. Job analysis and evaluation processes
  14. Personnel Assessment: Performance and Potential Assessment Systems
  15. Management by competencies
  16. Work environment studies
  17. Implementation of remuneration policies
  18. Organizational studies
  19. Personnel selection processes
  20. Headhunting
  21. Etc.

Why Human Resources Services?

And in general, all that service that any worker may request regardless of their position in the company and that such request requires the direct attention of a representative of the HR department.


HR Solutions can, in turn, be segmented or made up of more sub-services, which are also defined according to the processes, policies and procedures of each company.


Therefore it is essential to have a solid Human Resource Services administration structure, which in turn is capable of adapting to the operational needs of the business, but above all to ensure the delivery of services on time and in the manner expected by the applicant, regardless of the hierarchical level they occupy in the organization.


It has been shown that the greater the satisfaction of the personnel within the organization, the greater the commitment and performance observed in them.


That is why it is necessary to make efforts for worker satisfaction equal to those made to achieve customer satisfaction in commercial areas. Hence, anyone who requests services within the organization is identified as an “Internal Customer”.


This becomes relevant in today's environment, where loyalty to a company (staying for years working in the same place) is less and less seen as a virtue, as a sign of stability, commitment, and persistence. 


The new productive generations (and the not so new ones) and the labour market have shown that “it is possible” to change jobs in a relatively short time, without this precisely meaning something negative.


But how do I make my internal clients satisfied with my Human Resources Services? According to the HR Experts, each organization has several ways to be implemented in one way or another.

If you are interested in knowing what these best practices are, we invite you to join us for our next webinar, where you will have the opportunity to clarify doubts, ask questions and learn about other advantages of providing HR services under an internal customer service model.

Hiring of Human Resources Personnel

HR Consultant can support challenging HR functions for organizations that do not have full-time HR staff to handle the many complexities involved in various human resources services.

Our approach is to develop a collaboration with our clients that ensures that their operation will never suffer from a lack of qualified personnel. Human resources services provide a human resources professional who can be on-site for a designated number of hours or days per month and is available by phone when not on site.

Our human resource services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the company. Here are some of the areas in which we can provide immediate support:

  1. Audit of human resources
  2. General human resources and administration services:
  3. Personnel Forms and Related Human Resources Forms
  4. Employee records
  5. Open cases
  6. Licensing
  7. Employment Verifications
  8. Politics and procedures
  9. Daily operational duties
  10. Benefits assistance

Our unmatched customer service is built on our commitment to the success of our clients. We create tailored recruiting solutions to fit your talent needs.


HR Consultants provides customers with a tailored service that meets their needs. If your organization is looking for a recruiting partner, who can supplement and integrate with your existing staff, an HR Consultant can provide the human resources services that will lead to exceptional recruiting results.


With screening process for potential employees includes personality assessments, specialized tests, and detailed interviews, designed to ensure that the candidate's skills match the needs and culture of the employer.

Talent Search

Our talent search service is tailored exactly to your business requirements. The talent search is one of the value-added services that we provide to our clients. We provide search and selection services for middle management and professional positions following the latest HR Career Framework


Using our team of researchers and our network of contacts, we can identify and contact the best available talent confidentially. Following a telephone interview, we will prepare a personal interview to obtain suitable candidates to provide your organization with a shortlist of candidates. 


At this stage of the shortlisted candidate list, the potential candidate will know the client's identity and full requirements.

Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

Human resources services include staff recruitment. Our personnel recruitment and selection service can solve the needs of attracting talent to your company efficiently and timely.


Our mission as an HR Consultancy Service is to solve the needs to attract talent through recruitment strategies and personnel selection 2.0, which allow us to find the right personnel for your company and thus give our business partners a competitive advantage.


Our Personnel Recruitment and Selection service have a GUARANTEE OF PERSONAL SERVICE and a start-up contract when hiring the service. We are sure that you can save time, money, and effort and invoice until the position is covered.

Personnel Administration (MARKETING)

Personnel management is an unbelievably valuable area in any business. That is why our HR Support can guide you on the best way to keep your staff focused.

Keeping internal staff focused and working in a good environment you need to take them seriously. 


Benefits of Human Resources Services

  1. Savings in costs and time of recruitment and selection of personnel.
  2. Specialized Personnel at an affordable price in HR, tax, and Labour matters.
  3. Cost Savings in Software’s, backups, and updates.
  4. Elimination of Fines, Surcharges and Updates for bad calculations or errors in them.
  5. Saving downtime due to hiring and firing procedures.
  6. Personnel savings due to the creation of Internal HR and Payroll Departments.
  7. More time to strategically plan your Business.
  8. Invoice 100% Deductible for the total of your payroll, taxes, and Service.
  9. Saving in time for Reports and Requirements requested by Audit as well as Vacations, permits, delivery of credentials, etc.
  10. Detailed information of the personnel with Reports by Area, Centre, and Line.
  11. Peace of mind by trusting in the Guarantee of our work by Contract.
  12. CONFIDENTIALITY in the Information.


If you would like more information on Human Resources Services let us know and we can help with an HR Consultation.

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